Monday, March 2, 2015

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter at Xposed Adult Theater Megastore in Dallas, TX on 3/1/15

Doc here, a man who some say appeared in the traveling production on "Wicked" as "3rd Flying Monkey on the left", with a Flash Report from senior reporter The Oral Reporter.

TOR found himself in Dallas, and no, he wasn't hiding behind the grassy knoll. He was on Mockingbird Lane at Xposed, the newest adult theater in Dallas Sunday night, 3/1.

Aside from when Xposed opened two years ago, I have not had much feedback about this place of note. That is is the reason I found this report from The Oral Reporter so interesting...

So kids, grab a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and enjoy the song stylings (and muffled noises) of the The Oral Reporter.

Take it away, sir.


Good Dr.,

I have not yet made it to Vegas, that is next weekend, but I did have some good luck in Dallas today (Sunday). I had to fly into Dallas Love Field today and drive to Longview, TX to cover for a fellow worker for a couple of days.
So when I landed and got my trusty rent-a-car, I plugged in the address to a XXX theater listed in your adult theater directory. I had been to the Lido on previous occasions,and with it being a Sunday I thought I would try another place only about 3 miles from Love Field. It's called the XPosed 24 HR Adult Theater Megastore on Mockingbird Lane.

Very nice place, well stocked book store and lots of novelties (everything is very clean). They have a section of booths at the back of the store, but I noticed they had a sign saying no women in the booth areas.  They have two theaters, one is heterosexual, and one gay.  I at first could not find them, and had to ask directions to the heterosexual one.  I paid my 15 dollars (a little high), & the couples pay 20 dollars.  Went in and found the place almost empty, but being a Sunday evening I wasn't shocked.

Very soon a couple came in a very large chested black girl and a Hispanic guy.  they didn't play at all, but did get one of the private rooms and stayed in there by themselves, I guess they wanted some privacy.

More on the layout of this place, once you get buzzed in to the theater area you pass by about 6 private rooms. (Like the Lido only nicer)  Nice big rooms with a large screen TV and a comfortable lounging bed.

Once in the main theater you find several couches, no theater type seats or chairs. (nice big room)  the heat must have been out, it was very cold in there.

Xposed - Theater Room
Dallas, TX
If you keep walking through the theater, you find a party room, equipped with a stripper pole, and a sex swing.  In addition there was what amounted to a 35 foot long x 6 feet wide bed that could be sectioned off into 4 rooms divided by black sheer curtains.  this amounts ot one hell of a orgy area there were no takers tonight at least as long as I stayed (8PM), but on the Friday nights and Saturday nights when it is couples only I'm sure it gets a lot of traffic.  

I toured the whole place and did manage to take a couple of photos before any other patrons showed up. (only the main theater area, it was way too dark in the party room)  A few other guys wandered in and took up residence in the main theater, no gay action going on, that probably was going on in the other theater.

I was getting ready to go out and get some dinner and bring my coat in when a couple (middle aged Hispanic couple) came in Nothing fantastic but it was a possiblity.  Then in a couple of minutes in comes a middle aged white couple, she was a red head so it seemed things might be changing in the theater.  They started playing with each other in just a few minutes time.  Too cold to take a lot off.  Wasn't long until she was going down on him giving him a very nice blow job.  there was plenty of room on the couch they were on but I didn't want to scare them off by moving in too close.  

It was then another guy moved in on the couch, it did not seem to bother them, she kept on blowing him.  That gave the guy sitting on the same couch as them more nerve and he moved in closer.  still no bad response from the couple.  He was stroking his tool and started to talk to them. He must have gotten the OK because he suited up and was mounting her from behind (doggystyle)  He lasted only a couple of minutes, and he was finished.  I took this as my chance to move over to the couch and sit next to them.  

I no sooner had made my move when another guy walks up behind her and suits up, now this guy new how to Fuck, he lasted for probably 10 or 15 minutes, she was in extasy.  He finished and pulled out I slid over close to her and asked if she would like her pussy licked (my favorite thing to do, after all if you give a little head you might get a little head in return)  She asked her guy if it was OK, he said what ever she wanted so she sat down on the couch with her legs spread and I began a long licking session on her.  

Since the two guys had suited up I was pretty sure it was not full of Cum.  I was right she was shaved nicely, and her pussy had a very sweet taste, (no funky monkey taste or smell) I licked and nibbled on her clit for about 20 minutes making her cum a few times she was very vocal and a bit of a screamer.  She had both of her hands on my head keeping me right where she wanted me, little did she know I was not going any where.  I was like a kid in a candy store.  

When I finally came up for Air, I sat next to her on the couch and asked her for a blow job, she smiled and started sucking me off.  It was not long until I could feel the cum building up in my dick, and then I let loose in her mouth.  She did not try to get off when she felt the cum shooting in her mouth, she stayed on it and sucked every drop out of my now limp cock, and swallowed every drop.

I said thank you to her and she thanked me for my talented tongue that had her cumming a few times.  After that she was getting fucked by more of the guys in the theater and sucking off a couple more.  She pleased everyone that wanted to be pleased either by fucking them or sucking them off.  The Hubby was a great guy and let her have all the fun she wanted.
The other couple the Hispanic couple watched, I asked her if she would like to have her pussy licked, (she watched me eat out the other girl) but she said no.  I will be coming back here maybe on Tuesday night, or going to the Lido not sure yet.  Tuesday nights are really hit or miss, but that is what I thought about Sunday nights also.

Not sure if any other couples showed up, but I had a two hour drive ahead of me so I am here in my Hotel room reliving what happened.  

She had a sexual appetite like a 20 year old but the experience of the MILF that she was.
I tried to ask them if they ever read your blog, but they were a little to busy with what was going on to pay me any attention.  I hope they do read your blog and recognize themselves in this story. This took place Sunday night the 1st of March 2015, between 7 and 8 PM.

Thank You again you Sexy Redhead!!!

That is all from the Oral Reporter.


Doc here again... Many thanks to The Oral Reporter for another terrific Flash Report and some much needed ground intel on Xposed.  Well done sir.

I noticed in TOR's report that like The Lido Theater nearby, they are "couples only" in parts of the facility on Friday and Saturday nights. It would be interesting to see what types of couples and singles co-mingling takes place on Friday and Saturday nights.

The Good Doctor is always looking for new Flash Reports from couples and singles alike. Please e-mail me at with your report, and I will edit, format, and drop in a few pics for you.  You get the byline and the glory.