Thursday, February 12, 2015

Flash Report! Steve Dallas Turns Two at The Jolar Cinema in San Diego

Doc here... A man who some say couples a beautiful singing voice with the ability to make a 5-star chimichanga, with a 2 for 1 Flash Report from senior reporter Steve Dallas.

Steve visited the Jolar Cinema on University Avenue in San Diego on two different nights, and has two different tales to tell. 

Take it away, Steve!



What a difference two days can make.

I have been a fan of the San Diego adult theater scene for several years. Like anyplace else that we gather to enjoy this thing of ours, an enjoyable night on the town almost always requires patience, timing, and luck. The often-repeated axiom of Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) is sometimes used to explain the total randomness of why that hot couple frequents a theater on Thursday while you are there on a Saturday.

Jolar Cinema has been an essential stop on the tour of San Diego XXX theaters for many years. It is located in a densely populated neighborhood of very diverse cultures, and both young and mature patrons of porn frequented this place in the past. But after reading over several months of the recent changes at The Jolar in The Good Doctor’s blog, I was expecting to report that this place has lost its special status as the “go-to” location in southern California.

Jolar Cinema
San Diego, CA

There have been complaints of how the Hoodies now outnumber the Civilians. Or how there are too many JoHo’s (Jolar Ho, as one nude dancer at the place described them to me) in the theater for couples to be comfortable. Inquiring minds wanted to know – is the Jolar still special, or simply another casualty of the decline of porn theaters, especially in California? So I visited on two recent weeknights while in San Diego on personal business.

Upon entering the familiar room of videos and toys, the manager was very friendly and informative; it now costs $10 to have four hours of access to both theaters (two rooms separated by a doorway; each room has about 20 seats each, and each has two 42-inch flat screens each). On this night the selection of porn showing on the four TVs was very confusing – TS, Bi, Gay, and one really poor twosome movie that went on forever.

Walking back to the theaters I passed a set of rooms where live dancers give a private show behind glass. There are also about 15 video booths that have lockable privacy doors. Two of the booths are about three times the size of the others. The last booth is specifically designed to accommodate a wheelchair.

On the first night that I was there (Tuesday), it was most unkempt and uncool. It resembled little more than a “shooting gallery” – a place where guys go to watch porn and shoot their best shot. In fact, 100% guys. All. Night. Long.

I exited somewhat early thinking that maybe it was true – the Jolar had declined to the point of losing its special status, and that most of the swinging couples who were previous regulars had moved on somewhere else.

Then I returned on Thursday night. There was no special pricing promotion for couples or any other change from Tuesday that I noticed. But soon after 9pm, three M/F couples entered, stayed and played for several hours. They were not together nor even knew each other. And they were all looking for something different. And one couple even outlasted me as I exited after 2am.

I decided to settle in by a mature couple with a BBW who was very shy at first. But after watching the much-improved porn showing that night, and some encouragement from her partner, she gradually opened up to having me join them. After I had gently rubbed her arm and leg, confirming that this was what they wanted, she relaxed and opened up entirely to my advances. She never really told me what to do, so I simple started caressing her breasts, thighs, and tummy in a very caring manner. The more I caressed her, the more relaxed she became, and slid back into her seat, opening her legs wider and wider. By now her pussy was very wet and allowed me to bring her to a couple of orgasms while the other two couples enjoyed their chosen partners as well.

What a difference two days can make.


Doc here again... Many thanks to Steve Dallas, and his two-fer report on the venerable Jolar Cinema in San Diego. The Jolar used to be my favorite San Diego theater back in 2010 and 2011 when I was out there on a frequent basis for business. But Steve is correct, in that recent reports were not encouraging.  However, the Thursday night visit gives us hope that there is plenty of life left at The Jolar.