Monday, May 16, 2011

Follow-Up: Saturday Night At The Oregon Theater, Part 2 - Brent's Tail Of The Tape

Doc here...Ask and ye shall receive.  Brent from Portland was kind enough to pick up the action for us at The Oregon Theater in Portland from last Saturday, 5/14.  His tale begins where The Duke of Pearl's ends (his report HERE), early in the evening at The Oregon...


Hey Doc,

Brent from Portland here. I enjoyed reading The Duke of Pearl's flash report about the action at The Oregon Theater last night. I arrived there just as the cute brunette  and the blond were leaving the theater. They were in the lobby when I walked in. The brunette, wearing a thin dress, looked slightly disheveled, like she had just been fucked by an army.  Wait! She had been! She and her man said good-bye to the blond couple (veteran theater players), chatted pleasantly with the clerk   and left.

The Oregon Theater

There were two couples still playing with the boys when I walked into the cavernous auditorium.  The Duke has already covered their activity so I wont go into details of their play.  I decided to hang out for a while and wait for Daisy Train to show up.  The only problem with that plan was that one red and two orange flags  appeared on my mobile phone and I couldn't  ignore those intentionally known signals for possible theater activity inside downtown Portland's famous Paris Theater. So I hopped into my brown clunker and drove downtown. The good news was that I found a place to park near The Paris. The bad news was- I missed the two girls and the couple. The two young girls had only stayed for about two giggly minutes. The couple was there slightly longer. I was told that she was a big breasted , good looking dark haired lady who played with her man in the couples section , then came down to the front of the couples section and let the back row boys , fondle and suck on her enormous ta ta's and erect nipples.

I hung out at The Paris for a while but nothing much was happening. One of the patrons offered to drive back to The Oregon Theater. The big beautiful Daisy Train had just announced on Brent's Theater Tails that  she would be there around 10 PM, then later on at The Paris. When we got to The Oregon one of the couples from earlier was still there, although, by this time,  the lady, a big old gal with short dark hair, was "fuckered" out and was more into catching a few `Zs ` then catching a  few  `Ds'.  

Just before Daisy Train arrived, another couple showed up. She was a sexy lady wearing a short mini skirt and thin spaghetti string top. I have written about her and her man before. She resembles the sexy singer, Carly  Simon. She and her man usually put on a great theater sex show but I have only seen her play close up with the boys on a few memorable occasions at the legendary Jefferson Theater. She was voted " The Woman Who You Would Most Like To See Go All The Way" three years in a row and runner up to  "The Doctor's Wife" , two years in a row. Unfortunately, last night, me and the rest of the rail birds made the cardinal mistake of assuming they were going to start playing right away  so we immediately gathered near their couch like horny vultures. Well, " T and G" are a veteran theater couple and  they know how to handle this kind of behavior. T picked up their blanket, G  spread her long beautiful legs and flashed her bare pussy for a second and with a tactical " We'll be back", left the theater. I don't know if they returned to play later  because I left The Oregon and headed back to The Paris around 11PM . 

Daisy Train

Daisy Train had arrived around 10:38. She looked regally slutty in her revealing  theater sex costume that showed off to maximum effect, her long legs big round ass, big tits. big hair, big lips and big smile.  She was super horny and  ready to play. Her Master led her down the aisle to the pleasure table, followed by a mob of horny men.  It made the Oklahoma land rush look like a game of chess. The Japanese tsunami victims ran from their houses in a more orderly fashion. It was total lust filled pandemonium and Daisy loved every second of it. 

The crowd lifted her onto the pleasure table and the fuck- suckathon was on. Her first wet orgasm came as a result of all the hands and fingers, probing her pussy and ass, tweaking her tits and sucking on her nipples. Faster than you can say "Pussycat"  the first of, I don't know how many men, was fucking her from behind while the first of, I don't know how many more men. was jamming his cock into her mouth and dumping a load down her throat. I was standing away from the crowd so it was hard to see although I could see the look of pleasure on Daisy's beautiful face.

Paris Theatre
I decided to check my phone for messages from The Paris.  An exam table flag, a bed room flag and a red flag had all popped up within the last ten minutes. I had to make a decision. I told the guy that drove us to The Oregon about the flags.  I mentioned that Daisy had said she was going to go to The Paris after she finished at The Oregon so we probably would see her there.  We drove back to The Paris Theater in downtown Portland, assuming we would see Ms. Daisy later. I turned out to be wrong about that but there were still a lot of wonderful theater sex surprises in store for us. 

Doc, I'll write more details about this weekend's action , including any new theater sex action that I may be lucky enough to catch, between now and then, in my next report.  I'm sorry I couldn't give you more details about Daisy Train's  Oregon Theater visit. Maybe someone else, or even Daisy herself will submit a report about it.

I know that you and your readers sympathize with my plight, having to choose which fantastic theater sex action I wanted to participate in:  The fuck fest at The Oregon or the fuck fest at The Paris.  What a dilemma!


Brent, we feel your pain.  In cities where there are two or more options in this thing of ours, this is our curse.  Never has "the grass is always greener on the other side" been more in play than in this situation, especially in Portland.

Well, we have the first two parts of our three-part play.  What happened after the initial deluge of humanity directed at Daisy Train?  If you have the happy ending (cue rim shot), please e-mail it directly to Rocky Balboa The Good Doctor at