Monday, April 27, 2015

Flash Report! El Extrajanero at the Barnett Ave. Superstore in San Diego on 4/3/15

Doc here, a man who some say calls himself "Meatball Manny" when no one is looking, with a great Flash Report from San Diego Journal scribe El Extrajanero.

El Extrajanero visited San Diego's Barnett Ave. Superstore (address in the adult theater database), and has filed this report to The Journal. 

It's a good one folks... Enjoy!

Take it away EE!


I find myself on Friday, April 3rd arriving at 9:15 pm to the Barnett Ave. Superstore, hoping for a good show considering the long weekend and thinking that some couples might come in from out of town. Freshened up quick after the long drive, change my shirt, and in I go to find the first theater packed with about 15 guys with their dicks out in a large semicircle, respectfully keeping their distance from a voluptuous blonde cocksucker on her knees in the front row servicing her man’s not inconsiderable shaft. 

High class and well kept early to mid-40s, dressed for the night with a little black dress and well coiffed puffy hair, glittering necklace and bracelet, as well as shiny black 5 inch heels, all well lit from the two large screens of the theater and resting on a small towel on the floor. 

Her man was also well dressed in a suit and directing with his hand on her head. She just kept sucking and stroking him while he laid back and moved her hair to get a better look, grunting now and then and continuously squirming (I don’t blame him), neither of them making any eye contact with their eager public (and she mostly focusing on the penis in her mouth). 

She was a very obedient woman as when he ordered her to drop the straps of her dress she did it without hesitation or taking the dick out of her mouth. In fact, I can’t recall her lips ever leaving his cock the whole time. She had ample, full looking breasts, the kind that part in the middle and whose weight and volume seems to rest at the bottom, but without drooping. Finally, after about 10 minutes sitting, he stood up and began gently fucking her mouth until he smeared his seed all around her lips (he might have cum once on the chair as well, I’m not sure). She pulled up her straps, he helped her up, and the semicircle parted as they exited the theater. As they were leaving, someone told them that they forgot their towel, to which they replied “That’s ok”. Probably a good idea. Let me tell you, she was a damn good cocksucker, obedient and enjoying it the whole time without taking a break. Her husband is a lucky guy.

By this time it was 9:30 and I went to sit in the 2nd theater when a couple comes in and sits at one end of the middle row: he’s a dorky looking skinny guy with short hair and glasses, picture John Carmack or the typical computer programmer. She’s more full bodied, about 5’2” in a skirt and black sweater. He begins massaging her leg and then moving up and up, and she reciprocates by taking out his penis and jerking him off, all the while she’s moaning and giving lustful looks to various guys in the theater. 

Finally, one musters up the courage and walked up close to her, but she kept beckoning him until she was finally in reach to unbuckle his belt and take his limp-ish dick into her mouth. It didn’t stay limp for long, let me tell you. She gave the kind of blowjob where she just swallows the whole thing and you never see it again until she (or rather him) finishes. She did this with 3 guys, all the while her escort was sitting in the next seat fingering her. I got to fondle her a bit and she was a soft woman with well sized bolt-ons. 

After the 3 guys the couple stayed in their seats, but no one else was interested and I just sat waiting again (they were actually still there after I left for the night and didn’t see her engage anyone else).

Then, at 10 pm two couples came in to the 2nd theater: one in their mid 50s, woman with short light brown hair, airy tan dress and a decent looking body for her age; and the second couple in their mid-late 30s, with a very pretty petite Asian woman with straight black hair to her shoulders and glasses in a short black pencil skirt. The lady was very friendly, saying hello loudly to the whole room. We cleared the front row for them, but they went to stand by the side near the screens. They interacted a bit with the room: the older couple had come to visit from Yuma where they apparently don’t have adult theaters. I replied a bit to her comments (she asked “how’s everyone doing?” and I replied with the obvious answer everyone knew: “Horny!”). 

After a bit more chit-chat the lady began rubbing her back on the younger couple by the wall, flexing her legs up and down while her man held on to her glasses. She was caressing the other woman and loudly exclaiming how soft her skin was over and over again. She finally ended up taking off the tan dress and handing it over to hubby. Not a single wrinkle on her body (I’ve always said that nothing keeps a woman young like a ton of sex). 

I slowly got closer, letting her see me approach, until I was caressing her body. Up and down her side and cupping her breasts; she was very soft and round and supple, and I wouldn’t have minded feeling her naked body and pressing it next to mine at all (as well as pressing something else inside of hers ;) ), but after a couple of minutes she told me that the first touch was for her friend, so I backed off. 

So the lady kept on grinding against the couple and caressing the Asian rose, until she kneeled down and worked herself under the skirt eliciting the sexiest moans from her slim friend, always saying how good she tasted for all to hear. The girl had the shy-demure Asian thing down pat. Mine and a few other guys cocks stood with rapt attention just witnessing the obviously experienced lady make her squirm and moan again and again. She held to her hubby tight, kissing him now and then, and looking like she would collapse to the floor on her weakened knees if she let go. Her pussy was bald and shaved and the lady even pulled up her blouse a few times to reveal a plain flat chest with the prettiest round and brown nipples. 

They then asked for a front row seat and the lady just kept at it naked on all fours, ass up in the air, eating that pussy as if she needed it to breathe, making her bisexual friend squirm her pretty thin legs all over. She must have eaten pussy for half an hour before they were done, all the while saying how soft and beautiful she was and how delicious she tasted (she was torturing us and I told her so :p ). Finally, she raised herself up and French kissed her on the other lips, asking her if she could taste her cum on the kiss. After the kiss, she thanked her profusely for the meal and meet-up and some of us said goodbye and thanks for the show. I saw them chatting just outside the theater shortly afterwards, but tried not to make eye contact as I have a doubt regarding that (which I will ask at the end). It was 10:30 by then and I stayed a half hour more, but as no more women or couples came in and I was expected someplace else, I had to leave.

Well Doc, I hope you and your readers enjoyed the tale and I will make sure to report back next time I visit again (a month or two, sadly). With any luck I will be a more active participant of it ;) A few questions that have been nagging me, before I finish:
  • What’s the etiquette for making idle chit-chat inside the theater with other people while waiting for action? DOC: I try not to talk much inside the theater with other patrons, unless engaged with a couple.
  • Also, if a couple/woman exits the theater but stays inside the store or just gets some fresh air, what’s one’s expected behavior? Do we just ignore each other completely or is it ok to make eye contact and see if there is interest in more or maybe just talk like regular people, after knowing each other so well inside? DOC: I suggest making light conversation from a slight distance. If they engage you back, then move closer. 
  • Is it normal for guys to be so shy in these places? I’ve never been to adult theaters in other cities, but it just kinda seems like the guys here in San Diego hesitate too much. I err on the cautious side, as I don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable, but all the times I’ve seen action, the couples/women have had to wait a while for someone to bite, or the woman had to basically lift up her skirt and bend over. DOC: Depends on the city. I noticed the more passive nature of San Diego crowds as well. Back East that is not an issue. 

Doc here again... Many thanks to El Extrajanero for another detailed-filled report!  Well done sir!  Keep the cards and letters coming in!