Saturday, May 7, 2016

UPDATED 5/7 at 2pm: A Quick Note from The Good Doctor: Join The Art Cinema's New Yahoo Group!

Updated 5/7 at 2pm:  Doc here... Interest in a drama-free forum to discuss all things Art Cinema has been dynamite!  Now up to 134 members, we invite you to join the Art Cinema Balcony Yahoo Group.

Please review the Terms and Conditions of joining the Group below and click to join. 

Thank you!



Doc here with a piece of exciting news for fans and friends of the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford, CT.

A brand new Yahoo Group has been established for friends of The Art Cinema to utilize as a safe and reliable social media platform to communicate and post visit announcements to The Art Cinema.

Here are the details:

Yahoo Group Name: Art Cinema Balcony

To join:

  • All membership requests for the Group will be reviewed by the moderator before approval. Please state your location and age when applying to join the Group.
Messaging: All messages in the Group will be moderated before posting
  • If you are planning a visit, you may want to give the moderator several hours advance notice to the post can be approved before the actual time of the visit. 
There will be a zero-tolerance for flaming, catfishing, or any disrespectful behavior inside the Group. There was enough of that crap on Craigslist for the past year, further enhancing Craigslist's reputation as an extremely unreliable social media platform. 

The Art Cinema has joined the ranks of terrific adult theaters like 15th Ave. Adult Theater & The Paris and Oregon Theaters to have a Yahoo Group focused on their adult theaters. Let's make this a success like the others and make this Yahoo Group something to be proud of in the adult theater community.