Monday, June 6, 2016

Couple's Flash Report! Avid Annie and Michael Hit the School's Out Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 5/21/16 (with PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say was trained at a school for ninjas back in the 1980's, only to defect back to the USA just in time for the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island and taking a solid third place. 

I love when new couples join the ranks of Journal reporters, and today we welcome the lovely Avid Annie and her guy, Michael

They attended the School's Out Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on Saturday May 21st, and have filed this report.  I was hosting the event, and her account is right on point. Picture perfect one might say...

Speaking of pics, Avid Annie supplied some very nice pics to your old friend in the white suit and aviators to add some eye candy. 

Here we go...  Please welcome Avid Annie and her report!



 Michael and I had been planning our visit for about a month. Because we live almost 5 hours away from the theater, it always takes a little extra planning for us to attend. We have been to the theater about 10 times over the past year and have had great experiences there, so the extra planning has always been well worth it. This trip was extra special, because we were going to attend the May schoolgirl party.

Avid Annie
After making the drive and checking into the hotel, Michael and I ate dinner together and relaxed for awhile before getting ready for the party. After getting dressed and packing our bag, we headed over to the theater for some fun. The hotel we stay at is only about 10 minutes from the theater, however the ride always seems longer because of the growing excitement and increasing dampness between my legs.

When we walked into the theater, we were welcomed by Doc, as well as the rest of the front desk staff. We made our way into the party room and I was pleased to see others dressed in their schoolgirl outfits, just like I was. Every costume seemed to have it's own unique feature...some girls had ribbons in their hair, some girls were wearing sexy glasses, and some girls had thigh high nylons. 

Avid Annie
My unique accessory was a large lollipop Michael gave me. I carried it around all night and occasionally teased some men by pretending to lick it seductively. After we drank a few drinks and made small talk with some other couples for a bit, the sexy costume contest began. I became more and more turned on as we watched the gorgeous women on stage. After the contest, we decided to move over to the theater for awhile.
When we went into the theater, we sat down in the couples section and watched several different couples playing. 

The longer we watched, the more excited I got. Within a couple of minutes of us sitting down, my top came down and my legs slowly spread, giving Michael full access to me. He reached his hand down and began to slowly finger my now dripping wet pussy. I'm not exactly sure how long it took, but I'm guessing it took less than 1 minute for me to have my first of many orgasms that night. Michael and I played a little more and then went outside to cool off and get fresh air.

Avid Annie
While we were outside, Michael told me it was time to please others. Now, I should probably tell you a bit about us. Michael is my Dom and I am his submissive. We have been together for a little over a year and he is training me to be his perfect slut. And while he has had me serve him (and others) in a variety of ways, this was by far one of the more nerve-wrecking ways for me. 

Before we made the trip to the theater, Michael explained his expectations of me. Essentially, he wanted me going into the theater alone and play with some men, while he watched from the back of the theater. I'm not sure I've ever felt more nervous and excited about something at the same time, as I did about that.
Avid Annie

After taking a few minutes to freshen up, I walked into the theater alone. I sat on the singles side of the theater, in an aisle seat. There were a few couples playing in the couples section, so much of the attention in the room was focused that way. 

After a few minutes of me nervously squirming in my seat, a man walked up next to where I was sitting and began rubbing himself. I looked up at him and asked if I could play with him. He immediately said yes, pulled his pants down and moved closer to me. I only rubbed him for a couple of seconds before other men wanted to join in. I did my best to keep up with the guys, taking one in each hand and one in my mouth. I switched men every few seconds in an attempt to keep all of them happy, however I knew I would never be able to get to them all. 

Avid Annie
I didn't count how many were there, but Michael informed me later that about 15 guys were standing around me, trying to get their turn in. After about 10 minutes of me playing with the men, Michael said my name, walked over to me, and we exited the theater together. Once outside, I took a few deep breaths and composed myself. Michael told me he was proud of me, and it was at that moment that I realized that despite all of the nerves I had, the whole experience turned out to be amazing, not to mention even more of a turn on for me than I expected.

Michael and I stayed at the theater almost until closing time that night. We alternated between going in the party room and the theater and it seemed like every location we went to, there was always some type of action going on. We met another couple in the theater and played with them for awhile. 
Avid Annie

Michael and I also spent some time playing alone in the theater, as we always enjoy putting on a show for the voyeurs. We finished the night off by spending some time in the sauna, relaxing and talking about what a great night we had. When we left the party, we were both completely spent and completely satisfied. Like each of our previous visits to the theater, this trip was another enjoyable experience. 

Thank you again Doc for throwing the party and being a wonderful host. We look forward to seeing you again soon!



Doc here again... Many thanks goes out to Avid Annie for her first report here at The Journal!  Hot stuff my dear.... Keep the cards and letters coming!  

Doctor's orders!