Thursday, February 19, 2015

Flash Report! P. North Jr. Hits The Barnett Ave. Superstore in San Diego on Friday 2/13/15

Doc here, a man who some say knows how to finish the same sentence in 7 different languages with "in my pants", with a very cool first time Flash report from P. North Jr

PNJ hit San Diego's Barnett Ave. Superstore this past Friday night, and hit the jackpot.

What happened? Who did he encounter? Was she blonde?

The answers lie below... Here we go!


Hey Doc, 

P.North Jr. here, been a huge fan of your site for a couple years now. I frequent the San Diego Theater scene… use to be a regular at Jolar but have recently changed to Barnett Ave. Superstore in the past 6 months. 

This past Friday, the day before Valentines Day, the theater was very busy and was hoping to find a few horny couples to celebrate the holiday. Lately, every single Friday night (couples free might promo), there is a man that brings his beautiful a beautiful blonde woman to show off. 

Usually she likes to strip and show off and get sucked or fucked while the crowd around jerks off on her breasts. Her man (I'm guessing husband) talks real real nasty and makes the mood even more amazing than it already is. We are talking a real theater slut here… ready and willing to take load after load on her tits and face.

Barnett was very very busy that night the day before Valentines Day, I'm talking no parking, sold out crowd. I finally found a spot and buy my ticket and enter the theater. I walked in and immediately heard LOUD fucking. Before turning the corner I though it was just the video playing… it turned out it was the same beautiful blonde that has been there every Friday

This time she was butt naked getting fucked by a random guy. She sucked and fucked him for about 10 mins and a few guys dumped their loads all over her as her husband commanded the men to cream all over her. I showed up a bit late and wasn't ready to release so i saved my load. Her husband and her then got dressed and headed out. Wishing I would've showed up about 30mins earlier to possibly get my chance. 

This particular couple are regulars at Barnett, I'm talking every Friday around 930-10pm. Any clue who this beautiful blonde and her man are? Just thought I would write this to let the fine readers over at Emilio Lizardo's Journal know that the San Diego theater scene is alive and well!

PS: thank you for all you do on your site… doing amazing work for the masses.


Doc here again... Thank you P. North Jr. for the kind words about The Good Doctor and The Journal, as well as your initial entry for The Journal itself. Well done sir!  Keep them coming!

I have no idea who the sexy blonde is you have encountered, but if they are readers of The Journal, please e-mail me at . I would love to publish a report from your POV.

The scene in San Diego is picking up kids...PNJ, Nanner, and Steve Dallas all have filed positive reports in the last couple of weeks. Very encouraging!

Onto the next...