Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Flash Report! The Week in Review on Portland's Adult Theaters by Brent!

Doc here, a man who some say played a supporting role in the 80's crime tele-drama "The Man in Ban-Lon", with a dynamite report on the week that was in Portland, OR by our good friend, Brent in Portland

It was a busy week in PDX, and Brent has all the inside intel you need to know.

No one does it like Brent, so sit back, pop open the Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and enjoy the song stylings of the poet laureate of this thing of ours, Brent in Portland.

Take it away, sir.



I took a little time off from the theaters to house and dog sit at my sister's while she and her husband were on vacation. I got a chance to catch up on some movies and television shows while I was there. I particularly enjoyed Netflix, "Jessica Jones" and I thought "We have our own Jessica Jones, Jessica , the front person at The Oregon Theater." Like JJ, she's a badass with a great ass. I also like "Bloodline," and "Master Of None" and my nephew has a small role in the series "Longmire."

The Paris Theatre
Portland, OR
Friday was the night Koral returned to The Paris and she and two other ladies fucked and sucked 50 or more men during the hours they were there. At one point I thought The Annex was going to collapse under the weight of all the men who were crowded inside while they waited to fuck either Koral or TJ's girl, who at certain intervals were also busy pleasing each other. 

The third lady playing was a sexy solid woman with big tits who liked her men naked and their cocks hard and uncovered. She enjoyed getting fucked and sucking dicks until they came in her mouth or on her face. Her husband enjoyed eating her cum filled ho ho after some guy had just fucked it. They had put an ad in Craigslist and had come through with flying colors.Since I've returned the theater action has been pretty good. 

Three couples were playing last Tuesday. A pretty blonde was getting fucked in the bedroom while outside watching was a very sexy lady who was getting groped by a bunch of horny dudes. Later, she was in the bedroom getting fucked by her boyfriend and a guest and occasionally she would stand up and let the guys who were watching fondle her beautiful breasts or reach down and play with her sweet wet pussy.

The Naughty Nasty Cum Sucker has been enjoying herself on a regular basis at The Paris and The Naughty Librarian has also dropped in a few times.
The Oregon Theater
Portland, OR
Last Wednesday, The Cuban brought his lady to The Paris and she sucked off a few lucky dudes. She has styled dark hair, smooth sexy legs and she loves to suck dick while her man is fucking her. One of their signature moves is he'll caress her ass while lifting her short skirt so everyone can see she's not wearing panties. I have no doubt they also do this outside the theater and this gets her soaking wet.

Thursday was the night a handsome, athletic type, brought a straight laced married business woman to The Paris for the first time and they put on a hell of a show. She was from out of town. Her outer dress was business, suit and skirt. Underneath she wore stockings and a garter belt. I got there late but I heard that earlier she had been on the exam table surrounded by guys playing with every inch of her body. When I finally showed up, her Portland Stud was fucking her in the ass while she faced the Penis Gallery, some of who were reaching in and playing with her tits. He was whispering dirty things to her and telling us that she was a married and very horny business woman from out of town. Nice.
There were a lot of couples in and out of The Paris, Saturday. Some were young, first time visitors. A few stayed and played- a pretty, curly haired cutie with a big tattoo on her back and perfect tits on her front, put on a good show in the couples section. P and K played through the night. She would occasionally take a guy in the bedroom while he stayed in The Oasis. 

I stayed until 4 AM, Saturday/Sunday waiting to see if this one young couple would ever start to play. They didn't but she kept looking back at this man who was sitting behind her, jacking his 8 inch steel snake directly at her.

That's the nature of my addiction to this thing of ours, I want to see what's going to happen next.

(And a Baba Booey to you too!)

Sunday featured two couples who kept their clothes on and mostly just caressed while they watched Anime cartoon porn. One of the ladies, tall, long dark hair, sweater, jeans , nice leather boots, finally gave her man a great blow job in the little theater, where they were showing straight movies at the time, while a few of the men watched, hoping she would reach out and bring them into her circle.

I haven't been to The Oregon Theater in awhile. How's the action been over there?

And how has it been @Secrets in Des Moines, Washington? I really enjoy reading Carley's flag notifications about the action up there. That place is really taking off and people are really getting off :)


Doc here again... Many thanks to Brent for another great report from Portland, where on my next trip there I may embrace a man-bun (NOT man-bum.  That is very different). Bravo sir!

The scene is picking up in Portland, and that is always a very good thing.