Friday, January 22, 2016

Field Report: Loft 18 in Toronto, Canada by Jayan_Ravi123

Doc here, a man who some say spent many afternoons as a youth walking up and down Yonge Street in Toronto with a few pals in the late 1970's, when it was a mini version of "The Duece" in NYC. Adult theaters, grindhouse cinemas, and ABSs were plentiful. 

In this first time report by Jayan_Ravi123, he provides us with a Field Report on Loft 18 on Yonge Street in Toronto, Canada.  

This theater has quite the history, opening as the Big Nickle Theater in 1913. It spent a good chunk of it's existence as The Rio, showing grindhouse fare before closing in 1991. Since then is became an AOV (Adults Only Video), a big Canadian chain I am familiar with since my days back in my old stomping grounds in  Upstate NY.  Now it appears to be an independent entity (without AOV).  

The main theater auditorium has long been converted to retail space (as you can see from the Street View image), but the mini theaters are located upstairs. This is where our freshman reporter traveled, and is here to present to us.

Take it away, Jayan_Ravi123!


Dear Doc,

First of all let me thank you for the excellent blog that you maintain. I had come across it while I was trying to get a list of the adult movie theatres.

I had never been to such theatres in my entire life and had a curiosity to try it out. A couple of months back, I got such an opportunity and visited the 'Loft 18' at 363 Yonge Street, Toronto (ed. note: Address is the Adult Theater dB). Afterwards, while I was going through your list, I noticed that the theatre was not listed in your list. So I thought I would just let you know about the place so that you can add it in the list.
Loft 18
Toronto, Canada
Now, regarding the theater; it had both straight and gay sections. I was told that they even have private booths where you can pay to watch private movies. I visited only the straight section which itself had two screens. Both of them were not too big. They each had 20 - 30 chairs. When I visited, there were only guys there. There were people of different ethnicities and ages. 

Loft 18 has a front entrance to the street and a back entrance to an alley. This was my first visit and truth was that I was really nervous, so I didn't stay for long. One thing I noticed about the place was the smell. Well, truth is it didn't smell very good. But maybe that's how all such places are (ed. note: I wish).

Maybe the next place I visit (when I get the chance), I'll find it even better considering how I'm not entirely a newbie now. So, that's it. Basically I wrote to let you know about the place so that you can update the list.

Moreover, in my Xhamster page where I had asked about such theatres, I mentioned your blog so that others might find it helpful. Here's the link to that

I hope that it's okay.




Doc here again... Many thanks to Jayan_Ravi123 for his first report!  Welcome to the team, sir... Your next report earns you a custom banner designed by your old friend in the white suit and aviators.

There is a very good chance I walked by this place many times when it was The Rio, and I am glad it is still standing.  If you have any experiences at this location, please e-mail me at and I will publish your report.