Monday, November 7, 2011

Field Report: Knight Reports On Pembroke Adult Books in Bethlehem, PA

Doc here with a Field Report from regular contributor Knight on Pembroke Adult Books in Bethlehem, PA.  This is another theater/ABS I have heard nothing about, so this report is very enlightening.

Here is Knight and his review of Pembroke Adult Books...


Field Report:
Pembroke Adult Books, 1162 Pembroke Rd, Bethlehem, PA 18017

The place is called Pembroke because it's on Pembroke ave just outside of Bethleham Pa about one mile north from the Sands Casino (across the bridge and up Stefko then right on Pembroke). The place is also called The Green Door because it has a green door for entry. The building is a one story brick with a flat roof. There are NO markings or signage at all. It's about 1/4 mile up the hill on the right once you turn on to Pembroke from Stefko, there is an empty lot to the right of it with a chain link fence surrounding it. You pay $12 for entry.

The place is very clean with 2 large theaters (one gay porn and one straight porn) with stadium seats and a bench in the back. There are 2 semi private rooms with doors that can lock that show bisexual porn, these have long carpeted benches and are great for gang bangs. The whole left wall opposite of the theaters is private booths with glory holes showing both gay and straight.

I searched SLS (swinglifestyle) before I arrived and messaged a few possible single females and told them my plan and asked if they'd like to join me. I am somewhat imposing and said that this would be a chance for them to be in a highly sexually charged, multiple male atmosphere and be totally safe (provided they trusted me!..haha). I found a 21year old bisexual half black/Hispanic coed with a booty that ... well, I know you're imagining something right now.. so yeah, like that.. but tighter and rounder.

I told her that we would meet at a public place first so she could be sure I wasn't a creeper... but I got her so hot with so many emails and pictures leading up to the visit that she told me to just pick her up at her place because she was sooo horny. I said I was gonna check to see just how excited she was even before we said a single word. I pulled up in front of her apt bldg and texted her that I was there...

She came out wearing a tight blue dress that showed all of her curves... She sat in the car and smiled at me. Without a word I leaned over and kissed her while I pushed my hand up under her skirt. I quickly realized how excited she was. Have you ever dipped your fingers into a full can of cling peaches in heavy syrup?...

While we drove to the theater, she informed me that she was a squirter... big time. I said that that was fine because they had tile floors. When we got there we were met by about 10 guys roaming the theater... Some were definitely there for men but at least 5 were straight and followed us wherever we went.

She wanted some alone time with me first so we went into one of the rooms where the door locks. She started by sucking my cock and almost deep-throated the whole thing... she liked it rough. I was fingering her while she sucked me and felt that she was nearing her first orgasm so I sped up my fingering.. she EXPLODED a stream of cum (probably a half cup) onto the floor and wall. I turned her around, covered up and did her doggy to her next orgasm which splattered my thighs.

We then went into the open theater and took a spot in the front row. We had 5 or 6 guys in tow. The movies are shown on large televisions so there was good light in the front. She spread her legs over the seats to the left and right of her so everyone got a good view. I had her suck me then I mounted her and fucked her very hard.. Just as I sensed her ready to orgasm.. I pulled out and finished her with my fingers.. she splattered the shoes of one of the guys who was standing close. They all were mesmerized.

I told her she could pick who she wanted to suck or jack off. She picked 3 guys. One came at her from the side to her mouth while the others stood in the row behind her while she jacked their cocks off. I was in front fucking her. I told the guys that we needed to get her back for making a mess. Within a few minutes her hands and mouth were full of cum.

I recommend this place if you're in the area. The hours are usually 10am to 11pm and I'm told that weekends bring a lot of couples.



Doc here again... Sounds like our friend Knight managed the situation well, between the hot girl, controlling the guys, and the clean-up in aisle 4.  Excellent job sir, and we are standing by on your Tampa trip report.

Do you have an adult theater report?  Just e-mail Jacques Cousteau The Good Doctor at with your report.  I will edit and format the report for you, and drop in a photo or two.  Plus, you get the byline and the glory.