Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Couple's Flash Report! Semper Fi with Hawaiian Eyeful as She Hits Fantasy Video in Beaverton, OR - April 2017 w/ PICS and VIDEO!

Doc here, a man who some say will (if asked nicely), make a "2 Giraffes Mating" balloon animal for a sexy woman.  However, I know a very sexy woman who makes them better than I...

Dear readers, I have a treat for you this evening.  In my Mount Rushmore of adult theater legendary ladies, you will find my very good friend, Hawaiian Eyeful!  Sexy. Exotic. Naughty. Talented. Fun. The total package!  So when an opportunity to publish a Hawaiian Eyeful Report comes around, I'll drop my Manwhich and edit this bad boy.
The Hawaiian Eyeful
In this Couples Flash Report, Hawaiian Eyeful, her hubby Mr. Eyeful, and a strapping Marine get fired up Fantasy Video in Beaverton, OR. And the pics following are from that encounter!

(All images courtesy Hawaiian Eyeful 2017. All rights reserved)


Dear Doc,

I met a Marine online, whom I will refer to as Bray. He had expressed his fantasy was to fuck me in an ABS store, while other guys watched. Since, it had been a year since I last enjoyed a threesome, my husband and I arranged to meet him after work.

I put on a garter, black stockings, five inch red pumps and slid on a skin-tight black sheer dress with a plunging neckline. Ready and dressed to kill, we drove off to meet him. Our timing could not have been more perfect. As we got out of our car at Beaverton’s Fantasy Video, there stood Bray. Taller than I remembered, I greeted with a hug. Ready to fulfill Bray’s fantasy, the three of us walked thru the doors and headed straight downstairs to the video rooms.

We picked the largest room and at the men’s urging, and I slowly stripped off my clothes while the other men in the ABS hallway watched. My husband and Bray stripped also and put a few bucks in the video machine to keep the owners happy. 

Dropping to my knees, I started sucking Brays big cock and licking his balls. After a few minutes of this my husband reminded me that Bray hadn’t yet gotten to feast on my tits. So, like a good girl, I rose to my feet and stuck first one nipple and then the other in Bray’s mouth. As he squeezed and sucked my tits, my pussy juices began to flow down my legs.
Dropping to my knees again, I started sucking both men’s cocks alternately until they became quite hard. My husband then lifted me and bent me over Bray’s cock which I continued to suck as he began fucking me from behind. 
Meanwhile, the men in the hallway stood stroking themselves while watching my husband pound me while all the time Bray’s cock was down my throat. After a few minutes of me having orgasm after orgasm, my husband pulled out, and told me to lay down on the room’s couch. Bray got on top of me and fucked me silly while my husband filmed. He then stood up and started stroking his cock and with his other hand began playing with my pussy. 

Squeezing my own tits, and feeling the excitement building up, I began moaning in passion. As he continued to stroke himself, I knew it would be just a matter of time before I would feel his juices. Next thing you know, I heard and felt his cum being released all over my tits. Taking my fingers, I then smeared his warm and wet cum all over myself.
Spent, I laid there resting for a few minutes as my husband and Bray dressed. Unfortunately, the onlookers, who were lining up for their turn, they would have to wait for my next visit. I had fucked enough. Calling it a night, I quickly dressed and we headed to our separate homes.
Although my visits are far and few between, I look forward to my next trip to an adult book store where I can indulge my fantasies.

Sweet Dreams …

The Hawaiian Eyeful


Doc here again... Many, many thanks to the awesome Hawaiian Eyeful for the great report, awesome pics, and the HOT video!  I know about you, the good readers of The Journal, but I can never get enough of Hawaiian Eyeful!

Stay tuned...