Saturday, May 27, 2017

Flash Reports! Anaconda Goes Coast to Coast from PA to Vegas in May 2017

Doc here, a man who some say might, just might, be America's number 5 rated motivational speaker, with a coast to coast report from senior Journal reporter Anaconda.

Anaconda visited Cinema 309 in Wilkes-Barre, PA, as well as Adult World in Las Vegas. Two theaters, two time zones, similar cir-cum-stances. 

Take it away Anaconda!


Hey Doc! Please find below my account of 2 recent theater visits....1 in the Eastern Time Zone...1 in the Pacific.

Part 1 of my report comes to you from Cinema 309 in Wilkes Barre, PA. I arrived about 6:30 on Friday evening. This is normally much too early for this location, but anytime I get to be at a theater on a Friday or Saturday night, I get there as early as I can and stay as long as possible. On this particular evening though, there was a little action ongoing as I walked in. I let my eyes adjust and quickly realized that although there was a couple in the theater, & the scene was very tame. 
Cinema 309
Wilkes-Barre, PA

The lady of the couple had handpicked 1 man to give a handjob to in tandem with her man, 1 cock in each hand. They were very clear that no one else should approach and several of us watched from a distance although there was not too much to see. Once the men had reached their climax, the 3-some chatted a bit and then the couple left the theater. 

Around 8:30, couple #2 walked in. She was a voluptuous, small BBW blonde with a pretty face and very large breasts. They took up residence on the right side of the theater and didn't appear to be doing much more than snuggling. Eventually, they warmed up and there was some fingering and BJ action between the two of them. It's a coin toss @ 309 with the crowd, if they'll be well behaved or not, it's also pretty heavily attended by the gay/bi crowd. So, the guys just can't help themselves, and the crowd gathers. 

First 1 or 2, then more and more gather around, standing and sitting, surrounding them. Some of the men are pairing of with each other while watching in close proximity. The couple CLEARLY get a bit skeeved out and they get up and move to the middle of the theater. I think to myself, "Take the hint guys, back off, give them a little more space." But no, the crowd seems to think they just wanted to move for no real reason and 90% of the crowd follows them. 

To the credit of this young couple, they just deal with it since no one seemed to be overstepping bounds (attempted touching) apart from the shadowing. I am playing it cool 4-5 rows back just watching to see what develops. I have a good feeling something good is going to happen as long as the peanut gallery doesn't scare them away. I am correct on this occasion but it happened in a way I didn't expect. The woman stood and marched straight to the back wall, engaged in a brief conversation with a gentleman standing there and the touching began. The crowd was on top of the action again in a flash!! 

I rose from my seat this time to get a better look and position since she had actively engaged, but still tried to keep a respectful distance. She turned around and backed onto man #1. While she took his cock from behind, many hands were all over her. She finished with him and pushed her way through some of the crowd in my direction and stopped in front of me. I asked for permission to touch her, which I was granted. Those huge, soft tits felt so nice in my hands and in my mouth. 

She moaned sweetly as I stimulated her nipples. I asked, "Can I touch your pussy too?" and she replied, "Yes, but he's gonna be fucking it in a second so you might want to wait" indicating a young man positioning himself behind her. Sidenote: when she made her way through the crowd a bit she made a comment about needing to get away from the really old guys. The crowd here also tends to have a pretty high average age. Hubby also had to tell one guy in particular to go away multiple times since he wasn't in her preferred age range. 

Guys, I know it can suck sometimes, but women want what they't ruin it for the rest of us. So, I am having a great feel of her boobs while she's getting fucked doggy by guy #2 until he finishes. I ask her if I can be next. Her reply is, "Yes, but I need a break." No problem, I can be patient. They took a seat and I took a seat behind them so I could be easily summoned and nearby when break time was over. 

After a few minutes I began to get a bad feeling that the break might end up being permanent, just a gut feeling. Sadly, I ended up being right. She started getting back into some of her clothes that had been either fully or partially removed for the previous play, and I leaned in and asked if she was sure she wouldn't like a little more fun before heading out, but she graciously declined. I am pretty certain that she DID want to play some more, but DID NOT want it to be in the middle of a pushy, overly aggressive crowd of men she wasn't into. They left and I was right behind as it was nearly closing time. So close, yet so far away.

So, onto a more positive note from the left coast. Work brought me to Sin City for the week and I was determined to fit in at least 1 theater visit among a VERY busy meeting schedule. My best opportunity would be Monday night, and I chose to head to Adult World, proclaimed by the good Doctor as "best in Vegas" and from which a very hot report was filed by our friend Stunt Slut Simone not long ago. 

I finished my work obligations as quickly as possible and arrived at Adult World around 9PM. I paid my $8 entry fee and began the recon. Entering the theater, you are on the gay/bi/tranny side, 3 decent sized screens, all on the same wall. Turn left and walk to the other half of the room (partitioned by a wall, but not really "separated") and you find an identical set-up playing straight porn on 3 screens. The seating is a hodge podge of a couple leather futons, plastic lawn chairs and other old wooden chairs. I sat patiently and watched and waited....all dudes. 
Adult World
Las Vegas
 I don't ever expect to find women/couples in the booth area, but I always make a round or 2 "just in case." There are plenty of booths, but only 2-3 with glory holes, and half of them have only 1/2 doors where you can see who's inside from the waist down. On my "leg stretching excursion" I also decided to check out Craigslist to see if there was any chatter, maybe I had to change venues, who knows. But wait, my fortunes turn. There is a post on Craigslist saying that woman will be arriving about 10PM and looking for loads!! I look at my watch...9:55...BINGO!!! Back into the theater I go. 10...10:30...women always take longer to get ready than they say it will.'s ok, woman's prerogative to be later than stated...or is it just another BS Craigslist post? register (yes, you can hear everything through the thin walls) door opens...Craigslist couple enters. HOORAY!!! 

A pretty African American woman with an amazingly exaggerated hourglass figure...huge tits, slender in the middle, sexy wide hips and a bubble butt to go along with a pretty face. They did a very quick once over of the theater population and went back out to see the booths. I gave them a minute or 2 head start and then went to see what they had gotten into/were planning to get into. I found them in the one and only booth without a door, she was bent over at the waist giving him a highly skilled BJ. I kept a respectful distance and watched. Other guys were coming around, watching briefly and moving on, running laps. One guy though, very boldly walked into the small room "cutting me in line" to get a closer luck. Fortune favors the bold sometimes I suppose, because he was immediately invited to share in her BJ skills. 
Stunt Slut Simone at Adult World
Las Vegas, NV
That twin blowjob lasted about 5-10 minutes, then the 2nd guy suited up and entered her from behind while she continued to blow her man. He was clearly not educated on theater etiquette as he was carefully controlling his tempo and rhythm as if he wanted to fuck her for hours and delay his orgasm. I was stroking while watching and her man asked me if I was ready to give her a load. I said, "Not yet, but I'd really like a turn in that guy's spot," indicating the marathon man. Marathon man got booted and I was instructed to take his place. I put on my cover and positioned myself behind her and pushed in. 

This woman was here for loads though. She dealt with the first guy fucking her for probably 15 minutes without the payoff she was seeking and she was compensating with me. After only 1 or 2 minutes she was begging for a cum shower. So I pulled out, she got on her knees and I removed the condom and stroked for her. A minute or 2 of this and I let her know it was on its way, and I unloaded my cum all over her giant tits which she was holding up and together as a target. None of the other guys were sticking around to watch, just cycling around, so the couple collected themselves and decided to try the theater again, and I followed. They sat on the futon and she immediately went down on him and began another expert BJ. 

She spread her lags for all of us to check out her smooth shaved pussy and began rubbing herself. This woman clearly had a "type" since some men were told not to touch except for relatively innocent leg/ass rubbing, but another guy was allowed to fuck her bareback and give her a creampie. The guy was continually asking for the men (all with dicks out stroking watching the show) to cum on her, but no one would!! It was all a bit surreal!! He asked me if I was ready to give her #2, and I responded by expressing my desire to sample her oral talents, and suggested that might accelerate the timeline to my second donation. My request was declined. Huh? Oh well, ok, keep stroking. I eventually reached my happy place again and gave her a second load. 

The crowd here I think is also heavily gay/bi, although none of them were engaging each other, they also weren't engaging this woman and unable to get off for her. But the coupe de gras was shocking and I thought I was gonna see someone get knocked out. 

The male half of the couple has been getting sucked off the whole time, about an hour or so, and delaying his own orgasm for some kind of grand finale when he knew the night was coming to an end. So shortly after I blew my second load, and clearly, none of the other guys were interested in satisfying her desires, the man stops resisting and his explosion starts building. 

Closer, closer, closer...and just before he's gonna unload in his woman's talented mouth, the guy watching, sitting next to him reaches over and grabs his cock!!! WTF!!! And him and I both said it immediately and out loud!! I've never seen such a swift exit from an adult theater. The male half of the couple had to recover a bit and it took him another 5 minutes or so to get back to launch status. He finished and his lady took every drop down her throat. They composed themselves and left shaking their heads and muttering their displeasure as they walked out.

Guys, be patient and respectful...don't body language and follow directions. If you feel and act like you're only in this for yourself, do us all a favor and stay home. You will always end up disappointed and ruining other people's experiences.



Doc here again... Many thanks to Anaconda to the coast to coast report!  Well done, sir!

There is a common thread exposed here, etiquette-wise: Unless this happened and was not reported, the male-half of the couples in question did not make it clear they were the Alphas in the room. In The Good Doctor's experience, if the Alpha states the ground rules (and consequences for non-compliance), most of this confusion doesn't take place. However, if the inmates are running the asylum, all bets are off and the scene is often ruined to some degree by the lowest common denominator. And by "denominator", I mean knucklehead.

Human nature dictates that more times than not, people will do what they are told to do if done forcefully, yet respectfully. And this is none more apparent than in this thing of ours

Carry on.