Saturday, July 30, 2016

Couple's Flash Report! The Luscious Laura at Fantasyland (I and II) in Tampa 7/29/16

Doc here, a man who some say cannot get enough surfing in during a single day, with a timely Couple's Flash Report from my good friend The Luscious Laura.  

The Luscious Laura and her beau, Mr. Wayne, visited Fantasyland I and II last night (7/29), and had a good ol' hot and sticky time at Tampa's top adult theater.  The Lizardo Lantern heralded their arrival, and the guys were more than excited to see her. 

Take it away, The Luscious Laura!


Hi Doc,

We arrived at Fantasyland I around 9. We bounced between both locations over the course of the night. The staff was amazing! The theater areas and private rooms were clean and the guys were polite and respectful.  

My first play encounter was at FL2 - someone who reads Doc's blog approached me. We ended up having a hot time in the fish bowl.  Everyone in the theater was up against the glass watching us play.  (ed. note: Reading The Journal has it's benefits.)

We made it back over to FL I to see if things had picked up.  There were 3 couples in the theater and a few guys watching.  Around 11 the theater was packed with couples. I think there were at least 10 from what I could see and I'm sure there were more on the other side of the building.

We were able to play with 3 in private rooms before calling it a night.

As always, it was a positive experience for us.  We will be going back tonight, July 30th for more fun. 



Doc here again... Oh Luscious Laura, you are such a naughty, insatiable girl! Once is never enough for you!

If you are in Tampa, or thinking about getting there tonight (Saturday 7/30), do so. Fantasyland I and II holds your keys to a very hot evening.  Be clean, polite, and respectful, and fate just might be on your side. 

As always, if you see The Luscious Laura, tell her "Doc sent me!" . I heard that she likes this (from someone in the know).  ;o)