Monday, February 8, 2016

Field Report! The Non-Couples Friendly Pop Roxx in McClure, IL by Mr&MrsMoe

Doc here, a man who some say raised his family alone while battling desperadoes in New Mexico.

The Good Doctor received the following report from contributors Mr&MrsMoe about a location they have never visited, Pop Roxx in McClure, IL. 

It's didn't go well, and (SPOILER ALERT) it is classified in the dB as "Absolutely Not Couples Friendly". 

Here is Mr&MrsMoe and their tale of woe...


Hi, Doc -

New one for the database:
Pop Roxxx
38957 Illinois Highway 3
McClure, IL 62957

ABS with Booths, may have theater

Couple Friendly? ABSOLUTELY NOT (see report)

Hours: 10am - 2am, 7 days

Report: After a couple of recent mentions in Craigslist ads, MrsMoe
and I set out on a mission to look into new-to-us ABS, "Brown Bag
Video", located just across the bridge from Cape Girardeau, MO. We
found "Pop Roxxx" instead, and the clerk confirmed that it was the
former Brown Bag.

We made it no further than 10 feet inside the door. They have a strict
"no purses" policy - MrsMoe was told by the female clerk she could not
bring her purse inside, and to leave it in the car. That was simply
not going to happen for obvious reasons, not to mention that
"supplies" are in her purse. So we politely indicated our displeasure
at traveling a substantial distance for nothing, turned around and

Bottom line? Not a play venue if you're not local.



Doc here again... Many thanks to Mr&MrsMoe for the informative review of Pop Roxx. It's too bad this location doesn't see the big picture.  However, if they treat members of the Lizardo Reporting Team disrespectfully like they did here, they can expect a bad review and a "Not Couples Friendly" tag in the database.

Bottom line: Stay away from Pop Roxx in McClure, IL.

On to the next one guys...