Saturday, February 21, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! The Kalamazoo Couple Warms Up at 15th Ave. Adult Theater 2/13/15

Doc here, a man who some say once starred in the cable reality show "Backwoods Cannoli", with a special Couple's Flash Report from my good friends The Kalamazoo Couple

The Good Doctor received a note from TKC last week asking me to post a Visit Announcement for them for 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicago for last Friday.  Well, they had a great turnout of Journal readers (and non-Journalites), and this is their report from that marathon Friday visit.

Please welcome back the awesome Kalamazoo Couple and their latest naughty adventure...


Hello Doc,

Thanks for helping set up a great night! 

I (Mrs. Kalamazoo Couple) started out the evening by going behind the screen. I put on my blindfold then laid back on the table. The Mr . let the guys know I just wanted to start off by being massaged. I had several willing participants massaging me all over. This allowed me to relax, unwind and de stress from the drive. 

The Mr. then instructed one of the guys to lick my pussy, then had me grab onto a few cocks and gently massage them. After several minutes of this my pussy was very wet and I had made a few cocks cum all over my hands (something I love to do). Then I was ready for something more. 

The Real
Mrs. Kalamazoo
The Mr. played with my wet pussy the way he does best and made me squirt all over. I think the sound of my wetness in turn got the guys all excited. A young tall BBC we referred to throughout the night as King Kong stepped forward to give me a ride. Lol. He fucked me long and hard. Just the way I like it. Meanwhile, my hands and mouth were eagerly keeping the men around me busy. 

After about an hour of playing I decided I needed to take a shower. I undressed, covered up with a towel, took a shower, then headed for the sauna to relax. Haha yeah right

After a few minutes of small talk and " relaxing", the Mr. lowered the towel I had covering my breasts and the action started again. I had a line up of men standing in front of me waiting for me to gently massage their cocks. After a while King Kong walked back in with another BBC named G. I smiled at the Mr. who smiled back and said, " go ahead , I know what you want."

I grinned and stood up. Turned around and told G to fuck me. Then I grabbed King Kong and sucked him. This went on for several minutes and we had many onlookers. I was getting so hot but I didn't want to stop. Finally the heat of the sauna got the best of me and I had to give up and go take a shower. I got dressed ( sort of) :), dried my hair then headed back behind the screen. This time without my blindfold. I wanted to see all the men surrounding me and watch their cocks cum all over. I love that! 

I had the Mr . , G , and King Kong front and center. There were several other men surrounding me on the table. I played for what seemed like a short time but really was hours. I am always surprised at how fast time goes when we are there. Before I knew it, It was closing time. I really was not ready to be done. I had a great time.

Whenever you make an announcement for me Doc, there are many guys there. They are gentlemen and they treat me like a queen. What more could a women ask for! 

I really do owe you one Doc! 

The Mrs.


Doc here again... It was my pleasure Mrs. Kalamazoo Couple!  Thanks for the great report from your POV! And I am really looking forward to seeing you next time and cashing in my "owe you" ticket.  I have a couple of ideas...   

Ladies and gentlemen, if you ever have the chance to encounter The Kalamazoo Couple, do it!  They are pure sexual energy, and the Mrs. is electric, with a body made for sin.