Friday, January 22, 2016

Field Report! Kisses Adult Theater (Formerly The Colony) in E. St. Louis, IL by The Oral Reporter

Doc here, a man who some say loves receiving good news about an adult theater coming back to it's earlier glory days. 

Senior reporter The Oral Reporter spent 3 days at Kisses (the former Colony Adult Theater & Cocktails) in East St. Louis, IL and has filed a detail-rich report on his findings (address in the adult theater dB as "Kisses"). 

You will see what is new, what is being upgraded, and what is being refurbished at Kisses.

In my last trip there (as the old Colony) in 2011, things were in rough condition. Theaters 2 and 3 were filled with debris and unusable, which was unfortunate. The late Ed (the former owner) was trying his best, but I am sure he was ready to sell it back then if there had been a taker. 

Fast forward to now... Ed passed away unfortunately, and the business was sold to new ownership.  And the changes are in full swing, and The Oral Reporter is here to detail them for us.

And this just into the news desk here at The Journal...There is a Lingerie Party TONIGHT, 1/22, from 8PM to 3AM at Kisses.  Stop by and check it out!  Doctor's orders!  And don't forget to tell them that "Doc sent me!"

Take it away, sir.


My pic of The Colony from 2010.
Hi Doc,

This is a report that is very much different than my normal report of just going to a typical XXX theater and reporting on the action or lack of action at that location.

This report starts out with me sending a message to the Yahoo site for the Colony Adult Club and theater group. I had been receiving these for some time but I had never gone to this location. I noticed that it said under new management and soon to be named Kisses. So even though Colony II name is still on the building, it is now officially called Kisses.(ed. note: I have changed the listing in the dB to Kisses (formerly The Colony).

The new times and days of operation are as follows:
Thursday:  6PM to 3AM
Friday:      8PM to 3AM
Saturday:  8PM to 3AM

The prices are as follows:

  • Couples are $35 dollars which includes 2 drink coupons.
  • Single Males are $20 dollars with one drink coupon.
  • Single ladies are $10 dollars with one one drink coupon. Ladies you can't get into a club anyplace and get one drink for that price.
  • Couples who choose the Drink Special pay $65 dollars for all you can drink all night.
  • Single Males and Females choosing the Drink Special pay $45 dollars for all you can drink all night.
This is for mixed drinks and for beer or wine. If you go to a regular bar any place and you drink all night it will cost you a lot more than it will here. Linda pours a strong drink and uses quality liquor. You will not get a watered down mixed drink here. If you choose to do the cash bar, the current prices are as follows, Mixed (well drinks) are $8 dollars, Premium mixed drinks may be a little more. Beer is $5 dollars, premium beer may be a little more, soft drinks are $2 dollars.

The new owners name (and who I got to know) is Linda Kiss.  She is a bubbly, cheerful and sexy lady who is determined to get Kisses back on the list of the best and most fun lifestyle places to go to in the Greater St Louis area to party. Kisses is located in East St. Louis, IL (or as locals call it, The Eastside).
A lot of the old Colony crowd is starting to come back and when I talked to the couples, single ladies, and the single guys, everyone was amazed at the transformation that is going on at the new Kisses club. To a person they all commented on how much cleaner it was compared to the last time they were there when it was the Colony. There are additional changes being made which are more than just getting the place cleaner. I will give you a room by room description of what I observed and try to describe each room the best I can.
Kisses Today - 2016
Starting at the exterior of the building, there are plans to re-paint the building a much nicer and more attractive color than the current drab brown color it is. Need to wait for warmer weather for that. Maybe Linda will have a Saturday painting party with free admission to the club for the guys or gals who join in and get the painting completed. 

It's a little like the sweat equity thing; you will feel like you are improving your place to play, and being rewarded with a free pass for a night. Maybe a few free drinks if you do a good job. This is not official but it may work to get the exterior of the place a facelift and more of a place that you will feel proud to call your home for all your adult play. Enough of my pitch to try and get Linda some free help in continuing to fix the place up.

The entrance to the building starts with the counter (affectionately called the Cage) This is of course where you pay your cover fee and chose your drink options. The all you can drink is the best option if you are going to be kicking off your shoes, and maybe other articles of clothing and enjoying the party that is going on. The plan for the Cage is to sell condoms, lube and maybe some toys. Currently condoms are for sale if you forgot yours or ran out.

The next area that seems to be getting the most activity is the bar and lounge area. Most people will congregate at the bar to get their bearings straight and decide which room or rooms they want to visit and or play in. The lounge is an open play area, with any amount of dress or undress allowed, if you like being watched then this is the place to show off. If you like to watch, then this is a great place to get a good view of the action on any of the 3 beds that are in the lounge area against one wall. 

Bar Area - Kisses
There is a couch, a love seat, tables & chairs and a large flat screen TV with porn being played all the time. But if the action on the beds or the couch is hot and heavy then the TV is not required to stimulate more adult play. In the lounge also there is a full sized pool table and an electronic darts machine. Any one up for a little strip darts or strip pool to liven up the scene? With those games, sometimes you want to win and sometimes you might enjoy losing. You set the stakes of what the winner gets and the loser has to do. Use your imagination folks, as I'm sure you will think of what the prize will be.

The next room is the dance floor. There is always music being played and sometimes there will be a DJ to play what type of music you want to bump and grind to. There is an elevated dance floor so you can show off your dirty dancing technique, and keep the other couples and singles watching. Who knows you might get some dollar bills thrown your way if you are putting on a very sexy show. The music machine has a long list of music that can be played even without the DJ, and a wide variety of music types to please everyone's tastes.

The Lounge Area at Kisses
There are tables and chairs around the dance floor and this is also an open play area with no real restrictions on the amount of clothing you keep on, or decide to take off. So ladies get out there on the elevated dance floor and shake what you got and get everyone in the mood to get up there and join you.

The next room or rooms we will visit are the rest rooms. There is a ladies room near the bar, and another one near the couples theater. The one by the theater has a glory hole in it so you can be discreet and invite your favorite guy in to be pleasured by you in what ever form you desire. It is a large enough glory hole to present to you many options and types of play. The mens room is down closer to the 3rd theater. All are clean and supplied with the esentials. The floors have been and are regualrly power washed to remove anything that might be on the floors.

The 3 XXX theaters are now ready to describe: The first theater and the closest to the bar and lounge area is the Couples Theater. This theater has a locking door (I just got done changing the lock on the entrance door so I know it works). There are no longer all of the floating keys around, so couples can get privacy if they want it, or need it. Couples are allowed to invite in a single guy or as many single ladies as they want, but when the couple is finished in the theater the single guy is supposed to leave the theater with them. The single ladies can stay and enjoy themselves with the other couples in the theater or any other single ladies in the theater (being a unicorn sure has it's benefits).  I want to come back in a future life as a woman who enjoys the adult lifestyle as I do. It's nice to dream, kind of like dreaming about winning the Lottery.

This theater like all 3 of them are quite large, the seating in this theater is as follows: Down the center of the theater there are a number of couches, along both walls there are a total of 7 beds. On the back wall are two Vinyl bench type of seating (peanut gallery). The couches have clean sheets put on them everyday, with extra sheets available if you need to replace a sheet that may have gotten wet from a sexy squirter being pleasured. The beds also have clean sheets put on daily and there are extra sheets available to change out for the same reason.

I visited this theater often in my 3 days and 3 nights to play with couples and also watch the couples and single girls have fun. I did see in one bed two couples playing at the same time. One of the girls while being bent over doggy style and while getting pounded and was licking the pussy of the other girl while she was giving her guy a fantastic blow job. I later heard her say how good that pussy tasted. Both of them were relatively young and good looking ladies (one was a single girl and the other was with her guy).

There was another girl who came in with her guy (he was double her age), and they invited several other guys into the theater to play with her. She and her guy made several trips into the theater that night to enjoy the single guys who were there. There are towels and bottles of hand sanitizer on a table in the theater, so you may not need to go to the rest rooms to clean up right away. 

Note: If you still have one of the old keys in your pocket from when this was the Colony, I'm sorry to say it will not work in the door lock any longer. Most couples like to choose who they invite in to play or to watch. And no you don't get your $5 dollar deposit back for your old key, you were supposed to turn it in after every visit to the club and then Ed would have given you your deposit back. Since he is no longer of this earth, and he took the money with him, you may have to see him in another world to get a refund (good luck).

Theater #2 just down the hall from the couples theater: This theater does not have a locking door, and anyone can go in there. This theater has mostly theater type seating (individual stadium type chairs) this will be changing in the future to have more couches and more beds available.

Currently there are 2 beds in this theater and seating for probably 60 or 70 people. The videos playing will be straight porn , with maybe some girl/girl videos showing, like in the couples theater.

Since there is not a large population of the (confused guys) roaming around, there is no need to have a gay theater. If this changes then there will be changes made to the video selection which may show up in theater #3.

While I was in the theater area on all three nights, I only saw one TS guy cruising the theater area, and he was a very passable black guy who dressed up nicely. If it wasn't for his skirt being so short and his junk hanging out I would probably not have known it was a guy instead of a female. This person is not a pushy person, but will avail himself to be used both orally and anally to anyone wanting to indulge.

I did not see the TS in the bar area or the lounge area on any of the nights I as there. Linda said I probably did not notice him when he did come to the bar as he was in regular guy type street clothes. He would only come there to get a wine cooler and then go get changed to his lady clothes for the night. His selection of sexual partners is his choice and I won't fault him for his choices. I did observe him diduring the night and he has an eager mouth and ass for your pleasure.

On to theater #3: This is a little different theater set up, it is set up like a twin theater, there is a wall between the two halves running all the way down to the screens. When you enter the theater you have your choice of which side you care to sit in. This wall has Glory holes in it, with the right hand side having cushions to put on the floor for the ladies to kneel on to service who ever decides to slide their junk through the wall and get it sucked to completion. The anonymous nature of this makes you imagine a lovely lady on the other side of the wall giving you the most incredible head you ever received. She or he which ever the case, maybe can imagine you are the most handsome guy she has ever seen and she is getting to suck you dry. Fantasy is such a wonderful thing. 

While I was cleaning up one night I found an earring on the floor on the ladies side of the glory hole wall I guess it fell off while giving a great blow job and not wanting to stop and pick it up it was forgotten. I gave it too Linda to keep in case someone asked about it.
That pretty much is the guided tour here on line. Linda will give all new couples and singles a guided tour of the place and list any restrictions there may be, but this is a place of very few restrictions, as long as everyone plays nicely with each other. If there is a problem security will escort the individual or individuals out of the front door with no refund. Security is an off duty policeman so he is a professional and knows how to handle situations should they arise. So leave the drama at home and come here to have a good time, meet new friends to party with and party with the old friends that you already know.

Everyone I talked to during my 3 days and 3 nights seemed to be great people, the couples and the single guys and girls were easy to talk to and even though I'm an older guy did not put me off.

Is Kisses perfect, no, as it is still a work in progress and there are projects and upgrades to be done. But from what the patrons told me the changes are wonderful and the place is so much cleaner than it used to be. If you are an old member, or a newbie interested in the lifestyle, cum by and check it out, I know Linda will make you feel at home, and will hope you will make this your home to play in for years to come.

While I was there, I met several couples, and single ladies and had the pleasure of playing with some of them. One couple that I will just call A and J (J being the lady half) had been there a few years back and found themselves traveling through the area in their RV so they stopped by. I talked to them and played with them, and what they said was one of the things they liked abut the place before and now, was the fact that unlike the strip clubs you didn't have to compete with the strippers for attention of the single guys. 

A&J said they said we are not looking for Ken and Barbie, so it's nice to find couples or singles that are more of the guy or girl next door type. They were a lot of fun to play with and she is quite the squirter while being orally pleased. This is my specialty, as I love licking pussy and enjoy a lady who can squirt. When she squirts it makes me feel like I'm doing my job and pleasing her. My motto is you have to give a little or a lot of head to get a little or a lot of head in return. She was into returning the favor to me which I loved. We are keeping in touch so we can try and play again in any location they might be in while they are traveling around in their RV.

In review, I found this place to be a lot of fun and the best of both worlds; the swinger club and the XXX theaters all rolled into one location, with a very fun hostess who is also a great bartender. She wants you to have fun in this thing of ours (the lifestyle) and hopes you will come back often. This is a place you can make new friends in the lifestyle, and continue that friendship with old friends both couples and single girls or single guys.
On both Friday and Saturday nights, I counted more single girls than single guys, so couples come on out to meet the elusive unicorns, there seems to be a herd of them here. Most XXX theater places may see a single girl once in a while and usually the over agressive guys end up chasing her away, but here it seems the single girls feel comfortable and the guys who are here are very respectful and don't get pushy with either the single girls or the couples.

Linda is currently talking to a local St Louis lifestyles group about holding monthly parties here and this becoming their home base to party at once a month. This group is a 3 to 1 female to male group, so the ladies seem to rule the roost in that group. If this happens I'm sure that couples and single ladies would be able to apply for membership to that group (maybe single males can apply also).  That opens up a world of other people to meet and to play with.

I forgot to mention this earlier in this report in the lounge area there are always snacks both hot and cold to munch on to help get back the energy you have used up either on one of the beds or on the dance floor. 

I am looking forward to going back and also hope other members (couples, single ladies or single guys) will send in reports about the fun they had to the Dr. Emilio Lizardo Journal of Adult Theaters web site. Lets spread the word about the new Kisses club and theaters. The more people who know about the place the more fun there will be had by everyone.

In closing, I would like to invite all to make the trip to Kisses (Lingerie Party this weekend so ladies dress sexy in your most revealing lingerie) come and check the place out. If you are old or new to this place, talk to Linda and she will welcome you with open arms and make you feel at ease and special.

I want to thank Linda, her staff, the other owners, and the many couples and singles I had the pleasure of meeting and playing with during my 3 days and 3 nights at Kisses and having total access to the club both in the day time and the night time. Linda if you have a painting party let me know I will do my best to be there to help you out, and I bet there will be others who will put a paint brush in their hands and help out also.

Oral Reporter signing off for now.


Doc here again... Many thanks to The Oral Reporter for this detail filled report... Outstanding stuff!  And this note to Linda at Kisses...Please let me know if you need help marketing the new business.  I have some experience in the field... ;o)   I am at