Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Lizardo Lantern Shines Again Tonight (7/30) at Fantasyland in Tampa: Luscious Laura Visit Edition

Doc here, a man who some say once in the 1980's was perched on top of an adult theater, with a crude, homemade spotlight. When a couple would enter said theater, he would flip the switch, throwing the first Lizardo Lantern into the upstate NY sky. His results at that time were mixed at best.

Flash forward to 2016. The Lizardo Lantern is now a 200,000 watt halogen blowtorch, with enough power to make men, women, and couples turn their car around and drive to an adult theater. 

The power of the Lizardo Lantern was proven on Thursday in Chicago, by a rare mid-afternoon appearance by Khaleesi, the Mother of All Squirters. A 13 gun salute was delivered to (and on) her, all by the power of Twitter and The Lizardo Lantern during #OperationAfternoonWave. 

On Friday night 7/29, after an overnight flatbedding trip from Chicago to Tampa, FL, The Lizardo Lantern was placed atop Fantasyland I in Tampa, to signal the arrival of Journal favorite, The Luscious Laura. At 9pm ET, The Lantern was fired up upon the entry of The Luscious Laura and Mr. Wayne, with great, sticky results. 

Tonight, 7/30, The Lizardo Lantern will be ready to illuminate the Drew Park sky once again over Fantasyland, as the Luscious Laura returns for the back half of her weekend double-header. To find out the time of her arrival, follow The Good Doctor on Twitter @LizardoJournal .  Look for The Lizardo Lantern, and get to Fantasyland I in Tampa. 

And as always, tell The Luscious Laura that "Doc sent me."