Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Flash Report! Loving the Taste of Brown Sugar at Horse Cave in KY on 7/1/17

Doc here, a man who some say five years ago would have taken a flame thrower to this place, with the second report from regular contributor to The Journal, Loving the Taste of Brown Sugar.

Mr. LTTOBS visited the legendary ABS/Theater in Horse Cave, KY, and has filed this report to the news desk here at The Journal (in The Valley, near the small women's liberal arts college).   It's great to see the action picking up at Horse Cave, and this report is very encoraging!

Sit back, pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and enjoy the song stylings of Loving the Taste of Brown Sugar...


Hey Doc,

Well the action has been heating up at the adult/Abs theatre in Horse Cave, Ky. Lots of couples play on the weekends. This is a very, very good thing…

My last visit was on Saturday July 1/17. As I pulled into this tiny paradise of adult entertainment on Interstate 65 between Nashville and Louisville, fireworks lit up the sky. I guess the locals decided to celebrate the fourth a little early, it being the weekend and all. Anyway, I was soon to discover more fireworks inside the theatre!!!!

Doc, as you may know, the set up inside the store is pretty simple. Two theatres at the back, one straight, one gay, and hallway of booths, most with glory holes. $20 gets in you in to the theatres and the booths and you can stay as long as you want. It’s 24/7 at this little den of hedonism.
Horse Cave, KY
As soon as I walk in, I see this cute little blonde BBW, who seems to have become a regular at the place. She is friendly and loves to chat as much as she likes to fuck! Anyway, she is standing in the hallway, chatting, her dress pulled up and down, so as to expose her breasts and her shaved pussy.

As my eyes get adjusted, I survey the crowd in both theatres and the arcade hallway. All guys except for Blondie. But it’s early and as we know patience is a virtue in this thing of ours…

Sure enough, in not so long a time, Blondie and her companion, also a nice chatty guy, find a young Hispanic stud she has taken a shine to. In minutes, the show is on in the straight theatre, with Blondie expertly blowing the young stud to full mast. After a few minutes of oral manipulation, Hispanic stud slips a condom around his impressively thick cock, sits on the couch, and Blondie mounts him. Blondie’s companion then pulls out a mini flashlight and shines a little light on the action, so everyone can see his gal taking every inch with every down stroke. 

As the crowd inches in and cocks come out, Blondie starts blowing whomever is close. She takes a shine to an older black gentleman who lives up to the stereotype and when the young stud finishes in his condom, she coaxes the older BBC to give her a go. Except the couch is too low and he can’t get comfortable, so it doesn’t last to completion.

No worries, however, as I know she will soon be in the mood for more. I’ve seen her act before.

Meanwhile, in walks a couple in their mid 30s and the woman is a great girl next door type, longish brown hair, with blonde highlights, fairly tall, with some nice curves in all the right places. They disappear into a booth and I follow them into the adjoining one. Looking through the glory hole, I watch her take her man’s cock into her mouth and give him a fantastic, loving blowjob. Fuck she looked hot doing it. After several minutes, she stands up and pulls up her dress to reveal a gorgeous, perfect ass perfectly befitting of her long, muscular legs. In moments, her man slides in and starts a long slow doggy fuck that has her moaning in seconds. They fuck like this for at least 20 minutes. He speeds up and slows down and she takes it both ways with pleasure. The look on her face is pure ecstasy as he hits her deep with each stroke. Finally he pulls out and they are finished. 

Or are they?

Now, during their nearly 30 minutes in the booth, she never indicated that she wanted to play and even though I was ready with cock in hand, literally, I didn’t want to push the issue and mess up my private show! So when they finished, I thought they would leave as many often do.


Turns out it was the booth, specifically the glory hole’s size, and not me that was the problem! Because as soon as they left the booth, they crossed the hallway into another and waived the older man with the BBC into the adjoining booth. Although both doors close and lock, it doesn’t take long to know what is going on. In minutes, there are moans and moments later, the tell-tale banging sounds of pelvis hitting wall in a good old fashioned glory hole fuck echo above the moans and groans of the porn playing in each booth! Mr. older BBC banged away for a good 10 to 15 minutes before opening the door and stumbling out of the booth. The combination of the southern summer heat and her tight pussy nearly took the legs out from under him, he told us all. “Damn, she can fuck,” I heard him mutter as he struggled to pull his pants up.

As he exited, her sweet ass and gloriously smooth pussy was staring me in the face through the 12-inch wide glory hole. Hey what’s a man to do? So in I go and I’m not shy so I leave the door open for the onlookers. She’s a little dry (no kidding after all the fucking in the last hour), so I fall to my knees and begin to give her gorgeous sweet tasting pussy a tongue-lashing. She clearly enjoys this, as she backs her perfect ass up to the hole even tighter, so that my tongue can get in there even better. This goes on for a while and a crowd gathers to watch me dish it out to her orally. 

In the crowd is Blondie BBW, who is now encouraging me to give her all my mouth has to give. Needless to say, girl next door is getting wetter and wetter. Now ready for my 8 inches of glory, I stand up to glove up, but she turns around and her man slides in from behind. Oh well, me thinks, a good deed has been done, at least I got her ready for another round, but before I can zip up, she reaches in and takes my cock into her mouth. Holy fuck! Talk about fireworks. This woman’s mouth should be illegal, it’s so good. Normally, I can last a bit during a blow job, but girl next door is good, so smooth, so perfect, and she can deep throat. Boy can she deep throat. In less than 5 minutes I’m filling her mouth with my baby batter and she takes it all down without hesitation.

Now my knees are weak!

And not only that, but the crowd has pushed into the booth, with Blondie BBW right beside me, on her knees, performing head on any and all takers. I’m about to zip up and she says “keep that cock out, honey”, and brings me back to life. A quiet young BBC is beside me, and she is going to town on both of us, back and forth. I tell him, he needs to do a 180 so he can get his cock to the glory hole. He does and in seconds the look on his face is “what the fuck!” I tell him, yes, I know, as girl next door starts to deep throat him in the same manner she did me!

Now it’s really getting hot in the booth and although blonde BBW’s oral manipulations are pleasurable, it’s getting a little too claustrophobic for my liking. So I politely exit. As I break free from the crowd to zip up, blonde BBW has found another young Hispanic stud (maybe that’s her thing) to plough from behind while she continues to give head to all cummers.

As I go to leave, I see the young man who took my place at the hole stumble out of the booth, in much the same manner I did, and the older BBC before me. I can only shake my head in wonderment!

I decide it’s time to leave, so I have no idea how long girl next door continued to pleasure the Horse Cave patrons, but I hope she and her man return soon!

Loving the Taste of Brown Sugar


Doc here again... Many thanks to LTTOBS for a terrific report from the trenchs (or shall I say booths) along the front lines. Keep up the great work, sir.

A solid argument can be made that a crazy booth scene can rival a crazy theater scene in intensity and downright hardcore play.  And this your honor can be Exhibit #1.

It's time to put Horse Cave back on the adult theater map as a go-to destination!