Friday, June 23, 2017

A Few Minutes with The Good Doctor: Big Weekend in This Thing of Ours!

Doc here, a man who some say has the silky dance moves of a young Vincenzo Coccotti, with a quick update on a very busy weekend in this thing of ours. My name is Emilio, and I'll be taking your drink orders...

Tonight (6/23), my good friend Joe hosts The Oregon Theatre's first Panty Raid Party in Portland!  Gradually, the adult theater events at The Oregon Theatre are getting popular for couples and singles alike in this sex-positive city.  Tonight's party also marks the first event where Oregon Theatre swag bags will be given out to couples who attend the event (with their paid admission). 
I encourage you to check out this party if you are anywhere near The Oregon Theatre tonight!

Tomorrow night (Saturday the 24th), an adult theater (near and dear to your old friend in the white suit and aviators) hosts their next big party!  The Art Cinema hosts their 4th annual beach Blanket Bango Party in Hartford from 7pm until Midnight.  The first 50 M/F Couples in the door for the event get an Art Cinema Swag Bag!  Get there early so you do not miss out!

Ernie, the owner of The Art Cinema, has a few surprises in store for you Saturday night.  And M/F Couples, you'll see it first hand in the VIP Couples Only Balcony!  The Good Doctor has seen a sneak peak of it, and it's very cool!
And lastly, mark your calendars for next Saturday, July 1st.  The Good Doctor will be hosting a special Saturday edition of The Secret Room 2125 at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago!  
"Stars and Strips" will be the first Independence Day Weekend Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater since a crazy one The Good Doctor attended in 2008 which featured some legendary ladies of the Chicago adult theater scene at that time (Femcar, Nancy B, etc.). It remains to this day a Top 5 scene that I have ever witnessed and/or participated in ever. Let's repeat it on Saturday July 1st in the Party Room of 15th Ave. Adult Theater!

Questions?  Ask away!  You can find me on Twitter @LizardoJournal , or via e-mail HERE


Join the Art Cinema Friends Fetlife Group! Get the Latest Info & Network with over 2,200 Members!

Doc here, a man who some say had a Richard Dawson shrine in his office, with a favor to ask of you, the good readers of The Journal. 

Back in the day, and before The Good Doctor started this Journal of Adult Theaters, I moderated a few different discussion group on platforms that since have gone the way of the Dodo Bird and 8-track tapes.  

Things have changed dramatically since then. Your choices of social media are wide and varied, and most likely you are using them on your smartphone. You can take your pick: Fetlife, SLS, KiK, yadda yadda yadda...  All solid, all aimed at a slightly different demo.

When I was approached to help moderate the Art Cinema Friends Fetlife Group (the largest Art Cinema-related group with over 2,100 members), I didn't think twice about it. Why?  

The Good Doctor (as many of you know) has been working closely with the mighty Art Cinema for over 5 years, in various (and some would say mysterious) ways. The Art was the first adult theater I worked with, and will always a special place in The Good Doctor's heart (and pants). I have hosted numerous huge events there starting in 2013, and they are something to be seen to be believed. Want to see over 100 couples in an adult theater? This is the place!
The VIP Couple's Only Balcony @ The Art Cinema

The Art Cinema offers it's guests something now unique to the adult theater scene: an art deco theater, with a M/F couples exclusive VIP balcony, which gives you the best couples adult theater experience you'll ever find. 

And we need to get the word out deeper and wider!  That's where you, the good readers of The Journal, come in...

First, please join the Art Cinema Friends Fetlife Group HERE.   You will get a great idea of who your fellow enthusiasts are, and you'll share a common interest: The mighty Art Cinema!  Want to find out which couple of single has plans to attend The Art Cinema? This is the place!

Second, recommend to your fellow adult theater enthusiasts to join the Art Cinema Friends Fetlife Group HERE . The bigger the party, the bigger the fun we'll enjoy!

Want Visit Announcements? Check. Event Announcements? Check. Have questions about The Art and needs answers? Check. A list of adult theater best practices from actual patrons of The Art? Discount Double Check. 

Be one of the cool kids in class... Join the Art Cinema Friends Fetlife Group HERE . 

Doctor's orders!


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

This Afternoon! A 30 for 30 Special with Khaleesi & Khal at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on Wed. 6/21/17 at 12:30pm!

Doc here, a man who some say gives back until it hurts, with a very special Visit Announcement for this coming Wednesday, June 21st at 12:30pm at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago.

What if I told you there was a bukkake queen looking for 30 good men.  What if I told you she was looking for 30 strong shots across her gorgeous bow.   
The Real Khaleesi!
Updates will continue here on The Journal as we approach lift off on 6/21.

This Wednesday, join Khaleesi & Khal for a 30 for 30 Special... 

This Lizardo Lantern will fire up promptly at 12:30pm CT... It will be visible in Chicago's western burbs, as well as on The Good Doctor's Twitter @LizardoJournal 
The Lizardo Lantern
A Beacon of Truth in a Confusing World
For additional updates on this afternoon appearance to take in a feature of 2, follow Khaleesi & Khal on Twitter:  and The Good Doctor at 


Monday, June 19, 2017

This Saturday! Beach Blanket Bango at the Mighty Art Cinema in Hartford from 7pm until Midnight!

Doc here with the latest information and updates on this Saturday's HUGE Beach Blanket Bango Party at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford, CT!

This party is always a great time, and if you ever attended an Art Cinema event, you know of what I speak!  And your host Ernie cannot wait to greet you!

Here is the promo video produced by the Lizardo Technologies Group (that would be my dog, Barky Lizardo, and myself) for Beach Blanket Bango:
The first 50 male/female couples will receive an Art Cinema Swag Bag, starting at 7pm!  Get to the Art Cinema early as to not miss out on them!

Questions?  Please feel free to e-mail The Good Doctor directly at


Saturday, June 17, 2017

TONIGHT! Beach Blanket Bingo at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on Saturday June 17th, 2017 at 8pm! Hosted by Doc!

Doc here, a man who some say was one of People Magazine's "Worst Dancers of 2003", with an update on this Saturday's HUGE Beach Blanket Bingo Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago.

Wednesday, sometime around tea time (and by tea time, I mean my 3rd Bloody Mary), I received a message on my Lizardo Intergalatic 7000 Edge smartphone from my good friend, Stunt Slut Simone.  And the news was very good:
So kids, this means that the legendary Stunt Slut Simone will be at the Beach Blanket Bingo Party this Saturday. She is insatiable, she is overdue for theater fun, and she will be at 15th Ave. Adult Theater with Doc and my merry pranksters. 

Stunt Slut Simone has also asked that the gentlemen keep their aim low, as an errant shot to the eye will cause Simone to head home early, and you do not want that!  You have been given your marching orders, gents!

How about some Stunt Slut Simone eye candy as your refresher course:

Secondly, the Swag bags are done for tonight's party.  Remember the first 50 M/F Couples get one of these bad boys, starting at 8pm:
Admission for Beach Blanket Bingo is as follows:
M/F Couples: $30
Single Guys: $50
Single Females: $20
Trans-Girls: $20

Also, Doc's Sexy Outfit Contest takes place, with three great prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place!  There are also STRONG RUMOR for a LIMBO CONTEST as well! See Doc for detail's at the party!

See you there!


Friday, June 9, 2017

Tonight! The Secret Room 2125: Slumber Party Friday June 9th, 2017 at 8pm! Hosted by Doc!

Doc here, a man whose physical perfection is only matched by his hostility, with an update on TONIGHT'S (Friday June 9th's)big Secret Room 2125: Slumber Party deep inside the Party Room of 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago. 

The Swag Bags are complete for tonights big party, and here is a sneak peek at them! 

The first 20 M/F Couples in the door starting at 8pm get one of these bad boys! Come early and get your swag!

The Party Room is decorated and ready to welcome in lifestylers (both 1st timers and veterans of the scene) for the first big summer Secret Room 2125 Party!

Last week, The Good Doctor produced the promo HD video for the Secret Room 2125: Slumber Party, and your eyeballs can catch it below:
Planning on joining The Good Doctor at his Slumber Party?  Let your lifestyle friends know in either one of these 2 places:


On Fetlife:

More updates on the way!

Questions?  Ask me at 

Please make plans to join us on Friday night June 9th, 2017 from 8pm until 1am deep inside The Secret Room 2125: Slumber Party!


Couple's Flash Report! Max & Sarah Visit 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago (and a Special Tour Guide)

Doc here, a man who some say might be the hero Gotham needs, sometime next week around lunchtime, with another tremendous Couple's Flash Report from my good friends, Max & Sarah!

Max & Sarah (who are awesome, BTW) reached out to The Good Doctor prior to their trip to Chicago, and I happily volunteered to escort and act as their tour guide around their destination, 15th Ave. Adult Theater

If you were not there to experience with them their first visit behind the screen, then you are in for a treat!  Sarah (who bears a striking resemblance to actress Debra Messing in my professional opinion) has written a great report, with running commentary from Max, on this trip. 

Pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and enjoy this 5-Star report from Sarah (& Max)!


Hello Doc & Everyone,

We had quite a time in Chicago, thanks to Dr. Lizardo and the 15th Avenue theater. I had such a good time that I thought it fitting that I write the review. Plus, Max thinks its hot and can’t wait to hear what I have to say.

First things first: It was great meeting the legendary Dr. Lizardo in the flesh. You made us feel so welcome and made me feel so comfortable. I really appreciated that and I hope our paths cross again. (ed. note: The pleasure was all mine Sarah & Max!)

So Dr. Lizardo himself gave Max and I the grand tour of 15th Avenue. What a great place. First, we went into the theater itself. This was the place I was most excited/scared about. We walked in and there were quite a few guys in there already. Dr. Lizardo had told everyone we were coming, and it seemed that there was already a turn out. I was aware that there were many people watching me, but everyone kept a good distance and didn’t breathe down my neck, which I appreciated very much.

Ok. The room behind the screen and the table were pretty much EXACTLY a fantasy that Max and I have talked about for a long, long time. I was still excited but getting very, very nervous. It’s one thing to have a fantasy but to live it is totally different. But I was going to do just that, on that table, in that room.

We left the theater and Doc continued to show us around. He was a great tour guide but I couldn’t stop thinking to myself. “The table is just in the next room. The fantasy about looking up and seeing nothing but a sea of hands and hard dicks is about to be real”. It was distracting to say the least. 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Flash Report! Anaconda's Close Encounters of the Cinema 309 Kind with Holly Go Darkly & Lacey (w/PIC) on 5/24/17

Doc here, a man who some say is often referred to by the Pennsylvania Dutch as "The Dancing Man in White", with a star-studded Flash report from senior Journal scribe Anaconda.

The stars aligned at Cinema 309 in Wilkes-Barre, PA, and meeting our intrepid reporter inside the adult theater was my good friend Holly Go Darkly, along with her partner in crime, the lovely Lacey!

It is here where we pick up our report...


Hey Doc,

So, I'm keeping you busy and it looks like it may continue for a while with my upcoming schedule. So, I wanted to report to you on an interesting night I had on Wednesday @ Cinema 309 in Wilkes Barre, PA.

Let me set the stage a bit for all the readers to get a full sense of the serendipity involved in this meeting. I do communicate with Doc regularly, mostly via Twitter, and consider him a friend rather than just a source of info on this thing of ours. Since I had been making slightly more frequent stops @ Pasttimes in recent months, I had inquired to Doc about the whereabouts of one Miss Holly Go Darkly. I absolutely loved the reports she had submitted about her experiences there and she was a big part of me being inspired to try out Pasttimes, always in the back of my mind thinking I might run into her there. 

Doc informed me that Holly had been on a bit of a break recently. Well, not long after that, I saw a post on an swingers website about none other than Miss HGD, looking for some potential playmates at Cinema 309 on the days I would be in that area before my Vegas trip. Well, you can read about what actually happened THAT night in my other recent report, and unfortunately Holly had gotten busy with some other obligations and never made it to 309 that night, but I had made contact and wan't about to lose touch!! 

So, much to my delight, Holly let me know she would be back in NEPA a couple weeks later, and.....she was bringing a friend!!! Her friend is the lovely Lacey who would be visiting from the left coast. Oh my...things are looking up. Also in attendance would be Holly's gentleman dom, D. I chatted with all 3 of them leading up to the big night, and the plan was set.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Smut for a Sunday Evening: Hawaiian Eyeful Edition with 24 Pics!

Doc here, a man who some say once had a breakfast cereal named after him called "Lizardo Lasagna", but the tomato & basil flavor was found to be too strong for every demographic segment (except one). 

Friday was a big day at The Journal, as we celebrated the first ever Hawaiian Eyeful Friday.  The Good Doctor published 4 big reports filled with new pics and 2 brand new videos of my good and extremely hot friend Hawaiian Eyeful:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

So how we do we top this, you might ask?  How about (for starters) a Hawaiian Eyeful centric Smut for a Sunday Evening?

Enjoy the goodness that is The Hawaiian Eyeful, and click the thumbnails to ENLARGE!


The Hawaiian Eyeful

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Field Report! Mr. Glass has the Skinny on Pleasure 365 in Monclova, OH (Just outside Toledo)

Doc here, a man who some say once knitted a merkin for a local flea market, only to be arrested for illegal use of yarn.  

The topsy-turvy adult theater scene in Toledo has been in a state of flux for awhile now, for many reasons not to be discussed at this time. With the closure of Westwood Theater, where do red-blooded Toledo-area lifestylers now go to fly their freak-flag?

Regular contributor Mr. Glass has a few ideas for you...


Hi Doc,

As your have heard there is a new place in the Toledo area. It is the old Airport Rd. bookstore, which has been known by Pleasure 365 for some time now. Toledoans will know that name already as that was also what Westwood went by. 

For the readers who were familiar with the bookstore layout, it has completely changed. The old arcade is gone. That is now where the store sits. In place of the store is a viewing room and new arcade. The viewing room is approx. 32’ wide by 50’ deep with a projector showing a very large screen o'porn. 

Friday, June 2, 2017

Hawaiian Eyeful Friday - Part 4: Another EXXXCLUSIVE New Video "Hawaiian Eyeful Has A Fantasy"

Doc here, a man who some say isn't crazy about yams, with the fourth and final report in celebration of our first Hawaiian Eyeful Friday celebration.

Earlier today, The Good Doctor received a message from The Hawaiian Eyeful, and she said she was very happy to have a day designated for her.  If anyone is this thing of ours deserves a day named after them, it's my good friend Hawaiian Eyeful!

So kids, to put a bow on this first HEF, I present to you another Journal of Adult Theaters EXXXCLUSIVE video of Ms. Eyeful, as she take a generous load of baby batter across her amazing boobs. 


Hawaiian Eyeful Friday - Part 3: EXXXCLUSIVE New Video "Hawaiian Eyeful Has A Secret"

Doc here, a man who some say directed the 8mm loop series "My Mom Did What?" sometime in the mid-70's, with a special treat to help celebrate Hawaiian Eyeful Friday here at The Good Doctor's Journal.

Courtesy of Hawaiian Eyeful and her hubby, Mr. Eyeful, here is the first of three Journal of Adult Theaters EXXXCLUSIVE videos celebrating the awesomeness of Hawaiian Eyeful and her adult theater adventures.

In this first short video, "Hawaiian Eyeful has a Secret", HE is multi-tasking with two gentlemen. And it is glorious!

Hawaiian Eyeful Friday - Part 2: Hawaiian Eyeful Visits Secrets in Des Moines, WA In April 2017 w/PICS!

Doc here, a man who some say once donned a wingsuit and dove off Seattle's Space Needle, soaring high above the Pacific Science Center, only to be plinked out of mid-air by some kid with a pellet gun. 

We continue America's newest adult theater holiday, Hawaiian Eyeful Friday, with Part 2 of this magnum opus from my good friend, Ms. Eyeful.  Not only do you, the good readers of The Journal, get a hot, dirty, and naughty Flash Report, you get a bunch of brand new images of The Hawaiian Eyeful playing that night at Secrets in Seattle. (Remember to Click the Thumbnails to ENLARGE them!)

Take it away, Hawaiian Eyeful!



A couple of months ago, we (Mr. Eyeful and myself) headed up North to attend some family activities. As it so happens the venues were situated near Secrets in Washington. After hearing so much about them, we decided it would be a good chance to check it out.
We arrived about 8:00 pm to a very clean establishment where patrons should they choose, could enjoy themselves. We were greeted by a very friendly, warm, professional and courteous staff. The front of the store had two rooms, one was a theater setting with a platform with a strip pole, the other was considered a “dark room” with neon lights. We then were given a tour in the back where there were two more theater settings. There was also a much bigger room where they planned on renovating for entertaining couples. Returning to the front, my hubby asked them to post the “Hawaiian Eyeful” flag.

Hawaiian Eyeful Friday - Part 1: 3 Brand New Pics from Fantasy Video in Portland, OR

Doc here, a man who some say needs to get back to Portland, OR soon for reasons readily apparent on this newest of adult theater holidays, Hawaiian Eyeful Friday!

One of the legendary ladies in this thing of ours across the adult theater landscape is my good friend, Hawaiian Eyeful. She is the total package, folks: Hot, naughty, gorgeous, insatiable, a body made for hot & wet sex, adventurous, and an incredibly nice person!  I am honored to call Hawaiian Eyeful and her Hubby Mr. Eyeful my friends.

In this, the first of two reports to celebrate Hawaiian Eyeful Friday, we have three brand new pics of Ms. Eyeful as she visited and played inside Fantasy Video in Portland, OR.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Field Report! B&B Hits the Renovated Pleasure 365 in Monclova (just outside Toledo), OH on 5/30/17

Doc here, a man who some say gave the best years of his life to auto glass, with a brand new Field Report from just outside The Glass City in Monclova, OH from contributors B&B.

Pleasure 365 has been converted from an ABS with booths to a 2-floor / 2-adult theater facility.  The location has a huge parking lot, is discreet, and provides another solution to the void left by the closing of The Westwood Theater in Toledo. 

Take it away, B&B...


Hello Doc,

Pleasure 365, The details..............

The store is completely flipped around from what it was. Where the glory holes used to be is now the retail area. The theater is where the retail used to be. The theater is no Westwood (we were spoiled) in size, but is spacious enough. One couch, several tables with chairs, an exam table with stirrups and a wedge bench. That makes up the general area.
Pleasure 365
9410 Airport Highway, Monclova, OH
The couples area is L shaped with a huge couch, exam table and a few tables with chairs. Very clean! This is separated by a wall with glass on the upper part for viewing the movie and for the guys viewing the couples. This area is raised from the main floor by two or three  steps.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Flash Report! Henry Chinaski and Milfy Nextdoor at The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas

Doc here, a man who some say never forgets to put the lotion in the basket, with the return of Henry Chinaski, who burst on the scene a couple of months ago here at The Journal with a couple of must-read reports.  

And this new report?  Another must-read.

Ol' Henry meets up once again with Milfy Nextdoor (not her real name), who along with her hubby (Mr. Holland), and a +1, enjoyed some quality time on the upper floor of The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas. 

It is here where we join our report...

Take it away, Henry!



Henry Chinaski here again. Its been a few weeks since I reported in on the Dallas scene. The gods of the theater were recently very good to your poetically inclined deviant reporter. 

I hope you recall Milfy Nextdoor. She was the wonderful culmination of my magical Friday at Bliss. As I reported, her partner Mr. Holland (named for his resemblance to Richard Dreyfus), asked for my contact information to hopefully schedule another round of fun when they were in town again. I gave him my number hopeful but not anticipating anything more than the wonderful lurid memory of that afternoon.

Well work and life moved on and I had only able to escape to the theater for one uneventful afternoon. Then like manna from above my phone screen lit up with "Caller Unavailable." I figured I owed someone some money or it was a spam call from someone who got my number from the Kielbasa of the Month Club in which I had recently enrolled. About 30 seconds later my phone buzzes to let me know that the unknown caller had left a message. I checked it and to my great surprise and pleasure it was a voicemail from Mr. Holland. He said he was trying to reach Henry Chinaski. He had met Henry Chinaski a couple of weeks before and he would be calling again at a certain time if Henry Chinaski was the owner of this number. I really appreciated the discretion Mr. Holland had showed in his message. It instilled a sense of trust immediately. 

The cloak and dagger nature of the call mingled with the fond memories had me anxiously by the phone at the aforementioned time. With military precision "Caller Unavailable" springs to my phone and after clearing my throat and putting myself in my best Cary Grant mindset I answer the phone. Low and behold it is Mr. Holland. He explained that Milfy really enjoyed our time together and was hoping to meet for fun again. My heart and loins swelled with pride. Turns out my prior guess as to why this beautiful vision of a woman chose me was right on. She was into clean cut professional guys and my previous interactions with her through out the day (I had seen her scoping out this theater and another and had actually spoken to her once) made her comfortable with me.

We had a long conversation about the theater and swinging scene in Dallas. Turns out Milfy would have enjoyed several more professional white men to have fun with that day but no one else fit the bill. While we did not discuss certain plans I gave him my email address and we promised to contact each other when they were here or I was in their neck of the woods. About 3 days later I receive an e-mail asking about my availability during the Memorial Day weekend. Short story long I let them know I was only available Friday afternoon. 

During our conversations it was clear they enjoyed the exhibitionist ways of playing in the open theater but also longed for more privacy and space than Bliss allowed for extended play. They had previously tried the old dame of the Dallas theater scene The Lido and had disliked the clientele' but liked the layout. After several conversations I agreed to meet them downstairs in the porn shop of The Lido at 5:30 on Friday afternoon. We would go up and see what trouble we could get into. They also let me know they would have another friend along, we'll call him "Hey Joe" in tribute to James Marshall Hendrix, and wanted to know if that was a problem. Again polite to the core. I let them know it wouldn't be and calendared the appointment with glee.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

International Flash Report! The Traveler Hits Sameplace in Amsterdam, Holland

Doc here, a man who some say loves his wooden shoes & tulips more than most, with another outstanding International Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, The Traveler.

In this report, The Traveler ventures to The Netherlands, wherein a lifestyle club in Amsterdam called "Sameplace" is located. And it sounds like this club has a little of everything going on...In a good way!

Settle in, pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and enjoy this adventure from The Traveler!


Review of Sameplace: An Amsterdam Lifestyle Club

Doc, I’m spending some time in the beautiful city of Amsterdam with its picture perfect canals and old world architecture. It is one of the great cities of Europe to explore on foot. Amsterdam is also renowned for its sexual inhibitions and vibrant red light district. I spent the first several days strolling down narrow brick streets taking in the sights and of course checking out the theater and club scene. I found a small neighborhood club to visit on a Saturday night in May. The club is called Sameplace and it’s located just beyond the centrum, a 20 minute walk from De Wallen (the red light district). (ed. note: I have the address information in The Good Doctor's Adult Theater Database)

Sameplace looks on the outside very much like many other neighborhood bars in Amsterdam. It’s located in an upscale neighborhood facing one of Amsterdam’s many canals. To enter you step into a small foyer, ring a buzzer and wait for the manager to invite you inside.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The d├ęcor is features dark colors and dark wood keeping in the style of an older neighborhood bar. Accent lights give the club a red glow and a warm and cozy feeling. I took a seat at the bar ordered a drink and began to check out my new surroundings. I was setting at a u-shaped bar with seating for a dozen or so people with additional seating arranged around the room. 

Along one side of the bar area were two small alcoves with cushions where quests could relax and play. I could see into a second room that looked like a large open play area. Stripper polls and several large raised platforms with thick cushions lined one wall. This room appeared to double as a dance floor with a raised DJ stand. During my orientation I was told the lower level is where most of the action takes place. I scanned the bar area until I located a small steep set of stairs that lead down to what I assumed was the play area.

I decided I would check out the lower level a little latter and began to check out the crowd at the bar. It was still early and the crowd was lite but to my surprise, a group of six woman were seated at the bar drinking and having a lively conversation. They appeared to all be in their early 30’s and overall a very attractive group. Two couples were also at the bar relaxing with a beverage. They were both middle age and attractive. This was beginning to look like a good night.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Smut for a Mamorial Day Weekend! 50 Pics to Remember!

Doc here, a man who some say has the BBQ skills of an adolescent chimpanzee, with Smut for a Mamorial Day Weekend!

This year's edition of this holiday classic will focus on a girl's best two friends: her boobs. In the archive of the Journal massive image library, therein lies pic upon pic of hot women with amazing breasts in an adult theater environment. And this weekend, we will rub one off to celebrate them.

Enjoy your weekend, kids!


Smut for a Mamorial Day Weekend with 50 Pics!
Please click the thumbnails to ENLARGE

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Flash Reports! Anaconda Goes Coast to Coast from PA to Vegas in May 2017

Doc here, a man who some say might, just might, be America's number 5 rated motivational speaker, with a coast to coast report from senior Journal reporter Anaconda.

Anaconda visited Cinema 309 in Wilkes-Barre, PA, as well as Adult World in Las Vegas. Two theaters, two time zones, similar cir-cum-stances. 

Take it away Anaconda!


Hey Doc! Please find below my account of 2 recent theater visits....1 in the Eastern Time Zone...1 in the Pacific.

Part 1 of my report comes to you from Cinema 309 in Wilkes Barre, PA. I arrived about 6:30 on Friday evening. This is normally much too early for this location, but anytime I get to be at a theater on a Friday or Saturday night, I get there as early as I can and stay as long as possible. On this particular evening though, there was a little action ongoing as I walked in. I let my eyes adjust and quickly realized that although there was a couple in the theater, & the scene was very tame. 
Cinema 309
Wilkes-Barre, PA

The lady of the couple had handpicked 1 man to give a handjob to in tandem with her man, 1 cock in each hand. They were very clear that no one else should approach and several of us watched from a distance although there was not too much to see. Once the men had reached their climax, the 3-some chatted a bit and then the couple left the theater. 

Around 8:30, couple #2 walked in. She was a voluptuous, small BBW blonde with a pretty face and very large breasts. They took up residence on the right side of the theater and didn't appear to be doing much more than snuggling. Eventually, they warmed up and there was some fingering and BJ action between the two of them. It's a coin toss @ 309 with the crowd, if they'll be well behaved or not, it's also pretty heavily attended by the gay/bi crowd. So, the guys just can't help themselves, and the crowd gathers. 

The Next Big Party at The Oregon Theater in Portland, OR! Sheer Delight Sexy Lingerie Party on June 10th, 2017 from 8pm until 3am!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Visiting 15th Ave. in Chicago Tonight! Couple's Flash Report Part Deux! Sarah (from Max & Sarah) on Adult Theater Ettiquette + 4 Adult Theater Reports!

Updated 5/26 at 4:30pm: Doc here... The amazing Max & Sarah will be visiting 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL TONIGHT around 9pm!  If you read what Sarah has written below, or Max's account of the trip earlier this week, you know what may in store tonight!

See you tonight at 15th Ave!



Doc here, a man who some say won close to $600 on "Press Your Luck" back in the 1970's before making off with a lovely production assistant, with a special treat for you, the good readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters.

On this past Monday 5/22, I published a terrific Couple's Flash Report from new contributors to The Journal Max and Sarah, highlighting their trips to 4 cities and their adult theaters.  And it was glorious!  Check it out HERE. (This report has received a TON of pageviews, so thank you!)

How about we double-down with Max and Sarah?

Upon seeing the original report (written by Max) on The Journal, Sarah jumped in, wrote her own report from her point of view, spelled out some very helpful rules of the road for both women and men, and then announced where Max & herself will be Friday night  5/26/17 (Hint: At an adult emporium near and dear to the Good Doctor's pants heart)

Here we go... Please welcome Sarah to The Journal!


Hello Doctor,

I’m Sarah, the hot 40-something redheaded girlfriend of the very hot Max. We have talked about writing reviews for so long and I am glad that he finally did it, as it has definitely inspired me to add my comments and suggestions, not only about the places that Max and I visited but theaters in general.
The Lovely Sarah
As a lady who frequents theaters I have advice for both men and women, which you are free to take or leave.

First for women who might be considering a trip to the theater. I’d like to offer a few tips...

Tip #1- They are more afraid of you than you are of them.

In theaters as in life most men are FAR more afraid of you than you are of them. Max told me this the first time we went and it’s true. A woman in a theater is a rare thing and most men will exercise the utmost caution in order to not frighten you off. While Max typically does most of the ‘crowd control,’ I know that if I say something I will be listened to. Typically, I have to tell them to be a little more gentle. I am a delicate little flower…..who likes to fuck strange guys in theaters. I’m complicated.

Tip #2-The first time will be exciting and maybe a little scary.

Scary, only because you haven’t done anything like this before. Mostly they are just different. Until I had been to a theater I had never come across a place where I could just have sex with as many people as I wanted and not have to make conversation or play coy. I can be whoever I want to be! It is extremely liberating. But like anything, some theaters are more fun than others. I have only come across one theater that was actually scary, and not because anything bad actually happened. It was just a weird and off vibe. But more about that below.

Tip #3 Dress for the occasion.

So I am going to be a little blunt here. Theaters, while clean(ish) tend to have things on the floor that maybe you wouldn’t want on your jeans or pretty dress. Going to a theater is all about access. If you have to take your shoes off to take your pants off, your clothes might get on the floor, or your bare feet might be on the floor and who wants that? I actually have a pair of shoes that Max rolls his eyes at because it is such a production getting them off and on. Plan ahead. A dress is always best. Just lift it up and ta da! Max likes to make me hand him my underwear while we are in the theater with the guys watching. We ALL enjoy that. Plus it keeps my panties off the ground.

Tip #4 You can do everyone and everything or do nothing.

If you want to suck 10 dicks, you can probably do that. Fuck 4 guys? Sure, if that’s what you are into. Or you can go and watch and do NOTHING. As strange as it seems it is one of the most ‘ladies choice’ environments you will ever be in.

Tips for Men:

1. Look, some of you have crazy skills, some of you, not so much. Here’s something to keep in mind. If a woman is coming into a theater and is likely to fuck a bunch of guys, please, please do not come at her fast with a long, rough finger bang. She’s not into it and all it does is wear her and her beautiful vagina out.

Tonight! Summer Sinsation Party at The Oregon Theater in Portland, OR!

Today! Khaleesi's Mamorial Day Weekend Splash Off at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago! Friday 5/26 at 12:30pm!

Doc here with a Visit Announcement you do not want to miss!

This afternoon, Friday 5/26 at 12:30pm at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago, kick off your Mamorial Day Weekend the right way with a bukkake event with my good friends the amazing Khaleesi (aka The Mother of All Squirters), along with her guy, the terrific Khal.

The Awesomeness that is Khaleesi
 Now, The Good Doctor wants you to close your eyes for 5 seconds, and to think of a number between 29 and 31.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Flash Report! A Sunday Special at Berlin News Agency in NJ by Anaconda on 5/21/17

Doc here, 1996's Tiger Beat Dream Date for August, with a brand new Flash Report from one of my favorite adult emporiums: The Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ.  Reporting is senior Journal scribe Anaconda.

On top of the great report, there are details on a new weekend promo BNA is running that sounds pretty awesome.

Here we go...


Hey Doc! 

Your old pal Anaconda again with a new report, this time from Berlin News Agency (BNA) in Berlin, NJ. 

So, after what seemed like an unbreakable cold spell, things seem to be heating up for this field reporter. My time in Vegas was a blast as I have already reported to you and your readers. I only wish that work obligations were not so heavy that I could have made a return trip to Adult World, or checked out one of the other sinful spots in Sin City. Regardless, I knew I had something else potentially in store upon my return. 

On this particular trip, I was flying round trip from NYC, thus there was a driving leg of my trip as well. While NYC airports aren't necessarily right next door to southern Jersey, it's close enough that I wasn't going to pass up the chance to hit one of the top spots and roll the dice on catching some action. BNA does communicate the presence of couples and single gals in real time to those of us in the know, and from this we know that couples traffic can be heavy on any given day, at any given time, Sunday afternoon/evening not excluded. 
Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
So, after landing on Sunday afternoon, I made a run for it!! Traffic was unusually heavy, so sadly I didn't arrive until about 6:30PM. I saw that 2 couples had arrived about an hour earlier and was hoping that at least one of them might still be there. This was indeed the case, but they were just finishing up. When I walked in, it was clear something was up as there was a small crowd gathered around the far "cubicle" on the entry side (this makes sense to those of us that have been there and know the layout). 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Couple's Flash Report(s)! Max & Sarah's Wondrous Roads: A Tale of 4 Cities

Doc here, a man who some say is still searching for Valhalla, back with a tremendous first time Couple's Flash Report from Max and Sarah.

In a wide-ranging and hot as Hell report, Max and Sarah visit adult theater venues in 4 different cities, with (as you might have guessed) a varying success.  The adult theater Gods are a fickle sort, and this report illustrates this notion perfectly. 

Pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!) & please welcome to The Good Doctor's Journal of Adult Theaters the awesome Max and Sarah!


I'm Max, my girlfriend is a hot 40-something redhead named Sarah, and she is a newly-converted gangbang and theater slut. We've been reading Doc's blog for several months now and using it to plan our itineraries whenever we're traveling, since we live in a place that has no theater options at all. We traveled A LOT the last few weeks, for business and family reasons. Here's what we found:


Friday night in Houston we checked out the newly-opened Colette swingers club. Colette Dallas is our all-time favorite club and we had high hopes but the Houston location hasn't caught on yet. Unlike Dallas, there were only a handful of single guys, none very interesting, and most of the couples were shy and kept to themselves.

So we headed down to our favorite Houston theater, Smoochees. Smoochees has a really excellent sex toy shop downstairs, and a maze of theater rooms upstairs. Fridays and Saturdays are couples-only after 4pm. They require ids and filling out a membership form, more like a swinger club, and then buzz you upstairs. Most of the rooms are small, enough for a couch or two, with a flat-screen tv showing porn in every room. Farther back is a long skinny room with about four couches lining each wall facing each other. This is where the couples tend to hang out, and we've been able to play with others before but tonight everyone was shy. Sarah and I put on a show, though.
Houston, TX
Saturday afternoon we headed back to Smoochees during single guy time (when couples are free), and headed upstairs to the very back back room, which has couches along three walls and a single screen showing porn on the fourth. Sarah was the only woman in the place and as we made our way to the back couch, we could sense that we were drawing a crowd behind us. 

The guys at Smoochees don't usually do that aggressive wolf-pack thing, instead they'll hang back respectfully on the other couches until they get an invite. Sarah sucked my dick for a while and I pulled her dress up to expose her ass, then waved over one guy, then another, then another. Two got to fuck her and one of them was a really dominant guy with some great dirty talk. Pro tip: submissive girls love a guy with good dirty talk.