Thursday, May 12, 2016

Flash Report! GK Arbee Hit the Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi in February 2016

Doc here, a man who some say spent most of his youth hoping to become one day a goomba, with a Flash report from a February Biloxi trip by senior Journal scribe GK Arbee.

Take it away GK!



I'm going to give the best rundown I can for my time at the adult theater in Biloxi over a weekend in February. I do appreciate the mention earlier that week for folks to attend! Not sure Biloxi is that great of a visit anymore however...

On to Saturday (Friday's visit was unremarkable)...

I decided to let the bad events of the night before leave my mind and went to the theater early Saturday afternoon! I got into a lengthy conversation with the guy behind the counter and he had been given word of my visit from your site. Everybody was wondering just who GK. Arbee was... He told me that he had received quite a few phone calls from couples wondering if it was "busy" tonight. He told them it should be a fun evening so come on down to the theater!!

For the most part it was pretty slow, from 5pm to 9pm, only 2 couples came in, got creeped out by the "Whack Patrol" and left. Finally at 9, a couple came in. She was a HOTT HOTT older blonde lady I would say in her early 40's and she was dressed to play. I guess the guy at the counter "described" her to me, so they came in the theater and she sat down right next to me. Woohoo!! Her man said "Lets go over to the couch, she wants to give you something!". 

Didn't have to ask me twice! Her guy said that she wants to give me "whatever I want!". The theater was jam packed with patrons. Only one other couple in there at the time and they were not playing...
Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS

I opted for her to give me a dirty nasty face fucking messy blowjob!. She said "ohh my favorite, but please don't cum in my eye!"... She gave me "world class head" for about 10 minutes, but was getting grabbed, moved, and manhandled by the others in the theater. Her man finally told everyone to back off. She was not pleased by the way her man had handled the situation. She then snuggled up really close to me and started talking really dirty in my ear. She told me she wanted to watch me jack off, and when I was about to cum she was going to rub it all over her face. Well, she talked so dirty in my ear.. it didn't take long and I was spurting all over the place.

She didn't let me cum all over her face, but took my hands, covered in my own juice, and licked them clean. It was very hott and erotic.

They got up and left after that, but did come back 3 or 4 more times that night, but never played. They were waiting for someone, who never showed I guess.
The only other action at the theater (other than the confused and TV/TS crowd) was when 2 young couples came in about 30 minutes before closing time. Both ladies were there only to play with their guys. 

All in all, I had fun on Saturday night. I just wish that guys would learn to mind their manners and wait to be "asked" to play.

It seems that all the local couples no longer go there for fun. You can still partake in "this thing of ours" but you have to be very patient and lucky. But now, it seems that spending endless hours at the theater in Biloxi is even getting more difficult to do.

Thanks for the help on this one Good Dr.

Your name is widely known in Biloxi, as I am spreading the word of your blog everywhere I go!

Happy Hunting,

GK. Arbee


Doc here again... Many thanks to GK Arbee for the update on the Biloxi theater scene. This report echoes what I have been hearing for awhile now, that the crowd there is a real mixed bag nowadays, and can be aggressive on certain nights.

Gents...Calm the fuck down, be patient, and good things will probably happen. Please and thank you.

Keep the reports coming GK, and thanks again for spreading the word about The Journal!