Monday, August 14, 2017

8 Questions from The Good Doctor: Chapter 4 - Mrs. Sexual Athlete! (w/7 PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say ran a beagle day care center in Central Massachusetts  named "The Bark Knight" in early 2015.  I lost my lease, and realized that I was the beagle day care center Gotham needed, just not right now. 

Welcome to Chapter 4 of "8 Questions from the Good Doctor". In this chapter, The Good Doctor interviews one of his closest female friends in this thing of ours, Mrs. Sexual Athlete!  She, along with her terrific hubby, Mr. Sexual Athlete, have become an important part of The Journal of Adult Theater's rise to prominence. How, you may ask?

With this photo taken of them by The Good Doctor himself, taken at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford in 2015. It was used to help illustrate the article published in Penthouse Magazine titled "All Cummers Welcome", in which The Good Doctor was interviewed. 
Mrs. Sexual Athlete with Mr. Sexual Athlete
(In the balcony of the mighty Art Cinema)
The Good Doctor has done several photo shoots with The Sexual Athletes, and you'll see several of them illustrating this interview. (All of the images are Copyright 2014 and 2015 by The Journal of Adult Theaters. All rights reserved.)

The body on Mrs. Sexual Athlete is like a Greek Goddess, and simply amazing to behold. 

Enjoy Chapter 4 of "8 Questions from the Good Doctor - Mrs. Sexual Athlete"!

Mrs. Sexual Athlete
The Good Doctor: When was your first trip to an adult theater?
Mrs. Sexual Athlete: March 2013

Doc: Which adult theater did you attend, and who were you with (if anyone at all)?
MSA: Art Cinema, Hartford, CT, with husband, Mr. Sexual Athlete
Doc: On a scale of 1-10 how anxious/scared/nervous were you on your first adult theater trip?
MSA: A 9. I was extremely nervous. I'd never been to an adult theater. Thankfully it was a weekday and it was freezing outside. We were pretty much the only ones in the place at the time. 

Doc: What did you do sexually on that first visit?
MSA: I remember we got naked in the balcony. I walked downstairs naked as well. We just walked around. There might have been a couple of guys down there. They just watched. We then went back upstairs and fucked up against the railing.

Doc: What is the most intriguing thing to you about adult theaters?
MSA: The mystery of not knowing who is going to be there each time we go. In addition, it is amazing how the men react when I go downstairs. At first it unnerved me. They looked like lions stalking prey. But they kept their distance until either I or Mr. SA relayed the ground rules. I love the comments they make as I strip naked for them. 

Doc: What is the most surprising thing to you that you can share with other women thinking about going to an adult theater for the first time?
MSA: It will be natural to be uneasy. Assert yourself if need be. I would advise you go with your husband/boyfriend/FB. He can run interference for you. A few stern words can keep things from getting out of hand. You are in charge. If you feel the least bit uncomfortable, just get up and leave.
Doc: What is the most erotic scene you have personally been involved in while at an adult theater?
MSA: I have a young boy toy I see every few weeks. A couple of years ago we went to the Art Cinema together. We went downstairs and started to play with each other and some of the guys down there. As I started sucking the cock of one of these "strangers", I realized that his cock seemed familiar to me. I looked up and saw that I was, in fact, sucking my hubby's cock. He had snuck in while I was otherwise engaged. What transpired next was sheer lust. He fucked me right there on the floor while I sucked my boy toy and some of the other men. I was drenched in cum at the end of the visit.

Doc: What is the most erotic scene you have witnessed at an adult theater?
MSA: Too numerous to mention here. Unfortunately, the stage at the front of the Art Cinema theater is inaccessible. Mr SA and I would dearly love to play on that stage one of these days. 
Bonus Questions!

Doc: What is your favorite adult theater you have attended?
MSA: The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT. of course.

Doc: Did The Journal of Adult Theaters help you in this adventure in any way (be honest)?
MSA: Yes it has. We normally consult it anytime we travel. 
Doc: Do you have an adult theater fantasy you have that has yet to be achieved, and what is it?
MSA: We have done pretty much done everything (at the Art anyway). We are total exhibitionists. We love getting naked and just walking around the theater. 

Doc: When is your next trip to an adult theater?
MSA: We just moved to Lexington, Kentucky. We hear (via Doc's site) that there a couple of theaters here. We would like to know if they are as couple friendly as the Art Cinema or Berlin News Agency. You can message us on SLS HERE . 

We are also going to The Art Cinema in the Fall (the weekend of October 5th, 2017). Look for a Visit Announcement from Doc.


Doc here again... Many, many thanks to Mrs. Sexual Athlete for answering all my questions, and for being that insatiable, naughty hotwife that men only dream about!

On a personal note, here is one of my favorite personal moments with Mrs. Sexual Athlete, taken in 2015.  She was assisting me in putting swag bags together for an Art Cinema Back to School event. She was very distracting...
She is also a sweetheart!  Thanks for everything during my trips to the East Coast!

Stay tuned for Chapter 5 of "8 Questions with The Good Doctor". This next girl is a very naughty slut, so get ready!