Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Field Report! Orichard on 2 of Portland's Naughtiest Ladies: The Naughty Nasty Cum Sucker and The Naughty Librarian

Doc here, a man who some say practices hot yoga on Tuesday mornings, with a terrific editorial on two of Portland, Oregon's legendary ladies of the adult theater scene: The Naughty Librarian and The Naughty Nasty Cum Sucker.

I have had the good fortune to meet both these ladies on my trips out to Portland over the last ten years or so, and ORichard's report is spot on. The Naughty Nasty Cum Sucker was one of the first of Portland ladies I met in a Biblical sense, back when she was known as (per my colleague Brent's title) as The Plaid Shirt Lady in The Jefferson Theater days. 

The Good Doctor met The Naughty Librarian only last year at The Paris Theatre, and she was checking out books one after another (with each book without a dust jacket).   

But I digress...

It's good to welcome back Portland scribe ORichard to The Journal.  It's been awhile since he filed a report, but this one is a page turner, folks.  One of his first submissions, a profile of The Edgewater West Swingers Hotel near the Oakland Airport in California is still to this day one of the most read reports since I started this dog and pony show back in 2009. And this editorial on these two ladies will warm you to your hot toddys. 

Take it away, ORichard!



This message recaps my experiences over the years with The Naughty Librarian and The Naughty Nasty Cumsucker - two of the most notorious frequent visitors to Portland’s adult theaters:

Both women are always accompanied by their mates. The Cumsucker’s man enjoys sitting and beating his meat while she plays throughout the theater. On occasion, he will engage males, and occasionally the Cumsucker will stroke or suck his cock for brief periods. I’ve never seen him engage another women or screw the Cumsucker. They often chat with each other about the movies or whether the time is right for her to begin moving about the theater. She enjoys watching the male-male action in the little theater, most often from the doorway.

Paris Theater
Portland, OR
She is a next-door-neighbor cute and friendly later middle-aged woman who smiles appreciatively and usually lets the guys know how much she enjoys relieving us of our loads- most often in her mouth- but any hole is game. She enjoys anal and will ask for it on occasion, but her specialty is her sucking ability. I’ve seen her suck ferociously on guys who have lasted more than 20 minutes without releasing until she can eventually make them cum. She’ll just keep sucking harder if you can’t seem to get your nut in a reasonable amount of time. When she’s been working awhile her mouth gets really warm and I love it when she moves from my cock to my balls. Believe me, there is not much more pleasing than a hot mouth sucking on one’s balls! And in that department, she’s the best. 

She likes to be treated somewhat roughly and makes wonderful sounds when her nipples are squeezed and pulled or her vagina is smacked, in particular. Her partner, at times, will be quite rough, and the sounds of pain/delight that she makes can make anyone horny. By the way, she doesn’t like being taken for granted, and asking politely will get you whatever you or she is in the mood for. It’s often a good idea to wait until she shows she’s ready by getting naked.

She is average height, has shortly-cropped jet black hair, an ample ass, and sweet pendulous boobs with nipples always at the ready. She gives tit fucks easily and enjoys guys cumming on her tits. She used to have a thick matt of black pubic hair when she regularly wore plaid shirts- mostly in the Jefferson days, but has since trimmed it back somewhat.

She will appear a couple of days a week just after the opening Paris bell or in the evening usually after the supper hour. Some days it takes her about an hour to get started. And she usually stays a couple of hours. Every so often the pair with appear at the Oregon Theater in the afternoon and take up a couch in the middle of the theater. Again, when she strips down, it’s the best time to offer her your cock. For whatever reason at the OT, she usually takes a while to get started, or doesn’t get started at all- preferring to watch the action. Sometimes she and her man sit in the couples’ section or sometimes they take up a couch. She likes to roam, and if you sit near and are hard and ready, she’ll likely find you and get on her knees.

The Oregon Theater

The Librarian (not her real profession, although she was in a related field) and her man are from another state north of here (partially explaining why such a randy woman appears less frequently than we guys would like). She’s been doing her thing at least since the 70’s when they were in the SF Bay area. Although she’s older, she’s still got a perfect hard round ass and tits more often seen on younger women. She has curly dark hair and wears glasses- explaining her nickname. Her tall hubby often just sits by her and the two compare notes regularly. He rarely whips it out, and when he does, it’s mostly to screw her cum-filled pussy doggy-style between the offerings of the various men present. 

She’s pretty much all-business. She’ll blow guys briefly only to get them hard so she can shag them. Plain and simple- she just wants your cock in her pussy and wants your cum- no rubbers, please. In fact she doesn’t like rubbers at all and will most often refuse to screw guys who are protected. The two are careful to watch the action around them, and if your thing is other guys, she’ll flat tell you you’re not going to get any from her. She’s been barebacking so long that I imagine it’s one of her ways of screening to prevent the most likely STDs, and that it seems to have worked for her. That she appears STD-free is a testament to the relative safety of heterosexual theater sex.

She can screw your sox off and works very hard to make sure you leave your cum behind. Most often, I’ve addled up beside her, pulled out my meat, and pounded it til hard- at which point, she generally leans over to assure maximum hardness with her mouth, and then assumes a comfortable position to get you inside of her always-ready cunt.

She will often start at one theater while they are in town, drain all the willing cocks and then move to the other theater to take on suitable (unsuited) cummers. She is absolutely insatiable, and clearly can never get enough cum in her well-used pussy. I have felt sorry for her from time-to-time when she’s drained every cock in the house and is still ravenous for more.

I suspect she has had more strange cum inside her than any other woman in the history of this thing of ours. I’m only curious how often she has had to resort to antibiotics over the years. She could clearly be the bell weather for the odds of getting an unwanted friend from the activities that go on inside the theaters.

And, by the way, during the summer she and her man like to hang out at the Rooster Rock nude beach. I don’t think I need to elaborate on what they are looking for there besides a tan. Suffice it to say that I’ve enjoyed her favors at all three venues.

Being a seemingly always horny dude, despite my gray hair, I greatly appreciate these two women who are just flat out horny and enjoy the hell out of making us all cum for them. The only thing that surprises me is that there aren’t a hell of a lot more just like them in this thing of ours.

Please add you own experiences with these two magnificent ladies who have given so many of us a great time. Oh, and some of the women on here might want to relate their experiences with them, too. 

May they continue to stay as horny as most of us guys!



Doc here again... Many thanks to ORichard for a great review of these two legendary ladies of the adult theater scene in Portlandia, USA. Great stuff as always, sir.  Keep the cards and letter coming!