Sunday, July 17, 2011

Flash Report: Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report: "School Teacher Saves Students"

Today's Episode: "Teacher Saves Students"

Doc here with senior reporter Bob in Biloxi's weekly report.  This 5-star effort from Bob has a little of everything that we have come to appreciate about Bob: A weather update, an initial overview, the nitty gritty of the evening's action, an opinion or two, and a catchy title for his reports.

So sit back on this hot Sunday afternoon, enjoy one of those oversized cocktails in a pineapple (I am at the moment), and enjoy the latest from Bob...


Hi Doc,

Last night I thought I was back in Portland, for about 3 seconds. It started out overcast and drizzling rain, the similarity ended there. I will title this report “School Teacher Saves Students”.
The Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS

At our Gulf Coast Theater, located on the beautiful Gulf Coast in the quaint little town of Biloxi, couple activity is once again beginning to drizzle (like the rain). A total of 6 couples showed Saturday, both during the day and that night. Mostly to watch the movie and people watch that is on a constant channel and it’s not HBO.

I arrived shortly after 8pm and during this time, two regular/semi regulars arrived, along with two new faces I’ve never seen before. In the case of the newbie’s there was some petting among themselves and jockeying for seats next to them, but that’s as far as the “action” got.  The clerk told me our “German Couple” was in much earlier along with another couple but details about the goings on were sketchy at best.

Down at our ABS the owner was in and told me two couples had been in earlier and he suspected they would return shortly. A good sign, I did learn we will not be able to renovate the holes until two to three weeks from now because of prior commitments he has ongoing. The plan is to eliminate a portion of the double wall and elongate the hole making it accessible for vertically challenged persons. A great idea on his part.

I did find out what 20 gays guys looking for one cock do: They stand around looking at each other. Why I have no clue, but as I witnessed that is exactly what happens. Now before I get bashed for being insensitive, I will say that none of them were cock-blockers on this particular night. In fact, much to my amazement, one held the door for me next to our school teacher couple!!! Yep, I about fainted, but as I’m alive at this second, that’s exactly what one did!

Bob in Biloxi
Coming back from the theater, as I entered the ABS the owner pointed to the back, his signal that a couple is in the house. As I walked back, one of the gay guys pointed to the door they were in, but a line had formed leading up to the adjacent booth. Ok, so this is going to be a long wait.

Suddenly the door opened and some dude came out, I took a quick peek around the corner and one of the guys was just holding the door. I shouted (not really shouting) out “Hold that door pal”! He did. pointing inside. WTF! This is great, so upon entering and locking the door behind me and took a quick look into the hole, our beloved school teacher lady was positioned at the hole.

Now for all she is, (I’ll get to that in a sec) she has her quirks. First you must not sit down, 2nd you must present her with a hard cock through the hole, that’s about it for quirks. Otherwise she will cover the hole and you are SOL for the night.

So armed with the knowledge of her rules, I presented her with a full staff and fuller balls, which she would feel later! She has a very soft touch, small smooth hands and is an expert at sucking cock. I know her modus operandi is to suck for awhile and invite you over to fuck her, that’s exactly what she did.

To describe her is hard. She resembles Carmen Diaz in a way, but much smaller, petite, killer ass, almost an A cup in the boob department. She always wears gold wire rimmed glasses and looks like an English professor. Wouldn’t that be another story? English professor by day, cum slut by night, perfect!!!

Anyway after sucking, she tapped on my cock and invited me over. She was wearing a summer print dress with NOTHING but high heels, that came off. She knelt in the metal chair hugging the backrest (that had to be killing her knees), but it was her knees and she wanted my cock. She is so tight and petite I could barely work my cock inside and then only about ¾ of my cock made it in before hitting bottom!! She is so small it really looked like she had a fence post embedded in her (not bragging but she is that tiny), so I just rocked the bottom gently until I felt her push back. Then I started hammering her, she is very vocal and soon she was drowning out the volume of the videos playing. That’s cool as shit!

After letting her have for 20 minutes, I finally lost all bodily fluids (including some spinal fluid I think). My knees were shaking, her knees were frozen in place and we were both sweating! As she dismounted the chair and finally stood up, she kissed me on the cheek and said "thank you"!!! That is one sweet lady!! No Ma’am thank you, I really needed that. And with that I made my departure, albeit several ounces lighter.

They were the only couple that ventured to the back while this reporter was on station, there were several very attractive couples buying novelty items and DVD’s at both places, & maybe that’s how some get started in this thing of ours? Let’s hope that is the case with several of these honey pots!



What can one say about Bob?  As consistent as Cal Ripkin Jr., always delivers (in and out of the theater/ABS), and he loves the ladies.  He also delivers outstanding Flash Reports (like this one, which may be one of my favorites to date).  To those contemplating submitting an adult theater report to your old buddy, The Good Doctor, take a close look at Bob's reports.  If you want a template of how to do it right, then a peak at Bob's work is well worth your time.

Thank you, Bob.  You are a gentleman and a scholar (in this thing of ours).

So with that being said, I am still in dire need of adult theater reports.  Just e-mail Boog Powell The Good Doctor at I will edit and format your reports.  All you have to do is send in the report, give me a pen name you wished to be referred to as, and we are off to the races.

Thanks, and have a great rest of the weekend.

Bottoms up!