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ICYMI: 8 Questions from The Good Doctor" - Chapter 2: The Mysterious Maya (w/6 NEW PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say is a candy-colored clown they call The Sandman, with Chapter 2 of The Good Doctor's newest feature here at The Journal, "8 Questions from The Good Doctor"

In Chapter 1, we met the amazing San Diego Smokeshow, a newcummer to this thing of ours, who gave us insight into her introduction to the scene several months ago.  And it was glorious. She even was kind enough to share some never-before seen pics of her with us. 

So kids, gather round your old friend in the white suit and aviators, and let me introduce you to one of the most exotic women I know in this thing of ours.  Her experiences are international, and her naughtiness is exceptional. Whether it's a lifestyle club in the southern US, a luxury cruise liner on the Atlantic, or deep underground club in Amsterdam, she has seen it and done them.

The Mysterious Maya has been one of my longest-running and consistent reporters to The Journal, offering her acute insight into the dark corners of the lifestyle and the adult theater scene from her unique POV. And now it's her turn to answer "8 Questions from The Good Doctor", as well as show us some rarely published images of her and some of her naughty playmates (Please click the thumbnails to ENLARGE).

Additionally, The Mysterious Maya would also love to hear from you... Her e-mail is swgirl1978@yahoo.com . 
"8 Questions from The Good Doctor"
Chapter 2: The Mysterious Maya

The Good Doctor:Which adult theater did you first attend, when, and who were you with (if anyone at all)? 

The Mysterious Maya: Late December 1996 to Deenies Hideaway in South Florida, on a Sunday. By myself, with two shots of vodka. (ed. note: Deenies Hideaway closed in November of 2016, and was an on-premises members only lifestyle club.)

The Mysterious Maya
(as are all images in this article)
Doc: On a scale of 1-10 how anxious/scared/nervous were you on your first adult theater trip? 
MM: At least a 9 until I saw they served lunch. Guys where playing pool, and when I took my clothes off and walked around with a towel, & saw people around a large jacuzzi or in a pool outside in the back, all relaxed. Then the towel came down. Somewhat.
Doc: What did you do sexually on that first visit? 
MM:  STARED!! Lots of naked bodies, and being the youngest girl there (just turned 18), some showed off their stuff. Was approached by a few, but struggled. Went to Jacuzzi and a guy sat besides me, and without a word took my hand and put it on his hard, beautiful cock underwater.  He touched and kissed me, and asked if I wanted to go to a little side room right there or upstairs to the orgy room. In my ignorance, I said I wanted to stay downstairs. Upstairs it was mostly couples, downstairs was small, had a curtain, and single guys where allowed. He mounted me, others came in, and he encouraged them to touch.  Cloud Nine, felt like my brain was wrapped up in cotton, intense sensations, lots of moaning. The rest is history.

Doc: What is the most surprising thing to you that you can share with other women thinking about going to an adult theater for the first time? 
MM: Friendliness and a lack of pressure.  In a place like Deenies you can expect some socializing, in  a theater not, men just come and play, take their turns. But with very very few exceptions respectful. I would believe most of us girls will give the same kind of answer.

Doc: What is the most erotic scene you have personally been involved in while at an adult theater? 
MM: Totally dark room in a club in Atlanta. Lots of guys standing around,  followed me when I walked in, surrounding me. Took what must have been 20/30 seconds until was penetrated.  Standing in the middle, was passed around while they tried to get to me.  Somewhat scary yes, just a step or two before becoming really uncomfortable, but I had very intense orgasms. Then discovered they a had small couch, so I laid on my back and served there for a full hour or so.

Doc: What is the hottest scene you have witnessed at an adult theater? 
MM: A mess of several girls and guys piled up, no way to know who was doing what with who. Dove straight into it myself.

Doc: What is an adult theater fantasy you have that has yet to be achieved? 
MM: This something I've never seen happen before, and will most probably remain in the fantasy clouds. It is a S&M session. A master directing and several guys participating. Some could of course just be voyeurs, but hopefully many would be into it and be part of the disciplining. In the theater, no chat, the men just going for me. Master very attentive to my safe word, anything goes, but knowing it can be controlled if necessary.

Doc: What is your favorite adult theater you have attended, and when are you going back to an adult theater? 
MM: Birmingham, UK. Basically non-stop. Two girls who worked there, and about 15 guys. As soon as owner saw I was game, offered one of the girls the evening off, and me being the new girl got lots of great attention

One in an area called Once in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Gays and bisexual guys who go to get off lunch time or after work hours. Sleazy place, intense man smells,  genetic females don't visit very often. Close your eyes, think dirty, and that's about how it went.


Doc here again... My many, many thanks to The Mysterious Maya for her candidness in answering these probing questions for us.  Oh, and for the delicious images too!

The Mysterious Maya would also love to hear from you... Her e-mail is swgirl1978@yahoo.com . 

So which one of your favorite adult theater ladies would you like to answer "8 Questions"?  Message me on Twitter @LizardoJournal or e-mail me HERE with your suggestions.

Chapter 3 coming soon...