Saturday, November 14, 2015

Flash Report! The Falcon Swoops in on the Berlin News Agency and Lands Safely (on a Nice Lady or Two).

Doc here, a man who some say is referred to as the Golden Elk by several Eskimo clans, with a terrific Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, The Falcon

The Falcon visited one of my favorite locations in the US of A, The Berlin News Agency for some water ice R&R and came away (and on) a very interesting scene.

Take it away, The Falcon!



I made my annual visit to the confines of the Berlin News Agency. I was not early this year and when I got there around 2200 hrs. The parking lot was full and lots of guys hanging out outside, that was not a good sign. 

The Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
As I got out of the car, a couple also got out and I followed them into the establishment. The other guys hanging out also followed them into the building. They were a 30's couple she had a short black tight skirt and a transparent blouse with a very pretty bra underneath. I thought that was a good sign. 

They wandered around the facility, not even sitting down so the crowd followed them around the building. I went into the theater and waited for them to settle down, as it turned out they did not even though they were in and out 3 or 4 times.

A little later around 2230 hrs a couple came in with a camera and light. They were interested in making a video and she was wonderful. She was a small Asian woman and she wanted to play. He was interested in filming and had lots of rules. They used every one of the tables in the building and she wanted large cocks to fuck her and everyone else to cum on her. There was some reluctance from folk in the building to service her because of the camera, but she was definitely taken care of. I spoke to them as they were moving one time and he said the video was for his private collection.

Main Theater

Shortly after the film crew left we got a visit from the fabulous Ann. I have seen her there before and she is a true showwoman. She arrived in a long topcoat even though it was not very cold, and I knew that was a good sign. Under that coat she had on a red teddy and she filled it out very well. 

She stopped at her usual place and after cleaning the table and putting her cover over it she started to suck cocks. She must have taken at least a dozen before she had to take a break. I will admit she is wonderful at the art and I believe everyone that came to the front enjoyed the experience. I must say that the first couple that came in did enjoy watching the others perform and the lady would back into you and let you feel a little but she did not play, I enjoyed a few touching and feeling but she was on her second trip and a little shy.

I left there around 0200, and while I have seen better nights there it was definitely worth the trip.

The Falcon OUT.


Doc here again... Many thanks to the Falcon for his solid reporting from the trenches of this thing of ours. Keep the communiques coming in, sir.