Monday, February 1, 2016

International Field Report! Club 487 in London, England by John in the UK

Doc here, man who some say once enjoyed a meal of "Toad in the Hole", with a rare International Field report from first time contributor, John in the UK.

John read that I was looking for updates and new entries for The Good Doctor's Adult Theater Database, and was kind enough to pass along this update on London's last remaining adult theater, Club 487.

The Good Doctor has information on this location dating back to early 2015, but my info was incomplete. Well kids, I cannot say that any longer, thanks to John in the UK.

Here we go...


Saw your recent request for details on theaters for the database.

In London, (UK) the successor to Fantasy Video (since closed) has been open for a while.
Still checking this, but this is most likely the only operational theater in London area.


Club 487
487 New Cross Road
London SE14 6TQ

Mon thru Sat: 11:00 to 22:00
Sun: 12:00 to 21:00

Ladies and couples free.  Membership required but can be requested and obtained on the door at time of initial entry.  Cost £15.00 GBP, covering multiple re-entry Saturday thru Fridays.  Licensed by the local authority.

One hetero R rated video showing in 3 separate screening rooms.


John in the UK


Doc here again... Many thanks to John in the UK for the update on Club 487 in London. The R-rated video fare is unusual, but it beats not having a Club 487 at all, correct?