Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Field Report! The Cunning Linguist Reviews Doc's Old Stomping Ground: The Western NY Adult Theater Scene

Doc here, a man who some say desperately needs a transfusion of chicken wings from The Anchor Bar and a beef on weck from Andersons, with a check in from my old stomping grounds in Western NY.

Regular Journal scribe The Cunning Linguist has brought us up to date on the two adult theaters in WNY, Video Liquidators #3 & Talk of the Town.

The scene in WNY isn't what it used to be when I was doing my internship back home, where legendary adult theaters like the Niagara Falls CinemaThe Capri Art, and my favorite, Good Time Charlie's ruled the roost.  But, it could be a lot worse, right sir?

So what's new back home? Good news? Bad news? Or just news?

Here we go...Please welcome back to The Journal The Cunning Linguist!


Hello Good Doctor,

It has been some time since I reported for you on the scene from your old stomping grounds.  Rather than describe any individual encounter I'd like to provide a summary of the area's scene.

Video Liquidators #3: This is the VERY LARGE theatre and ABS at 1770 Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo.  Still $15 for both theatres.  It remains hit-or-miss during the day (my usual suit-and-tie time to play) but when it hits, oh boy does it; I have had in the past year sloppy BJs from a Hispanic hottie there with her man, BJs and back-door action from a sub with her dom; and have played with a very cute lady with her man.  There is a particular dom/sub couple that frequents VL and TOTT (see below) but they always seem to be leaving when I pull into the lot.

Talk of the Town: (TOTT) on Connecting Road in Niagara Falls (off of Niagara Falls Blvd.) is more miss than hit; also, word is that the local constables may be patrolling the parking lot so beware of that.  Also $20 gets you the "whole enchilada" (2 theatres and arcade tokens) - which can be a bit steep if the pickings are slim.

Patience is always the key, and being respectable, clean and smart.

Till next time,

The Cunning Linguist


Doc here again...Many thanks to The Cunning Linguist for a nice recap of what is going on in my old backyard of Buffalo/Niagara Falls.  

It would be nice to get some reports from both these theaters, so please e-mail The Good Doctor at  with your report, and I'll do the rest (edit, format, drop in pics) and you get the byline.  I enjoy home cooking.