Thursday, January 28, 2016

Flash Report! Anaconda Hits Past Time Video in Steubenville and Adult Land in Pulaski, PA

Doc here, a man who some say can do "The Worm" without any warning, any time. 

Senior reporter Anaconda has just filed a great report from the Ohio/PA border and the two adult theaters that straddle it:  Past Time Video in Steubenville, OH and Adult Land in Pulaski, PA.  Plus... he has info on a brand new adult theater that will be opening this coming weekend!

Here we go...


Hey Doc,

Well, work took me to various points in Ohio this week and I decided to take advantage and really give some of the scene there a good shot at coming through for me. Turns out I wasn't so lucky this time.

Unfortunately, most of my chances to hit the theaters is during the week, which we all know is not ideal, but you can get lucky once in a while. Well, I had tried Fritz a few months back mid-week and it was dead, so I decided this week I was going to check out Past Times in Steubenville, OH and Adult Land in Pulaski, PA.

Past Time Video
Steubenville, OH
I rolled into Past Times about 6PM on Tuesday night. Hard to tell how much traffic was actually in the store since it's all street parking, but it seemed like there was a small crowd. Of course it was all guys milling around the booths hallway which you walk through to get to the theater. 

 I sat and watched the films and guys would come and go. I had to shoo a few away. I am a pretty firm advocate of not meandering around too much cause it seems a bit stalkerish/creepy, but I did get up to stretch my legs a few times and see if anything was going on out in the booth area. 

Well, I guess I shoulda been walking around more, or else I can just chalk it up to bad timing. For when I had went out to the booth area I caught some distinctive sounds of play going on out there. There were 2 booths next to each other that we occupied and I clearly heard a female voice coming from one and the definitive sound and sight of a camera flash. There were no other guys out there and it must be because they had already been serviced, because when the guy in the adjacent booth exited I walked in to see a cute blond through the glory hole. But, uh oh, she was cleaning up and getting dressed. 

I politely asked if she might have the desire for one more, she politely declined and apologized that it was time for her and hubby to head out. DAMN!!! Nothing else happened and there wasn't another hint of female/couple activity that night. I left around 9PM...3 hours invested...I am nothing if not patient and optimistic.

Tonight I also spent about 3 hours at Pulaski (again from about 6-9PM). Nothing at all to tell you about here, not even a near miss. Just all dudes sitting around watching porn. 

Greenville, PA
However I did notice they are advertising for a new theater that kicks off its operation this coming Saturday, Jan 30th. It's called Headliners Theater and will be either right next to, or in the same building with a strip club of the same name. 

 Here's the address for you to add to the dB: 325 Sharon Rd, Greenville, PA 16125. I hope it's well run and successful and brings in some couples traffic. I'll definitely check it out on my next trip through, but maybe one of your other esteemed reporters will get to it before I do for a quick recon mission.



Doc here again... Many thanks to Anaconda for another great report, and the advance intel on Headliners new adult theater.  Of course, we will need a report on the place!