Friday, February 13, 2015

Visit Announcement! The Kalamazoo Couple at 15th Ave Adult Theater in Chicago Friday 2/13 (arriving between 3 and 4pm)

Doc here with a Visit Announcement from my good friends The Kalamazoo Couple. Mrs. KC is insanely hot, and insatiable. Mr. KC is as nice a guy as you will run into in this thing of ours.

So do The Good Doctor a favor...Visit The Kalamazoo Couple at 15th Ave Friday afternoon (they will get there between 3 and 4pm CT), and tell them "Doc sent me"

Here is their announcement, and a pic of Mrs. Kalamazoo Couple.




Hi Doc, 

We are planning on visiting 15th Ave. in Chicago on Friday February 13th around 3-4:00pm, Chicago time. 

Can you please get the word out, as Mrs. Kalamazoo Couple is wanting to make this Valentine's weekend one to remember. :). :) 

Thanks for making this lifestyle so much more fun!