Monday, August 21, 2017

Flash Report! Ray Takes Max & Sarah's Wondrous Road to The Oregon Theater in Portland on 8/18 and 8/19/17

Doc here, a man who some say had a famous high-wire act at the Chez Bippy, a small but lovely showroom near the Tappan Zee. 

Across the country this weekend, adult theaters had one of those magical weekends. Berlin News Agency, 15th Ave. Adult Theater, The Art Cinema, Secrets, and The Oregon Theater were rocking. 

Big time.

I love it when veteran adult theater reporters like senior Journal scribe Ray are on site to take in (and take) on a great adult theater scene. And that is exactly what happened at The Oregon Theater in Portland, OR on 8/18 & 8/19/17.  Ray (as well as the poet laureate of this thing of ours, Brent in Portland) were on hand to soak in the goodness that is Max & Sarah's visit. 

Readers of The Journal are well aware that Max & Sarah are making a big name for themselves in the adult theater scene, from theater to theater. And this past Friday and Saturday, Portland's couples, gentlemen, and ladies got to see it for themselves.

As did Ray.  Take it away, sir!


Dear Doc,

As I sit down on this sunny Sunday morning to write this, the Oregon Theater of Portland is ranked “3b” on Doc’s Adult Theater Power Rankings. There is a reason for that. I may have seen better nights in porn theaters than the one I experienced at the Oregon last night, but if I have, they were a long, long time ago. This is my first trip to Portland and my first chance to experience the Oregon. On top of that, my trip happily coincided with a visit from Max and Sarah. Having read their previous reports, I was eager for a chance to see them with my own eyes. They (she) did not disappoint! More on them in a bit. First, let’s get a wider view of the weekend.

I hit the Oregon on Friday night assuming that things might be a bit slow, since Max and Sarah’s announcement might have influenced those who only had one night to give to debauchery to roll in on Saturday. While things may have been a bit more quiet on Friday, they were certainly memorable. 

Lizardo Eclipse Day - A Few Helpful Tips to Get Through the Day + New Reports at The Journal!

Doc here, a man who some say noted astronomer Carl Sagan referred to as being "...composed of billions & billions of molecules of douche bag", with quick notes on today's solar event, plus new reports going online today at The Journal.

From Oregon to South Carolina, million of good people with destroy their work day efficiency by donning a pair of $38 eclipse glasses, or as in my case, standing inside a refrigerator box with a pinhole cut in it, in my back yard in The Valley (near the small women's liberal arts college), sipping a Bloody Mary, listening to Pink Floyd. 

The event will last only a few minutes, so as you are trying to regain eyesight in your one "good eye", how about a few reports from an incredible weekend in this thing of ours?

Here is what is coming up today at The Journal:

  • Box Score: Back to School Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on Saturday 8/19/17.  Mon Dieu, what a crazy zoo for this party!  Get the details this morning at The Journal.
  • Flash Report! Ray checks in with (in my opinion) his best Flash Report ever (he has been submitting reports for 6+ years to The Journal). His subject?  A trip to Portland, and two wild nights at The Oregon Theater during Max & Sarah's visit!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Updated 8/19/17! Tonight in Chicago: Back to School Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater on 8/19/17 at 8pm! Hosted by Doc!

Updated 8/19: Doc here with your latest update on tonight's huge "Back to School Party" at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago.

The jet black Lizardo 4000 is gassed and waxed, and ready for the long trip into the city from The Valley, near the small women's liberal arts college. My lab coat has been dry cleaned and pressed, my stethoscope tuned up, and I'm so ready to see some patients!

Let's review some of the rules of the road for tonight's big party, shall we?

M/F Couples: $30
Single Guys: $50
Single Females: $20
Trans-Girls: $20

Swag Bags for the first 50 M/F Couples in the door, starting at 8pm!  Each bag has a $50 retail value!  Don't miss this reward for being an early bird!

BYOB: Bring your own, kids.  We will have soda, mixers, water, & Red Bull to keep you hydrated!

All-Star Guests: If you think a solar eclipse is rare, how about three adult theater legends in the same place at the same time?  Stuntslut Simone, Khaleesi & Khal, & amateur porn star Amber Foxxx will all be in attendance!  And dozens of Chicago's sexiest sexies!

Sexy Outfit Contest at 10:15pm! The show sensation that will last a lunchtime!  Ladies, please sign up with The Good Doctor early, as we have three great, vibrating prizes to the top three wieners winners!

No Cell Phones!: To be blunt, there is absolutely no cell phone usage of any kind inside the facility! Zero. None. If you have to check your messages, you are required to step outside. We will have extra security on hand (regular and undercover) to enforce this policy.

Couples Preferred Parking in the rear lot! Security will guide you to where to park.

Where is this shindig?  15th Ave. Adult Theater, 2125 N. 15th Ave., Melrose Park, IL. 

That's it kids!  For up to minute info, Follow The Good Doctor on Twitter @LizardoJournal !

See you tonight! Doctor's orders!


Just confirmed for this party will be a long-overdue visit by two of my best friends in this thing of ours, Stuntslut Simone & her hubby Mr. S!  

The party room is decorated in it's finest Back to School decorations, and we will be ready to host you for a great night at 15th Ave., hosted by your old friend in the white suit and aviators.

Next update tomorrow morning!  Questions?  Please e-mail me HERE.



Updated 8/17: Doc here, a man who some say hosted the 1977 game show "12 Pickles", with your latest update on this Saturday's Back to School Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago.

I can officially name some of the great couples that will be attending Back to School this Saturday night!  Here we go:

My good friend, amateur porn star Amber Foxxx, and her hubby Dick!

The now legendary Mother of All Squirters, my good friends Khaleesi (in her "Hot for Teacher" outfit) & Khal!

Any a few more great couples to be announced soon!  Stay tuned!

Next, the swag bags for Back to School are complete!  Here is a sneak peek at them!
Next update very soon...



Back to School is one of the biggest parties of the year at 15th Avenue, and one that should not be missed!  If naughty schoolgirls or hot teachers are your game, this one is for you!

Here are some party highlights to look forward to:
  • This is a BYOB event!
  • Swag bags for the first 50 M/F Couples in the door, starting at 8pm!
  • Naughtiest Schoolgirl/Hottest Teacher Sexy Outfit Contest!  Great prizes!
  • Dancing!  DJ!
  • A guy in a lab coat
Make plans to join us Saturday night at 15th Ave. Adult Theater for Back to School, our annual naughty schoolgirl party!

Next update is later today, with a tease on some of the hot couples who will be attending the party!


Couple's Flash Report! Jason & Aria at Adult World in Rennselaer, NY in...2014!

Doc here, a man who some say interned as a college student at Eye World in Los Angeles, but eventually left since they just did eyes.

This terrific first-time report on a first-time visit to an ABS/theater has an interesting story behind it. I'd like to introduce you to Jason and Aria.  These two NYers (as I salute my former home state) did some reconn, and decided Adult World in Rennselaer, NY was going to be where they lost their adult emporium cherry. 

Oh, this report was submitted in 2014. It slipped through the cracks, and Aria was kind enough to bring it back to my attention. Thank you!

So where, how, and what happened? It is here where we pick up the report from Jason & Aria... Take it away, kids!


Hi Doc,

As a couple in our 30s/early 40s, this was our first venture into the adult theater world.  We had done some research (including your blog!) and settled on Adult World in Rennselaer, NY.  My boyfriend, Jason, stopped by a few days before to take a tour and scope the place out to make sure it wasn't too sketchy.  He called me after he left the place and seemed to think it would work for us.  

Jason described the theater and the booths and we agreed we'd try out a booth when we had a chance to stop in.  The main guy working the counter was friendly and showed him around, he also explained the process ($5 per person for the booth up front - you print out the coupons and put them in in exchange for credits, I think it came out to 4 credits per $1).  

Monday night was the night we settled on, we got there at about 10:30pm although apparently the theater closes at 11pm, we thought it was midnight based on the store hours online, but he didn't make us leave so that worked out well.  
Adult World
Rennselaer, NY
When we first got there, I was definitely nervous. There were two other guys standing around outside the theater and booth areas.  We went in and picked one of the further booths to the back, one of the guys kind of hung around and it was a little concerning but he didn't come over.  I think he might have been hoping to watch or get an invitation.  We went into the booth and the volume control wasn't working properly, either super loud or silent, so we just left it off while the movie played on the screen.  The booth was pretty cramped but apparently it's only intended for one person (didn't really read the posted rules until after we finished!)

Friday, August 18, 2017

Updated 8/18: TONIGHT! Visit Announcement! C&R at Fantasyland 1 (&2) in Tampa Friday 8/18/17 between Midnight & 1am!

Updated 8/18 at 10pm CT: C&R are coming back for even more adventures TONIGHT, Friday 8/18 starting between Midnight and 1am at Fantasyland 1 & 2!

A mini report from last night is on the way...

Join them, and tell 'em Doc sent you!



Doc here, a man who some say keeps on giving 'til it hurts, with a GREAT Visit Announcement for my friends in the Tampa area!  You are in for a treat!

My good friends C&R have trekked all the way down to Tampa for some naughty fun at Fantasyland 1 (&2) and will be there TONIGHT, Thursday the 17th, for some sexy time!

Not only is "R" the covergirl for "Smut for a Sunday Evening", she is an insatiable Wonder Woman-esque legend in the adult theater scene!  
Check out these images of "R" in her natural habitat: naked in front of strangers, and at times, covered in their cum!

Couple's Flash Report! Max & Sarah Hit Bliss & Xposed Adult Theaters in Dallas, TX - July 2017 + Portland Preview!

Doc here, a man who some say sent a belated birthday card to Leon (his birthday was April 10th, 2017), but I'm not sure how long he will live...

Dear readers, do I have a special 1-2 punch for you in this great Couples Flash Report from my good friends Max & Sarah!

Nor only are you mere seconds away from reading one of the hottest Couple's Flash Reports I have had the pleasure of editing in a long time, Max & Sarah are also going to be in Portland, OR this weekend!  They will be hitting The Oregon Theater Saturday night 10pm-ish, and what better warm up for that visit than this report (and PICS!)

Pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and let this report sink in...


Hello Again Doc & Readers,

We are back with another review of a recent weekend in Dallas. Max wanted me to write up the whole experience, but, as we have previously established, once things start happening I am not the most accurate journalist so he added some notes.  


The theater we went to in Dallas was Bliss. We were excited for a few reasons. First of all, in the state of Texas we were kind of running out of places to go and we had heard great things about Bliss .
Bliss Adult Theater
Dallas, TX

I’ll begin with the overall appearance and vibe. Bliss is nice!  Like Colette nice. I was very surprised. There is a large main room with white couches and a couple of televisions playing porn. Against the wall there are some small rooms with beds, with real sheets!  I have a thing about sheets. If you walked down the hallway with the beds you turn the corner and you are in the theater itself, where are 6 couches.

The place was packed for a Friday afternoon. We had posted on a few sites that we would be there and I think that at least a few of the guys there were for us, which made me very happy. 

We went into the theater and were followed by almost every guy in the place. There were so many that I actually got a little nervous.  When I get nervous I can be a little hesitant, like I don’t know where to sit or what to do and that is when Max very quickly figured out the headspace I was in and took charge.
The Lovely Sarah!
We sat on a couch in the middle row. Max was at the end of the couch and I was in the middle. We sat down and we started kissing. Pretty quickly Max’s hand was up my dress and we were surrounded by guys on all sides. Max told me to stand up and hand him my panties.  And BTW, this is something that Max usually does. Its his way of saying its time to invite company.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Last Minute Visit Announcement! Doc's Good Friend T + her New Friends at Horse Cave, KY TONIGHT at 9:45pm!

Doc here with a last minute Visit Announcement for tonight!

My good friend T, along with a fun couple (new friends of her's) are hitting Horse Cave, KY TONIGHT 8/17/17 at 9:45pm ET!  They are looking for fun, so if "fun" is your middle name, please give them some. 


Flash Report! Anaconda Doubles Down with 2 Flash Reports! Paris Twin Cinema in Syracuse & Swing Shift Video in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Doc here, a man who some say prefers to turn 2 instead of turning 1, with a value-packed Flash Report from 2 rarely-reported adult theaters from senior Journal scribe, Anaconda.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have been to the Paris Twin in Syracuse many time when I was a resident NYer, but haven't been back in many years.  As for for Swing Shift, nope.

What say you, Anaconda?


Hey Doc! 

I'm back with a double report from a couple more new 1st time stops for me:

Paris Twin Theater
Syracuse, NY
1) Paris Twin Cinema in Syracuse, NY - I was passing through CNY on my way home from a social function and decided to stop in and check it out. It was late afternoon on a Sunday and I knew that probably not much would be going on, but I wanted to investigate and pass on the info to my fellow Journal readers. 

I apologize if some of the details escape me since I have not been as prompt as usual in drafting my report as I usually am. This particular theater is a converted standard movie theater from the days before the mega-multiplex where there were only between 1-3 screens at a location. So you walk in and straight to the old ticket booth where the guy tells me its $12 admission PER SIDE! No back and forth! Yikes! 

I inquired about gay side/straight side arrangement and he said that wasn't the case. They play 2 features, 1 in each theater, and at least on this particular day, both were straight films. He did say that at that moment theater 2 was empty and theater 1 had a few guys in there. 

This Afternoon (8/17/17) at 3pm! Summer Slam with Khaleesi & Khal at 15th Ave Adult Theater in Chicago!

Doc here, a man who some say puts the "ram" in ramen noodles, with a Visit Announcement I am sure you have been waiting for....

Khaleesi & Khal return to 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on this afternoon, Thursday August 17th, 2017 at 3pm CT for "Summer Slam".   The theme for the afternoon will be "35 or Bust". 

In their last visit to 15th Ave. Adult Theater , the lovely Khaleesi set a new personal best with 33 shots across her gorgeous face. Everyone is in agreement that we need to raise that bar. 

Need a motivational tool?  I got you...
The Lovely Khaleesi
Please mark your calendar for Thursday August 17th, 2017 at 3pm for 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago for Khaleesi & Khal's Summer Slam.  Luck may be shining on you...

Follow Khaleesi & Khal on Twitter at


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Freeze Frame: Everyone Needs A Little Hawaiian Eyeful In Their Life Edition w/46 Pics!!!

Doc here, a man who some say was San Fillippo's Hardware Man of the Year in 1984, starring in a series of unsettling place mats with various hoses & pipes. Sales were weak.

Riddle me this, Journal of Adult Theaters readers: How can one top yesterday's Couple's Flash Report from adult theater legendary lady, Hawaiian Eyeful? With brand new pics, and a video of a Marine dropping the hammer on her, where can we go from here?

Well, Lizardos and Lizardettes, I'll tell you how.  How about a Freeze Frame Report with the best of the best of Hawaiian Eyeful!  From the earliest pics submitted by Ms. Eyeful and Mr. Eyeful, to highlights from a photo shoot shot by The Good Doctor himself in a luxury hotel in Portland, to new images of her playing in adult theaters. All for you, the good readers of The Journal.

Enjoy the goodness that is the amazing Hawaiian Eyeful! (Also, click the thumbnails to ENLARGE the images)

Freeze Frame: Hawaiian Eyeful's Best of the Best

Flash Report! Anaconda Hits Adult Emporium in Evansville, IN

Doc here, a man who some say believes in the three principles of a happy life: faster jets, bigger alligators, and prettier women.  

Senior Journal scribe Anaconda returns with the 411 on a new location (no reports yet on The Journal), Adult Emporium in Evansville, IN.  Take it away, sir!


Hey Doc! 

Your pal Anaconda checking in with a Flash Report from Adult Emporium in Evansville, IN. This was a new destination for me, so of course my first course of action was to refer to the adult theater database and choose a target. 
Adult Emporium
Evansville, IN
I arrived at Adult Emporium a little before 8PM. You walk into the store and it's pretty scarcely stocked, but I wasn't there to shop obviously. I chatted with the clerk a bit and inquired about the couples traffic. He replied with a very unenthusiastic, "Eh, once in a while, usually on weekends." I've certainly learned to not get my hopes up, especially in a small town on a Tuesday night. The rates are $8 for the theater or $10 for theater and booths, so I went for the combo, and it came with 3 dollars worth of tokens to feed into the booths. Not a bad deal. 

8 Questions from The Good Doctor: Chapter 5 - Stuntslut Simone! (w/7 PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say was International Harvester's June 2003 centerfold, with Chapter 5 of "8 Questions from The Good Doctor". And our interviewee is none other that my very close friend, the legendary Stuntslut Simone!

Her answers to The Good Doctor's deep, probing questions will inform, delight, & titillate you. To those of you who have met her at an adult theater, or at one of many many adult theater parties or events, you know that she is the real deal: hot, naughty, fun, dresses to kill, and as hardcore as you can imagine!

Ladies and gentlemen, that is a recipe for a killer "8 Questions from The Good Doctor" with the awesome Stuntslut Simone.

Here we go...
(All images courtesy of Stuntslut Simone. All Rights Reserved.)
Stuntslut Simone
The Good Doctor: When was your first trip to an adult theater (year, month, etc. and which city)?
Stuntslut Simone: It was a long, long time ago. Long enough ago that some of the less-exciting details are tough to recall, and it will also peg me as older than some may suspect. Should I really admit this? Oh, okay, fine...I’m pretty sure it was 2003. And in Las Vegas, which is a great place to go be true to your inner pervert.

ICYMI: New Feature! "8 Questions from The Good Doctor" - Chapter 1: The San Diego Smokeshow (w/NEW PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say once volunteered as a massage therapist at a college cheerleading camp just outside Ithaca NY, even though he was neither a licensed massage therapist nor a cheerleading expert. He did however use an effective Swedish accent to cover his tracks and get a few phone numbers. 

Welcome to a new feature here at The Journal of Adult Theaters (your one stop shop for this thing of ours),  "8 Questions from The Good Doctor" . In this peek inside the mindset of some of the The Journal's favorite female contributors, The Good Doctor has compiled a set of 8 adult theater-related questions for our sexy guests to answer.  And  at times, our guests may even contribute a new set of pics to accompany their "8 Questions" piece. 

In Chapter 1 of "8 Questions from The Good Doctor", I am profiling a woman that generated a ton of buzz in February of this year with a report from regular contributor Rock Hard (that you can read HERE) on an amazing night at San Diego's Jolar Cinema. This night a couple came into the theater, and the lady "...was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen! Blond, blue eyes.. supermodel figure in a low cut thin top and a jean mini skirt."

After this report published, The San Diego Smokeshow & her hubby reached out to The Good Doctor, and in part explained that they were the couple profiled by Rock Hard, & that The Journal had a big part in getting them to try an adult theater for the first time that night in February.

When The Good Doctor came up with the idea of doing "8 Questions", I already knew who I wanted to be the first guest contributor: The San Diego Smokeshow
The San Diego Smokeshow
So kids, pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and enjoy both the "8 Questions" with The San Diego Smokeshow, but also the 5 brand new pics of this gorgeous blonde woman for your enjoyment.

Here we go...

"8 Questions from The Good Doctor"
Chapter 1: The San Diego Smokeshow

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Couple's Flash Report! Semper Fi with Hawaiian Eyeful as She Hits Fantasy Video in Beaverton, OR - April 2017 w/ PICS and VIDEO!

Doc here, a man who some say will (if asked nicely), make a "2 Giraffes Mating" balloon animal for a sexy woman.  However, I know a very sexy woman who makes them better than I...

Dear readers, I have a treat for you this evening.  In my Mount Rushmore of adult theater legendary ladies, you will find my very good friend, Hawaiian Eyeful!  Sexy. Exotic. Naughty. Talented. Fun. The total package!  So when an opportunity to publish a Hawaiian Eyeful Report comes around, I'll drop my Manwhich and edit this bad boy.
The Hawaiian Eyeful
In this Couples Flash Report, Hawaiian Eyeful, her hubby Mr. Eyeful, and a strapping Marine get fired up Fantasy Video in Beaverton, OR. And the pics following are from that encounter!

(All images courtesy Hawaiian Eyeful 2017. All rights reserved)


Dear Doc,

I met a Marine online, whom I will refer to as Bray. He had expressed his fantasy was to fuck me in an ABS store, while other guys watched. Since, it had been a year since I last enjoyed a threesome, my husband and I arranged to meet him after work.

I put on a garter, black stockings, five inch red pumps and slid on a skin-tight black sheer dress with a plunging neckline. Ready and dressed to kill, we drove off to meet him. Our timing could not have been more perfect. As we got out of our car at Beaverton’s Fantasy Video, there stood Bray. Taller than I remembered, I greeted with a hug. Ready to fulfill Bray’s fantasy, the three of us walked thru the doors and headed straight downstairs to the video rooms.

We picked the largest room and at the men’s urging, and I slowly stripped off my clothes while the other men in the ABS hallway watched. My husband and Bray stripped also and put a few bucks in the video machine to keep the owners happy. 

Dropping to my knees, I started sucking Brays big cock and licking his balls. After a few minutes of this my husband reminded me that Bray hadn’t yet gotten to feast on my tits. So, like a good girl, I rose to my feet and stuck first one nipple and then the other in Bray’s mouth. As he squeezed and sucked my tits, my pussy juices began to flow down my legs.

Visit Announcement! Max & Sarah at The Oregon Theater in Portland Saturday 8/19 at 10pm!

Doc here, a man who some say still wears his NY Yankess PJs to bed every night he is not at a lifestyle party.

Portland, you are in for a treat!  My good friends Max & Sarah will be visiting your fair city, and are planning a fun-filled trip to The Oregon Theater Saturday night, 8/19/17, at 10pm! 

You may remember Max & Sarah from this HOT report from their recent first visit to Chicago's 15th Ave. Adult Theater. Sarah is smoking hot, a very bad girl, and could not have been any sweeter to your old friend in the white suit and aviators! And Max could not be a nicer guy!

Per Max, this is the experience they are looking for Saturday night at The Oregon Theater:

Sarah is looking for a rough gangbang, dirty talk, some hair pulling, & being overwhelmed. They can cum anywhere on her or in her. She wants to beat her 15th Ave. bodycount of 12 guys.

Here is a pic of the lovely Sarah, your your viewing pleasure (click to ENLARGE):

ICYMI: 8 Questions from The Good Doctor" - Chapter 2: The Mysterious Maya (w/6 NEW PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say is a candy-colored clown they call The Sandman, with Chapter 2 of The Good Doctor's newest feature here at The Journal, "8 Questions from The Good Doctor"

In Chapter 1, we met the amazing San Diego Smokeshow, a newcummer to this thing of ours, who gave us insight into her introduction to the scene several months ago.  And it was glorious. She even was kind enough to share some never-before seen pics of her with us. 

So kids, gather round your old friend in the white suit and aviators, and let me introduce you to one of the most exotic women I know in this thing of ours.  Her experiences are international, and her naughtiness is exceptional. Whether it's a lifestyle club in the southern US, a luxury cruise liner on the Atlantic, or deep underground club in Amsterdam, she has seen it and done them.

The Mysterious Maya has been one of my longest-running and consistent reporters to The Journal, offering her acute insight into the dark corners of the lifestyle and the adult theater scene from her unique POV. And now it's her turn to answer "8 Questions from The Good Doctor", as well as show us some rarely published images of her and some of her naughty playmates (Please click the thumbnails to ENLARGE).

Additionally, The Mysterious Maya would also love to hear from you... Her e-mail is . 
"8 Questions from The Good Doctor"
Chapter 2: The Mysterious Maya

Visit Announcement: Khaleesi & Khal's Summer Slam This Thursday 8/17/17 at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago

Doc here, a man who some say puts the "cod" in codpiece, with a Visit Announcement I am sure you have been waiting for with bated breath.

Khaleesi & Khal return to 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on Thursday August 17th, 2017 at 3pm CT for "Summer Slam".   The theme for the afternoon will be "35 or Bust". 

In their last visit to 15th Ave. Adult Theater , the lovely Khaleesi set a new personal best with 33 shots across her gorgeous face. Everyone is in agreement that we need to raise that lofty bar. 

Need a motivational tool?  I got you...
The Lovely Khaleesi
Please mark your calendar for Thursday August 17th, 2017 at 3pm for 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago for Khaleesi & Khal's Summer Slam.  Luck may be shining on you...

Follow Khaleesi & Khal on Twitter at


Monday, August 14, 2017

8 Questions from The Good Doctor: Chapter 4 - Mrs. Sexual Athlete! (w/7 PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say ran a beagle day care center in Central Massachusetts  named "The Bark Knight" in early 2015.  I lost my lease, and realized that I was the beagle day care center Gotham needed, just not right now. 

Welcome to Chapter 4 of "8 Questions from the Good Doctor". In this chapter, The Good Doctor interviews one of his closest female friends in this thing of ours, Mrs. Sexual Athlete!  She, along with her terrific hubby, Mr. Sexual Athlete, have become an important part of The Journal of Adult Theater's rise to prominence. How, you may ask?

With this photo taken of them by The Good Doctor himself, taken at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford in 2015. It was used to help illustrate the article published in Penthouse Magazine titled "All Cummers Welcome", in which The Good Doctor was interviewed. 
Mrs. Sexual Athlete with Mr. Sexual Athlete
(In the balcony of the mighty Art Cinema)
The Good Doctor has done several photo shoots with The Sexual Athletes, and you'll see several of them illustrating this interview. (All of the images are Copyright 2014 and 2015 by The Journal of Adult Theaters. All rights reserved.)

The body on Mrs. Sexual Athlete is like a Greek Goddess, and simply amazing to behold. 

Enjoy Chapter 4 of "8 Questions from the Good Doctor - Mrs. Sexual Athlete"!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Smut for a Sunday Evening: Monday Blues Removal Edition (w/30 Pics!)

Doc here, a man who some say once trapped a deadly gaboon viper who was terrorizing a small fishing community just outside Smallwoodbobby, Louisianna. Using a technique called Frank Booth's Mask, the viper was captured and submerged in a cooler of Pabst Blue Ribbon. 

With the work week dead ahead, and a case of the Monday blues on the horizon, The Good Doctor has only one prescription: Smut for a Sunday Evening.  This feature highlights original images submitted to The Journal by it's reporters.  Nothing swiped off the inter-webs. All originals, baby!

As always, click the thumbnails to ENLARGE!  You'll love yourself in the morning.

Smut for a Sunday Evening: Monday Blues Removal Edition