Monday, May 2, 2016

Field Report! Romantix in Council Bluffs, IA by Oldbeatnik

Doc here with a new Filed Report from The Journal's longest running senior reporter: Oldbeatnik.

OBN was at Romantix in Council Bluffs IA, and has filed this report to The Journal.  Sounds like an interesting place.

Take it away, sir!



Made a very quick trip to Romantix 50662 189th St. in Council Bluffs Iowa on a Tuesday night. Nice sized parking lot, room for semis, well lit, right off Interstate 29. The place is very clean, and has the usual run of lingerie, DVD’s and toys. Not a large collection of any of them. 

Has a 24 booth arcade area with two couple’s only booths. Must pre-pay $6 for arcade and two hour rental of couple’s booths. Because it was pre-pay I did not check to see if there were glory holes. Also has two mini theaters; one shows gay/trans/bi films, the other straight movies. $6 for entrance to one of them, $10 for both. Seeing that it was a Tuesday night and the chance of there being any couples was nil I did not spend the money to go in. I was also in a hurry to get back on the road. 

The very friendly female clerk said the straight theater seats about 24 people. It has one couch and the rest are theater seats. There is no couples only section. The gay theater is much smaller, seating about 12, with one couch also. You can leave the theaters to have a smoke or use the restrooms, but only a couple of times, so there is no unlimited in and out. She said they get a few couples on the weekends, so I would recommend the place on that and that it is friendly, clean and easy to get to. 



Doc here again... Many thanks to Oldbeatnik for his detail filled report from Romantix in Council Bluffs, IA. Well done as always, sir!  keep the cards and letters coming in!