Friday, January 22, 2016

Couple's Flash Report! The Adventurous MD Couple at Fantasyland 1 in Tampa (w/10 XXX PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say travels on his boat the Argonaut, outmaneuvers villains, salvages everything from a bicycle to a nuclear missile, rescues children trapped in a flooded cave, and even a dog. A frogman first, a Good Doctor a close second.

One of the top highlights of 2015 for The Good Doctor was meeting The Adventurous MD Couple during their trip to Chicago. I had set up a "meat and greet" for them at 15th Ave. Adult Theater, and good, wet times were had by The Black Sox (my gang bang crew) and them.   Ms. Adventurous MD Couple is a smoking hot brunette, with a tight, sexy body and a craving for cum. Mr. Adventurous MD Couple is a great guy and the perfect partner in crime for the Ms. 

When we were wrapping up at the end of the evening at 15th Ave., The Adventurous MD Couple told me of their upcoming trip to Tampa, and my recommendations of a fun place to play.  Of course I recommended the always awesome Fantasyland 1 & 2, and they were off to the races.

Fast forward to last Friday, and they made a mid-day trip to Fantasyland 1, with spectacular results. This report is their best to date, and includes 10 great pics of their scene at FL1, featuring the real Ms. Adventurous MD Couple from that afternoon (click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE them)!

Take it away, The Adventurous MD Couple!


Last Friday at midday, the AdventurousMDCouple visited the Fantasyland 1 Adult Theater in Tampa (visit Fantasyland on Twitter HERE). Wow, what a great experience it turned out to be!

Fantasyland 1
Tampa, FL
We were highly impressed with the facilities at FL1 and it was one of the cleanest theaters we have visited in our short term as purveyors of this thing of ours. We certainly now understand why it consistently ranks so high on Doc’s ratings of best theaters. 

After arriving at FL1, we connected with Joe, a new friend we had met on the FL1 website, and several of his friends. Joe gave us a tour of the facilities including a comfortable billiards room for meeting and conversing with others, a very well-stocked adult emporium, and a spacious and comfortable theater area. 

The theater was connected to a wide variety of private playrooms, including a “fish bowl” room where play can occur while everyone watches through windows from the theater area. The theater and the rooms were outfitted with leather couches. Ms. AdvMDCpl was very happy to see how clean everything was and there was plenty of room for playtime. We didn’t venture into the area with gloryholes while we were there but they are also available at FL1.
Ms. AdvMDCpl was decked out in a short and sexy tight fitting miniskirt which was fishnet in the midriff to allow lots of skin to show. In her high heels she looked like a million dollars and it was apparent that the men in the theater were very appreciative of her efforts to look sexy. Ms AdvMDCpl loves to put on a little exhibitionist show in the theater to get things started and this trip to FL1 was no different. 

Sitting on a leather couch with me in the front row of the theater we watched a bit of the adult movie to relax and get warmed up. While I rubbed my hands over her thighs and arms on one side of her, our new friend Joe rubbed her on the other side. Ms. AdvMDCpl slowly spread her legs and leaned back in the couch to enjoy the touching. Reaching between her legs where her lace panties covered her pussy, she slowly began to play with her clit through the lace and rub her hands over her breasts which were still covered by the top of her skirt. Soon Ms. AdvMDCpl was surrounded by a large number of men. Four or five guys were behind her, two (including myself) were sitting on either side of her, and more were standing on the stage area in front of her. 

Ms AdvMDCpl slid her panties aside to expose her shaved pussy and the guys in front were offered a great view of her wet pussy with her fingers dancing over her clit. The guys behind the couch began to slide their hands under the top of her skirt and massaged her breasts. At one point I counted five sets of hands on her chest and another five touching her legs. It wasn’t long before the guys slid the straps down over her arms and exposed her breasts. Joe offered her a finger to suck and she expertly sucked on his finger giving everyone a great idea of what it would look like when she started sucking on cocks. Hands reached in from every direction to touch Ms AdvMDCpl while she played with herself. 

Joe and I continued massaging her thighs as she slowly brought herself to her first orgasm of the day. Unfortunately the guys began to get a bit overly aggressive and it came time to separate from the crowd and retire to a private room where Ms AdvMDCpl could have some fun.

Although we were moving to a private area, Ms AdvMDCpl decided she wanted to continue providing a good show for everyone, so we went to the fish bowl room to play with Joe and three of his friends. In that room, the rest of the guys could watch the fun through the window and Ms. AdvMDCpl didn’t need to worry about letting loose with just the guys she wanted to play with. The select guys soon had their hard cocks in hand and Ms. AdvMDCpl took her time sucking them into her warm mouth, making them harder as she slowly licked and sucked on them. 

I was able to watch her highly erotic play and snap some nice pictures of her in action with the guys after getting their approval to take pictures. The action was hot and got even hotter as the day wore on. After sucking all of the guys to a super hard state, the fucking began. One by one the guys slid their hard cocks into her wet and hot pussy and fucked her, enjoying how Ms. AdvMDCpl fucked them back and talked dirty to them as she gets increasingly turned on. Ms. AdvMDCpl is very verbal so the guys had no doubt that things were feeling good inside her. 

It’s always a turn on for me to see her getting fucked hard while stroking a cock or two and having another cock in her mouth. I get hot thinking about how I will get my turn to fuck her after watching her fuck lots of other guys. Ms. AdvMDCpl really enjoyed fucking while a crowd of guys watched her from through the theater window, turning her on even more than she was from the hot action.

After a while of good sucking and fucking in lots of different positions in the fish bowl, the room began to get a bit hot from all the bodies and vigorous action, so Ms. AdvMDCpl decided it was time to move to another room. Unfortunately the guys in the theater weren’t able to watch further but the new room offered more room allowing many more positions for Ms AdvMDCpl to fuck. 

I then got to watch her climb on top of the guys and ride their cocks with other cocks in her mouth and hands. Then she got on her hands and knees and took a hard fucking doggy style while sucking on the other guys. While she is on her hands and knees it is always great to watch her breasts swinging back and forth as she gets fucked. She spread her legs and laid flat on the footrests to get fucked missionary style with her legs up in the air and spread wide. 

Ms AdvMDCpl went through many positions and lots of fucking and sucking before she and the guys decided it was time for some cum. It wasn’t long before she had four loads of hot cum on her sexy face. The first one came as one of the guys straddled her chest like he was going to slide his cock between her breasts, but stroked his cock until a hot load of cum landed on Ms. AdvMDCpl’s nose and upper lip. 

It was great to listen to her moan as the hot pulses of cum shot onto her face and ran over her lips and chin. A great string of cum reached between her top and bottom lips as she opened her mouth to moan making for some great views. The other guys shot from above her head and from the side, covering her face in hot white cum. The guys obviously enjoyed being able to shoot their cum on her face (what guy doesn’t?) after a good session of fucking and sucking. 

I certainly enjoy seeing my well fucked wife covered in the cum of many other guys when she is lying there relaxed and well taken care of. Soon the guys were getting dressed and heading out of the room saying their "see you laters".

Ms. AdvMDCpl washed the cum off her face and out of her eyes and she and I headed back into the theater for some quality us time. In her sexy dress with no panties or bra, she sat down beside me and sucked me until I was hard. Some of the guys came over to watch and reached out to touch her but she told them this was our time and they should just watch. After some great sucking she stood up and while facing the crowd of guys she sat down on my hard cock. It slid easily inside her very wet and used pussy all the way to the base. Once fully inserted she began to slide her pussy up and down on my shaft – anyone that has been lucky enough to fuck Ms AdvMDCpl knows how her pussy squeezes your cock when it is inside her. 

Between the easy sliding of the cock inside her, her constant squeezing of my cock with her pussy, and the fact that I had just watched my wife fuck and suck on 4 guys who then shot their cum all over her face, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I shot my load deep inside her pussy. Still it was fun to watch the guys in the theater getting another great view of her fucking me and admiring the show while she faced them and she was able to watch them stroking. 

Soon Ms. AdvMDCpl began to cum with me inside her and the pulsing of her pussy sent me over the edge at the same time. I flooded her pussy with my cum and then we both relaxed back into the chair with our juices mingling. Soon she had to get up from my lap and the cum leaked out of her pussy and ran down her thighs and dripped onto my cock. The cum dripping from her pussy was a hot sight from my viewpoint behind her – seeing her ass lifting off my cock with the juices dripping out as she stood up.

After a quick clean up in the bathroom, we were on our way back to the beach in Clearwater and talking about the fun we had. Later we were able to look at all the hot sexy pictures from the midday fun and have some hot evening sex together. Fantasyland 1 will definitely be on our to-do list with every trip we take to Tampa. We’d also like to note that we enjoyed being able to meet some guys to play with through the Fantasyland website. Ms. AdvMDCpl prefers to chat with guys before arriving at the theater and the FL website facilitates the ability to do that very nicely. We were able to meet Joe and his group well in advance of our trip by posting on their website, making a fun time guaranteed. 

A big thanks to the guys that took great care of Ms. AdvMDCpl – you know who you are! As usual though many of the single guys that were “definitely” going to meet us at the theater were no shows which is unfortunate. Who misses out on a sure thing like that? 

Anyhow, the AdventurousMDCouple are looking forward to our next trip to an area with a theater and it looks like we may be in Hartford in the next couple of months for some fun. Or maybe business will, take us to Berlin, NJ, or to Chicago for a visit with the Doc. We look forward to continue to experience this thing of ours!



Doc here again... Wow, that was a great Couple's Flash Report! Many thanks to The Adventurous MD Couple for the detail-rich report, and the terrific pics from Tampa's #1 adult theater, Fantasyland (address info located in the Adult Theater dB). I may need to set up a satelite office in Tampa, between the visits of The Adventurous MD Couple and Jean & Scott. 

Keep up the great reports Adventurous MD Couple, and I look forward to seeing you guys soon!