Monday, March 9, 2015

Flash Report! Ray at Annabelle's in Winston-Salem, NC on Saturday 3/7/15

Doc here, a man who some say demands equal rights for all flavors of cannoli, not just the "plain ones", with a Flash Report on Annabelle's in Winston-Salem by senior reporter Ray.

Here we go!


Hey Doc,

Hope all is well up your way. I find myself between weekends dedicated to "this thing of ours" and wanted to report on Saturday nights observations at Annabelle's in Winston-Salem, NC. I went with a charming young lady and another couple that I have known in the lifestyle for a few years. In fact, the wife of said couple has accompanied me to Annabelle's on a few occasions in the past. This time, though, she went with hubby and I escorted a friend of theirs. Lucky me!

I know that you had listed Annabelle's as an establishment that is not couples friendly. That has not been my experience, nor was it this past Saturday night. (ed. note: This notation was due to the comments of a former female contributor that apparently had a personal grudge, but this now has been corrected in the database). The first Saturday of every month is couples night. Couples are admitted for $5 up until midnight, and the main theater is for their use exclusively. 

Winston-Salem, NC
The place was standing room only from the time we got there until the time we left. The door is carefully guarded by a friendly enough fellow who goes over the layout with first timers. ("What happens in this theater, stays in this theater. If anyone gets in your personal space, let me know. No means no, etc.) Couples are welcome to wander back to the booths, about half of which have gloryholes, and into the other theater if they would like. We spent some time in the booth area, and found the crowd to be both polite and accommodating.

Probably half of the couples that we saw in the couples room simply watched the movie and cuddled. A few others played cautiously. Another percentage just went where their hormones took them, not particularly caring who watched, or who touched for that matter. On the whole, we found the vibe to be very laid back, and open. My date for the night made a couple of guys happy in the gloryhole area, and back in the theater I was able to enjoy some time with both ladies and we met another couple as we were leaving who had been (unbeknownst to us) watching us from across the room. We are all planning on getting a little better acquainted in the near future.

The regulars tell me that most couples, as you might expect, head out at midnight, but some stay, allowing those ladies who prefer some "extra attention" to get it. Management seems fine with that, too.

Work takes me back to central Florida this week, so next weekend I will get to once again experience the wild world of Tampa porn theater sex. I suspect it will not be as laid back as Annabelle's, though one never knows what one might find when he steps into that theater, does he?



Doc here again... Many thanks to senior Journal scribe Ray and his update on Annabelle's. Well done as always, sir!

As I mentioned the the article, I have changed the database entry to note that Annabelle's is very couple's friendly and to set aside any prior notations in the dB reported by the former contributor.