Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! TeenageDream & HerMaster at The Oregon Theater on 1/30/15

Doc here, a man who some say was a childhood friend of Slippin' Jimmy from Cicero, with an outstanding first-time couples Flash Report from TeenageDream & HerMaster.

During the waning days of January, HerMaster reached out to your old friend in the white suit and aviators regarding advice on bringing his best girl to an adult theater in Portland, OR. 

Since The Good Doctor really enjoys helping couples in this arena, I made a series of suggestions, along with a contact at the Oregon Theater (Hi Jessica!) to help set the table for a positive experience for them.

Well, Jessica did a great job facilitating their visit to The Oregon Theater, and getting the word out to the choirboys that would be needed to assist in their visit. And assist they did!

So kids, pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!) & enjoy TeenageDream and HerMaster's outstanding Couples Flash Report from January 30th, 2015.

Here we go!



I wrote you asking for your advice about bringing my girlfriend to a Portland theater. Thank you! Jessica at Oregon Theater was indeed extremely helpful, as was your advice. Here's what went down.

My girlfriend is young, fit, and beautiful. Don't believe me? Ask the guys who were at the Oregon Theater late on January 30th. They can also vouch that she has the sex drive of an entire cheerleading squad packed into one petite but curvy package, and the skills of a porn star. But I get ahead of myself.

She is obsessed with gang bangs and has been nearly since she hit puberty. She regularly imagines getting gang banged when she masturbates...and she masturbates a lot. She decided to trust me with her fantasy as we started dating, and I decided that I should reward her by making it happen. So, with advice from the good Doc, from the legendary Hawaiian Eyeful, and from the ever-helpful Jessica, we planned a visit to the Oregon Theater in Portland.
The Oregon Theater
Portland, OR

Our original plan was to make it down on Thursday the 29th. We let Jessica know and, because it was a Thursday, we posted using a certain classified site to drum up a bigger crowd. For some personal reasons, we had to cancel on Thursday and Jessica was really helpful in letting people know. That was especially helpful because someone had flagged our post on said classified site and it wouldn't let me revise the post unless I gave them my phone number...not! We did make it down on Friday at 10:40 pm, 40 minutes after our scheduled time. There was a decent crowd when we arrived and many more came in while Jessica was giving us a tour.

I had my girl, let's call her TeenageDream, dress for the theater wearing a red one-piece outfit made up of of a bra and g-string panties, some high black heels, and a leash and collar. After our tour, I led her by the collar into the couples area where I removed my coat that she was wearing. We talked and I gauged her nervousness and horniness. Both were peaking, especially as I instructed her to look at the large crowd of guys (about 30) who had gathered around the rail to get a better look at her in her barely covered gorgeous glory.
The Oregon Theater
Copyright 2014 The Journal
My next instruction was to go up to a guy and ask if she could suck his cock. She was so nervous that she was literally trembling. We knew that was coming and had rehearsed her line: "I lost a bet to my boyfriend and need to find a cock I can suck. Can I suck yours?" The guy readily agreed so she brought him into the couples area, sat him down next to me on the couch, got on her knees, and began sucking his cock. He was the first of eight guys she blew to completion in the couples area, while I touched her, talked dirty to her, and got the crowd to tell her how sexy and naughty she was. That entire process took literally only about 20 minutes and she felt incredibly slutty, in a positive way, to have just swallowed eight loads so quickly.

I knew what she wanted next, but made her beg me anyway. "Master, please take me to the arena table so I can get fucked." Guys who have seen her will know that no mortal could possibly resist those words from such a hot woman. So, I led her to the table. As we walked over, the guys surrounded us, groping her before we even got there. Jessica had given us a sheet, which I handed to a couple of guys to get ready, so I could lift my Slut onto the table. I helped her slide the g-string part of her outfit off, lay back on the table, and apply some supplemental lube. 

Though she was already incredibly wet, she has the tightest pussy I've ever experienced and didn't want soreness to stop her from taking on all cummers. As soon as she was lubed, there were guys lined up on and at the back of the table ready to fuck her, and the rest of the guys were crowded around, groping, jacking off, or sticking their cocks in her mouth.
She literally took them all like a champ. Our best count was that she fucked 12 guys (I was the 12th man...probably should have been in Arizona helping the Seahawks!), had 25 inside her mouth or her pussy, swallowed the equivalent of 12 more loads, with another 20 ending up in her pussy (in condoms...we keep it safe) or on her face. Here's some feedback she's already received (and guys, she LOVES feedback):

"She is so young hot and slutty all the men are going ape shit for her."
"Amazing first visit. She enjoyed being buried in cocks and strange men."
"By far the sexiest young lady I've ever played with at the Oregon. "
"I have been to the theaters many times and ... never seen a woman so hot and eager to please. You have a special relationship with your guy friend (master) that I can appreciate. You have spectacular cock skills and gave me a deep throat like a dirty Lil girl should."


"She looked like a sexy submissive Tiffany Amber Theisen, dressed for theater sex in nothing but fuck-me shoes and a slave collar.One guy was fucking her, holding her legs straight up in the air while another man was above her head fucking her mouth, with more dudes pressing in from all sides. It was a classic adult theater group grope. Her man was directing traffic and talking dirty to her.  She was sucking cock and swallowing cum while guys were fucking her pussy, then collapsing backwards completely satisfied . She cried out for more cock until finally the crowd thinned out and she and her man were alone in the couples section with just a few men watching her."

We stopped because she had literally drained everyone but me dry, and we were going to finish this up with some privacy. We cleaned her up while snuggling back in the couples area, and then left for our fairly long drive home.

She absolutely loved her theater gangbang and wants more. I plan to take her again sometime between late February and mid March. She hopes guys who attended will help her get an even bigger crowd at the next one by word of mouth and Brent's Theater Tails Yahoo Group. And, of course, with the help of the good Doc.

HerMaster (& TeenageDream)


Doc here again... Many thanks goes out to HerMaster and TeenageDream for this great report, and for letting me help to some degree making this adult theater visit one they will always remember. I will be honored to help your next event be even bigger and better! I am also looking forward to meeting you guys in person on my next trip into Portlandia.