Thursday, November 24, 2016

Couple's Flash Report! The Adventurous MD Couple Meet The Black Sox at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on Friday 10/21/16 w/6 EXXXCLUSIVE Pics!

Doc here, a man who some say will always prescribe a breast exam for any ailment a sexy lady will bring into his office or to an adult theater (Hi K!), with a great Couples Flash Report from senior reporters and good friends of mine, The Adventurous MD Couple.

This report will need a bit of a setup from your old friend in the white suit and aviators. In a visit that was a good 2 months in the making, The Adventurous MD Couple and your humble narrator started making plans for their October visit to 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago. 

In October of 2015, The Adventurous MD Couple made their first visit to 15th Ave., and the evening was a smashing success. In the year that transpired, word had reached The Good Doctor that Ms. Adventurous MD Couple that she was getting much wilder in her ways, and that the 2016 visit would be much more adventurous.
To make sure this was to be an evening to remember, I needed to mount The Lizardo Lantern to the roof of 15th Ave. Adult Theater, and summon The Black Sox

The Black Sox are my group of experienced adult theater guys, trained in pleasing women in a GB environment. Picture a version of The Justice League, except we are not wearing pants.  But we are wearing black socks.

So with this piece of exposition out of the way, let me turn this puppy over to The Adventurous MD Couple for their account of this HOT evening in Chicagoland. There are important lessons to be learned from this report (I'm talking to you, single guys. Take note). 

In addition, please enjoy the EXXXCLUSIVE new pics of Ms. Adventurous MD Couple that they are sharing with us for the first time. Thank you! 

Here we go!


Hello Doc,

On the Friday night before the big Halloween event at 15th Avenue, Mr and MsAdventurous MD Couple made a special trip out to the theater to meet with the world renowned Black Sox, Doc’s special group of women-pleasing guys. After some chit-chat in the store, MsAdvMDCpl went to the back to change and returned to the theater in a tight-fitting dress that made her body look delicious and certainly left little to the imagination. However, the parts of her that were left to the imagination left a lot to be imagined.

Since the visit was following one by Khal and Khaleesi, and was announced in Doc’s blog, a sizable crowd was on hand to meet MsAdvMDCpl. Since the night was designed to be one for MsAdvMDCpl to show off her body and get her fill of hard cock and cum, she can take the story from here.

From MsAdvMDCpl: After arriving at the theater and chatting with Doc, I changed into a dress that I really like for theater adventures. It’s cut short but looks classy and has a plunging neckline that dips low between my breasts and exposes a lot of skin. It’s a dress that I wouldn’t mind wearing out in public and fits my personality nicely. I added some nice heels and, of course, wore nothing underneath. 

Walking back to the theater, I enjoyed the way the guys were looking at me – I could tell the look was a turn-on and that was what I was hoping for. I made my way into the theater and sat in the couples section with my husband. We talked a bit about the movie that was playing and the number of guys that were in the theater. 

It may be hard to believe, but one of first trips to an adult theater was to the Halloween event at 15th Avenue a year ago – so I am actually still very new to the theater scene. I was a bit nervous thinking about how things would work with all the guys there. 

While sitting in the couple’s section, Doc introduced me to the Black Sox. Or as MrAdvMDCpl would say it – I was introduced to the guys that would be fucking me in another 10-15 minutes. Sounds slutty doesn’t it? Anyhow, shortly after meeting the guys that would be fucking me soon, we made our way down to the front row of the theater and I put one leg up on my husband’s lap to spread my legs and I began rubbing my hands all over my body. 

Pushing the dress aside, I exposed my breasts to view and massaged them…gently ...rubbing my hands over my nipples to get them hard. Guys crowded around me and began to pull cocks from their pants and stroke them. I like that. Seeing cocks get hard while guys watch me masturbate is a great turn on. 

I then exposed my shaved pussy to view and began rubbing my clit while I watched more guys stroke. Did I mention how much it turns me on to be watched while I masturbate and to be able to watch guys making their cocks hard and stroking them right in front of me? 

In any event, Doc later told me, and my husband tells me all the time, that I get to a point where you can tell from looking at my eyes that I am getting into the zone – MrAdvMDCpl would call it the needy zone. I made myself cum and slid a couple of fingers inside my pussy so I could taste my juices. I think some of the guys like when a woman licks her own pussy juice from her wet fingers? I was in the needy zone – I leaned forward and starting sucking the hard cocks that were right in front of me.

(ed. note #1: The following paragraph is important to newer guys and girls in this thing of ours.)

Let me digress a bit from the story here. Once I came and I started sucking on the cocks that were in front of me – this is the point where a new woman in the adult theater lifestyle gets overwhelmed and where all the guys could make things easier on her as well as yourselves. MrAdvMDCpl estimated there were 40 guys standing around me. In a semicircle in front of me there were 3-4 guys getting sucked and the rest were pushing their way in, some words of irritation were being exchanged, and I got nervous. 

For the guys reading this I would imagine that you want to try and get your cock in my mouth and thus want to push forward and push the guys in front out of the way. But on the other hand having 40 guys all pressing in on me just makes it a bit overwhelming. I am still learning how to deal with that situation, but as the woman at the center of it all, I could only see what was immediately in front of me and couldn’t possibly select any others to suck on.

Back to the story – after sucking on nice hard cocks for a bit, I finally really got into a needy state and I turned to MrAdvMDCpl and told him “I need a cock in my pussy”. He of course knew I was well past the point of needing cock in my pussy so he led me to the room behind the theater screen and I laid down on the table to suck cock and be fucked by The Black Sox. 

Things were going pretty good and MrAdvMDCpl mentioned a particularly good moment for all the guys when I got on my hands and knees on the table and showed off my ass and pussy to the guys behind me. A couple of guys started to fuck me and it really felt good. I always enjoy sucking on cocks while I am being fucked and being on that table certainly allowed me a lot of opportunity to do that.
(ed. note #2: The following paragraph is important to the newer guys that were there and chose not to listen to directions from MrAdvMdCpl & myself.)

Let me digress again. I would have been happy to get gang banged by The Black Sox in the room while everyone watched but again, the crowd pressed in, everyone was trying to reach in and touch me and it became overwhelming. Recognizing that my fun was going to be ruined by my stress and feeling of being overwhelmingly surrounded by guys trying to get increasingly closer, MrAdvMDCpl called an end to the public display of fucking and we went to the back room for the remainder of the night. Again, being a newbie to the scene, perhaps this is what I should expect. 

Though I love to be watched masturbating and sucking and fucking, I like some room so I can see everyone watching and make eye contact with you as you stand around the room watching. Doc had asked everyone to step back to watch but that never happened. I guess I will learn how to handle the crowd or will always retire to more privacy for these types of events.

Once in the room in the spa area, The Black Sox fucked me good. I really liked the fact that my pussy felt good enough to some of the guys that they exploded and shot their hot cum into their wrappers while inside me. A couple of the guys fucked me in a variety of positions – me on top, them on top, doggie style, me leaning back into their cocks. 

Although the room wasn’t big enough for all of the Black Sox, as one came another would take his place and I think I was eventually able to fuck seven guys. Four of them shot hot cum all over my face and chest. After finishing with The Black Sox, they solicited one last guy from outside the room to step in and cum on me. Though put into a tough spot, I was appreciative that he was able to meet the challenge and cum all over me. Rather than continuing down the line I decided to call it a night and say mission accomplished. 

I masturbated for about 50 guys, sucked on 12-15 guys, fucked at least 7 guys and had 8-9 guys cum on me. My kind of night!

Last thoughts from MsAdvMDCpl – I really enjoy showing my body off for as many guys as want to watch me play with myself. From my point of view it would be great if guys would give me and themselves adequate viewing space. More guys could see me and I could see many more cocks getting stroked. I’d like to then have guys step up to get sucked and then move on so another guy could take his place – think that would ever happen? Finally though it would be fun to get fucked in a public location, I am not sure that will work out for me.

From MrAdvMDCpl: I loved watching my wife that night. I hope those of you that were there liked what you saw and for those that had the opportunity to get sucked or fucked, I am sure you liked what you felt. I hope to continue our visits to adult theaters and watching the MsAdvMDCpl fulfill her desires and that the guys that get to meet her read what she wrote above and enjoy the show. In her case patience brings better results than pushiness! I guess her husband was the 8th guy to fuck MsAdvCpl that night – slutty indeed!



Doc here again... Many, many thanks to my good friends The Adventurous MD Couple for a great tandem report on their visit to 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago.  There is much more to come from them in the future...Trust me. And also thanks for the great new pics of this amazing hotwife, Ms Adventurous MD Couple. Yes folks, she is THAT hot!

My next round of thanks goes out to The Black Sox. We had our hands full (no pun intended) with some of the hearing-impaired single guys that evening both in front and behind the screen, but we came through in the end with flying cum colors.  We even had a pinch hitter in the form of senior Journal scribe, Anaconda, who was in the house this evening. Welcome to The Black Sox, sir. 

Single guys, If you could have seen the beautiful face of Ms. Adventurous MD Couple behind the door of our private room, glazed with the best The Black Sox could give, you would have thought twice about being too pushy with the crowd.  

This could have been a fun night for all of you, but you blew it.  Next time, listen to me or the others controlling the scene, and you just might have a GREAT night. 

Got it?  Good.