Sunday, November 15, 2015

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter Hits Xposed and The Lido Theaters in Dallas with his Posse in August

Doc here, a man who some say has marinara running through his veins, with the return of senior reporter The Oral Reporter.

TOR has been a busy guy, and this is one of several reports you'll be seeing over the next several days.

The Oral Reporter frequents Dallas, and this report highlights trips he and his posse made to both Xposed and Lido adult theaters in Big D.

Here we go...



So here is the summary of the August 8th trip to the Xposed and Lido Theaters in Dallas as well as the after party at my hotel suite.

Starting out there was 4 of us that went to the Xposed Theater on Mockingbird Lane. We met up first at my hotel suite to get a game plan worked out.
There was a little playing around, but then off to the Xposed Theater. We had to get there before 10PM since that is when the couples get in for free, after that they charge for couples. You have to ask for the couples free thing, but it works.

The four of us went in (myself, Cricket, Carla and David).  The place was pretty dead at that time, so we played a little and a couple of couples came in but did not stay. After about an hour we headed over to The Lido where things were picking up. 

We paid our 18 dollar per couple admission and went upstairs. About half of the theater was full, mostly couples. The 4 of us were all in one row near the back of the theater on the right hand side. We had a good looking middle aged couple sitting next to me on my left side. They were not doing any playing at that time, so I thought I should give them an idea of what could be done in the theater. I told Cricket that I wanted to eat her pussy to get things going in the theater. She was all to eager for me to start licking her pussy. She is a real moaner and very vocal while she is being pleased. 

The couple next to me watched as I got down between the seats and started using my talented tongue on Cricket, in fact pretty much everyone in the theater heard her making sounds of pleasure at that time. I used a vibrating Dildo on her while I was eating her pussy, which made her even more vocal. I was hoping that someone else in the theater would want some of my talented tongue especially the couple that was sitting next to me. All they did was watch, so after eating Cricket for a good 30 minutes I got up (knees were getting sore on the concrete floor). 

The Lido Adult Theater
Dallas, TX
I sat down and then asked the lovely lady (blond with a nice body and a pretty face) sitting next to me if she would like some of that same attention. She said not at this time. A few of the other couples who had witnessed Cricket's pleasure were now lined up against the wall behind us and were all either sucking off their man or getting fucked doggy style. The couple next to me left for a while and then came back. They went to the wall behind us and she started giving her guy one of the best blow jobs I have seen, he was face fucking her and he had a little flashlight to shine on her face so everyone could see his cock being pumped into her mouth. He finally shot his load in her mouth but she just kept sucking him until he had nothing left to give. She put on a really good show. 

I again offered to lick her pussy to a nice climax for her. I offerd a key to my Hotel suite and told them there would be an after party there, I think he wanted to join all of us, but she did not want to go to the hotel room, and they were now done for the night and left.

There were other couples still in the theater, and out by the private rooms, I did manage to give one couple a key and they said they would show up but did not make it. While back at the hotel (Doubletree on Mockingbird lane), one of the couples we had played with a couple of weeks earlier called Carla and came over. Additionally another of Carla's friends K&K came over and I was in amazement by K (the female half of the K&K couple). She had a very slender body with a very tight fitting black dress on that was not leaving much to the imagination. I fell in lust right away! 

We all talked for awhile, and during the time that Carla and David were in the bedroom enjoyjng the other couple that had called Carla and she gave them the room number.(black guy and white girl).  I was talking to K and her guy K  and they were very open minded about sex and liked it a lot. It wasn't very long until K was pulling up her dress to show me her nicely shaved pussy, and I was running my hands all over it, I then proceeded to lick her pussy and she loved it. David also got into the pussy licking, she loved having two guys eating her pussy.

I was also able to pull her dress up to expose her nice little tits and suck on them. My lips were also working their way around her neck and her ears. My hands running through her short hair. She had had a few drinks and was very relaxed. She bent down, and started to lick my cock a little as I had discarded my clothes a long time ago. She never gave me a complete blow job, but I hope to get her back down there on the next trip to Dallas. We are all planning on a birthday party for Carla at the same hotel in August and she is going to invite lots of couples and single ladies to it. I do hope to get my same room at the Doubletree, as it's a good one for parties. 

K said to me please keep in touch she liked me and my attention to her body. I gave her one of my business cards with my phone number on it and reminded her that if she lost my number Carla could give it to her.

I do hope to meet up with K&K again very soon, I want some more of that little cute body that is so beautiful as is her lovely face. My tongue is looking forward to giving her pussy a lot more attention.

Well Doc there was more to that night, but I can't remember the details. I will let you know how the next two weekends go at the Lido and the Xposed XXX theater as well as the after parties at my hotel suite.

Oral Reporter signing out.


Doc here again... Many thanks as always to The Oral Reporter for another solid report from the front lines. Keep them coming, sir!